Six Things All Great MLM Leaders Do

Six things all great MLM leaders do…

Study successful leaders in your network marketing company, and in the industry, and you will notice trends.

Sure, they represent different backgrounds, genders, upbringings, religions, careers and countless other things, but they also have certain things in common.

If you want to be successful in our industry, study what the top 3% do and ignore what the 97% do.

That might be the single best piece of advice I could offer you if you want to succeed in MLM.

So, what do the MLM Leaders do that struggling reps don’t do?

That’s the purpose of this blog post.

Listed below, I will share six things that MLM Leaders do that most other MLM Reps don’t do.

Enjoy the information.

# 1 Stay in Production Mode

Successful MLM leaders are ALWAYS in production mode.

They never stop personally retailing and recruiting.


They never go into management mode and try to manage their team.

Instead, they set the pace for their group and always focus on their personal production.

They know their team is watching them so they inspire other people by their actions.

They are always doing the things they want their team members to do.

# 2 Promote Events

In network marketing, events are very important. Events are the fuel that create momentum and excitement in your team.

You must attend events yourself and get people to events.

It’s true; events make you money!

Successful leaders are always promoting the next event.

They attend every event themselves and they do whatever they can to get their team members to events.

This includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, regional events, and the company’s annual convention.

# 3 Share the Vision and Big Picture

Great MLM Leaders always share their vision with others.

things all great mlm leaders doThey cast their vision wherever they go, whether it is with a prospect, customer or team member.

They want people to know the big picture.

They want people to know what is possible with the business.

They share their why with others and they help each person they work with discover their own WHY for building the business.

They realize that the vision is what keeps people going, even during tough times.

# 4 Build Relationships

Great MLM Leaders build rock solid relationships.

They know that long term MLM Success boils down to the number of rock solid relationships they have with their team members.

They look for serious people in their team and they spend time with them.

They do the little things.

They show the person that they care about them and their future success.

Of course, it takes time to build these relationships, but great MLM Leaders are willing to invest their time, energy and money to build the relationships.

# 5 Personal Development

Successful MLM Leaders are always trying to get better every single day.

They work on their attitude and personal development constantly.

They are always reading good books, talking with successful mentors, listening to tapes and attending events.

They understand the law of attraction and realize they must become a great leader and a great person to attract the right quality people into their business.

They are a student of their profession, they read daily, and they always want to be better today than they were yesterday.

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# 6 Training and Presenting

Great MLM Leaders are ALWAYS training their team.

They provide weekly training.

They help new people get started right.

They know that the person with the marker is the person who makes the money.

They are the person who shows the plan (in a group setting).

They are the ones who leads training for their team.

They do not EVER rely on their upline or sponsor to do this for them.

They take responsibility for their own business, and normally from day one.

Final Thoughts

None of this is rocket science.

In fact, you’ve probably heard these things before.

If you want to be successful in life and business, all you really need to do is model the behavior of other successful people.

Look at what the leaders and upcoming leaders in your company are doing and do what they do.

Take massive action.  Be consistent.  Lead by example.

Show your own meetings.

Stay in production mode.

Train your team.

Share your vision.

Work on your personal development.

Do these things daily and your team will grow.

Don’t do it and be a statistic.

You choose.  Choose wisely!

What are your thoughts?  What do you think great MLM Leaders have in common?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “Six Things All Great MLM Leaders Do”

  1. Great post Chuck!

    There are 2 of these things that I believe come to the top for successful people. The most important in my opinion is Personal Development. We must always be making ourselves a little wiser and stronger. We can do this by reading or taking courses.

    The 2nd most important in my opinion is to build relationships. Relationships and social interaction is what gets people up the ladder. We usually cannot do it on our own…we need other people.

    Thanks for another powerful post Chuck.

  2. I like how you said Leaders don’t rely on their upline, they just do what is necessary. Exactly. Too many people wait around for a leader.

    I couldn’t find the leader, so I became one. Yes, I’m still working on that daily, but do what it takes.
    Production mode is key. I see so many leaders constantly documenting everything they do on video and posts. They get tons of Leads just talking about a few ideas while they are walking or driving somewhere. Production mode 24/7 is achievable and is a must.

    Great post, Chuck. Hope your day is good…

    1. Be the type of sponsor that you wish you had. That is what I tell everyone. Most successful people in our industry did NOT have a good sponsor. Or, their sponsor quit. And then they blame their failure on that. That is not what leaders do. Leaders take responsibility for their own actions.

  3. Chuck, you are spot on! So many people reach their financial goal and then coast (go into management mode). Five years later, they may have another burst of energy; or, maybe not. From my experience, at least 95% of “successful” network marketers fall into this category.

    You have expressed this issue so well that I will borrow you words, in their entirety, for my own use (and of course, give you credit for them). Thanks!

    1. 95% is probably about right. It’s easy to coast when you have a nice residual check. I think it’s okay to tune it back a bit, but I believe you should always keep doing something to move your business forward, if nothing else to lead by example and show your team what they should be doing. Thanks for the comment.

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