Top 10 Sisel International Products

In today’s post, I’d like to share what I believe are the top 10 Sisel International Products of all time. As a quick disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with the company.

In 2006, a biochemist by the name of Tom Mower launched Sisel International Products. The products they manufacture and sell using the multilevel marketing format relate to personal care, weight loss, and dietary supplements. Tom previously built another network marketing company up to a billion dollar company! He sold Neways in 2006 to start Sisel, which is pronounced Sizzle.

I have compiled this list by using things such as online reviews, sales figures, input from Sisel customers and reps, and my own personal opinion. Now scroll down and see the top 10 Sisel International Products starting with #10.

Top 10 Sisel International Products

# 10: UltraMaxx Energy Drink

The majority of energy drinks on the market will provide that “boost” you need, but they are also full of calories and sugar. The UltraMaxx Energy Drink by Sisel International has no calories, but will still provide you with that “shot” of energy. It does this by supporting your own body’s natural energy making substances.

# 9: SupraH2 Hydrogen Generator 2000

It is sad, but much of the water coming from the faucets is unsafe to drink. Sisel International developed this new system using the latest technology to make water safe to drink without deleting the needed minerals your body needs. The other wonderful feature is this system works on a 110 volt outlet.

# 8: Thermarol

When you have a sore back or aching joints, Thermarol will rescue you from it. Using the scientifically proven power of Cetyl Myrisoleate, Sisel Intenational added the warming affects of wintergreen oil and vanilla butyl ether to get you back to feeling like you can carry an elephant, ride a bike for 20 miles or just simply walk.

Fast-acting, long-lasting Thermarol deeply penetrates to soothe sore joints and muscles. Its dual-action warming agents work together to ease tension and loosen stiffness before, during, and after activity. Whether you’re on the job, or doing jobs around the house, apply Thermarol to your back, shoulders, hands, and knees before getting down to business. Keep a tube by your bedside to use first thing in the morning or to help you relax at night. You’ll not only feel better, but Thermarol may help to ease tension and loosen stiffness.*

# 7: InFLUence

In a battle against all the nasty things in this world that can damage our inner bodies, Sisel International developed this patent pending formula that supplies vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to give you vitality and defense against the poisons of the world.

# 6: Sisel Hand & Body Lotion

No, it isn’t just for women. This lotion uses nature in the form of:

  • mango seed butter

  • babassu palm kernel oil

  • and shea oil

to leave your skin smooth and fresh from the damages you may have experienced (sun, sand, and pollution).

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# 5: SUPRASHINE® Toothpaste

There has been a strong push to eliminate fluoride. Sisel International has done it with this toothpaste that still whitens and cleans as well, if not better than the competition. It tastes great too.

SupraShine’s cleaning and protective support is enhanced by xylitol, a natural sweetener that will not feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also contains the essential oil of peppermint, which lends a fresh, minty flavor. You will love the smooth, cool feel of your mouth and teeth after brushing with SupraShine. ~

# 4: Sisel Intensified Hair Growth System

No one really likes hair loss do they? This specially designed brush shoots laser beams into your scalp to “fire up” the hair follicles. It distributes a hair Vitalizer that will provide a thicker and fuller batch of hair. There is no need for an expensive hair replacement surgeon, this system works great.

# 3: Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream

The damages of a day with the sun, pollution and other items that can make a persons face and skin can be intense. Just applying this great product at night will allow you to view a new you in the morning mirror.

# 2: TS-X

It was a close call on #1 and #2, but this product just barely stays out of the top position. While many think the fountain of youth is somewhere on an island in the Caribbean, it is believed that Sisel International created it in their laboratories in Utah. Telomere Support Xtreme is what TS-X stands for. Telomeres are caps on your chromosomes and they protect your DNA. This compound actually strengthens those telomeres and can reverse aging.

# 1: Sisel® Kaffé – Premium Black Ground

This is the flagship product of Sisel International. As a coffee lover, I can completely understand why this coffee is first on the list. Not only does it taste like the best coffee in the world, it is good for you. The coffee beans are grown in the Panama highlands. It also has:

  • Chaga which is full of B vitamins and minerals

  • Gotu Kola Leaves for respiratory health

  • Ganoderma which is a secret Chinese mushroom

  • Bacopa for the memory

The beans found in Sisel Kaffe Premium Instant Coffee come exclusively from the Boquete region of Panama. Born from fertile, volcanic soil, these beans have been ranked the world’s best tasting and are renowned for their rich, smooth flavor.

True to Sisel’s philosophy of producing only the safest and highest quality products, standard open flame roasting, which can cause harmful effects, is avoided in favor of unique infrared technology. This type of roasting leads to lower acidity and more evenly roasted beans without the burnt, bitter taste.

Sisel Kaffe Premium Instant Coffee is some of the healthiest, best tasting, and beneficial coffee available today. ~ Sisel website

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the top 10 Sisel International products, as I see it. What are your favorites? Do you agree or disagree with my rankings? Do you have another Sisel product you love? If so, please tell us about it. Provide your comments, questions, or just share your love for the Sisel International products below.

Remember, I am not affiliated in any way with Sisel International. This information is for educational purposes only. If you would like to visit the Sisel International website and see if it would be a MLM you may try, you can do so here.

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  1. This seems like a really good list of products the company has to offer to serve a variety of different purposes. That means their reach as a company is probably a bit greater because they have products that appeal to a wider range of people. I actually test beauty products and review them for my blog so I would be really interested in checking out the lotion and night cream and reviewing them for their effectiveness.

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