Should You Promote Multiple MLM Companies at the Same Time?

Should you join multiple or promote MLM Companies at the same time? That’s a question that one of my website visitors asked me today and I thought it would make a great blog post.

Generally speaking, and in probably 99.99% of the cases, I DO NOT recommend joining more than one network marketing company at the same time, AS A BUSINESS BUILDER. On the other hand, joining several companies as a retail customer or wholesale buyer is something completely different and is perfectly fine. It makes sense to support the industry.Should You Promote Multiple MLM Companies

The Truth

Let me be real with you for a moment; building one SUCCESSFUL network marketing business is time-consuming and hard work. It takes self-discipline, commitment and minimum three to five YEARS of intense focus to do. Building two or more companies at the same time is next to impossible to do for most people.

I personally think it’s much better to invest 100% of your focus and energy into one business opportunity.

Find a great company with products you love, make a minimum five-year commitment and never look back. 

I can speak from personal experience and tell you that when you try to do too many things at once, you aren’t anywhere near as productive as you would be if you just focused on one thing. As I see it, it’s easier to earn $3k per month in one company than it is to earn $1,500 per month in two separate companies.

My Mistakes

For example, I now own two large websites. At one time I had four large websites. Knowing what I know now, I would have only built ONE website and focused 100% of my time and energy on that.

Because I have multiple websites, I have to split my time up between them. Even though I’ve gotten good results with each one of my websites, I would have done much better if I only had one website to focus on. Does that make sense?

I’ve even promoted multiple MLM Companies at the same time in the past, but it never worked out in my favor.

Would You Join This Guy?

Imagine talking with a potential sponsor. He is sharp, kind, intelligent and motivated. He starts telling you about his primary company. He’s excited. You’re excited. Everything he says just makes sense.

Within a few minutes he tells you that he is in FIVE different MLM Companies, because he loves the product line in each company. He starts talking about each company and tells you why you should join all five companies.

Let me ask you this question. Would you want this person as your sponsor? Or, has he lost some credibility with you, because he can’t focus on one thing? I can’t speak for you, but I would never join someone who thought this way and promoted multiple deals.

You must remember that people want to work with someone who is serious, committed, knows where they are headed, and can help them succeed. Promoting multiple MLM Companies damages your credibility.

Can you be employed in 2 different companies at same time in same industry? Can you ride smoothly & safely on 2 vehicles together? Before you start working with any MLM company do the due diligence and then decide which company you want to start with and then be with it 100%. It’s not a try and succeed field. ~ Quora

Want to Confuse Your Team?

Promoting multiple MLM Companies confuses your team. They see you promoting multiple MLM Companies so they think they should do the same thing. Here’s what happens.

You promote companies A and B. Your newest distributor joins you in company B and then also joins company C. Your other team members in company A join company D.

This keeps happening throughout your organization. Before you know it you have hundreds, even thousands of distributors in hundreds of different companies and you earn NOTHING from their efforts.

You must lead by example and do the things you want your team members to do. Be the type of leader you want to follow and be the type of leader you want to attract. Leaders do not promote multiple MLM Companies.

team members promote multiple mlm companiesYou’re Probably Breaking the Rules

Another problem with promoting more than one MLM Company is that it’s actually prohibited and typically not allowed (in most network marketing companies).

Read almost any distributor agreement and you will quickly discover a non-compete clause which prohibits you from promoting several different MLM Companies at once. Or, they prevent you from joining a company with similar products. Some companies allow it, but most don’t.

And whatever you do, cross-recruiting people from one of your companies into another company is always prohibited.  

If the parent company finds out you are in multiple opportunities, or cross-recruiting, they can and will more than likely terminate your distributorship. So, if you are still thinking about joining more than one network marketing company, make sure you read the distributor agreement or talk to a lawyer first. Educate yourself so you don’t get yourself in legal trouble.

The last thing you want to do is to build a big team and then get terminated because you broke the rules.

As a small, part-timer, your company won’t monitor everything you do. But if you achieve any level of success in their company, they will watch you like a hawk. One false move and your business is done.

Exceptions to the Rule

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. I learned that in the Army. There are three exceptions to this rule that I should address.

# 1: The first reason to promote several MLM Companies at the same time would be if you were NOT recruiting anyone, but you were just retailing products. In this example, it might make sense to have several different product lines to offer your retail customers. I personally wouldn’t see a problem with doing that.

# 2: The second example would be if you have a large online presence. Maybe you own several email lists or several successful websites in different niches and you want to have specific product lines to promote to your audience. For instance, if you have a blog about coffee and another website about weight loss, I could justify being in a coffee and weight loss MLM Company at the same time.

# 3: The final example would be if your current MLM Company does not let you build an international business! In that case, it would make sense to switch companies or join a second company. Let’s face it, we live in a global economy with nearly 7 billion people. If you are limited to only one or two countries you are really missing out.

Once again, these are the only three exceptions that I can think of. Even if these exceptions apply to you, I would still be overly cautious about promoting multiple MLM Companies.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the bottom line. Find one good MLM Company and sell out to it! Don’t try to promote so many different opportunities at once that you dilute your efforts and overwhelm yourself. It’s much easier to build one successful business than it is to go out and try and build two, three or four successful businesses at the same time.

Of course, this is just my opinion. I don’t expect you to agree with me on this one, but I would love to hear what you think about this subject. Should people join and promote multiple MLM Companies at once? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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14 thoughts on “Should You Promote Multiple MLM Companies at the Same Time?”

  1. Hello Chuck,
    I have been part of Amway for a while and I have downline but hardly consume. I just joined world financial group and they have they seem to have the right tools in terms of mindset and use Zoom where my team in Amway doesnt. I’m thinking of building the team in Amway but just focusing on retailing in World Financial Group. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Thank you for this information and those who chose to comment. Doing one thing, and doing it well, does make a lot of sense. My husband was tragically murdered last year. We own a beautiful home that I will do whatever I need to be able to pay the mortgage. I created a business that offers multiple retail options. One of those retail options is an MLM that I have discovered great passion for an do what to build that business and have been. One of the other companies I offer retail for is somewhat similar, yet different. Each time I’m about to let that company go or let me account expire, there’s a surge in interest and I earn income that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have that option. Not everyone wants A, B, C and D. However, if there are four choices, maybe they’ll be interested in one. Sometimes folks are interested in all 4!
    Since I have discovered true passion for one of these companies and I do really want to build that business, move up in rank, etc. what would you advice be to me? Keep in mind that I have inventory of all 4 kinds, plus other retail items as well. I’d greatly appreciate any insight, thoughts, ideas for a widow who wants to earn as much income as possible to keep her home.

    1. If you’re just retailing products, promote as many companies as you want.

      On the other hand, if you are focused on building up a network, a team of distributors and customers, I only suggest one company. It’s next to impossible to do two at once.

  3. I also am in full agreement with this post. There is a case where promoting multiple MLM Companies can be good, if you are able to manage it all. As in Tee’s case, just using them for the products they offer and not sponsoring other distributors, I believe that would be fine. But, if you want to go 100% in, you just can’t with two MLMs at the same time. I was always taught to not put all my eggs in one basket, but there is also the common sense side too. We need to take a look at the whole picture. Chuck is giving the whole picture in this post.

    1. If someone is set on having multiple streams of income, which is never a bad idea, it would make a lot more sense to focus on one MLM Company and pick a different type of second income stream such as affiliate marketing, FOREX, investing, eBay or something else.

      I personally have multiple streams of income, but only one MLM Company.

    1. Every successful person I know focuses on one thing. I know a lot of people who do okay doing several things, but if you want massive success, focusing on one thing is essential.

      Put all of your eggs in one basket and guard that basket cautiously.

  4. So, basically I should focus on one company when building a team, but as far as the retail side, it’s good to be with multiple companies? I want to start a health blog and I would like to introduce my readers to great products I use from multiple companies.

    1. Tee,

      That’s just my personal recommendation. It’s just really time consuming to build one big downline. Making the time to do two is next to impossible. But if you are primarily just retailing products, I don’t see too many downsides of working with multiple companies. The only downsides would be if you had to do a monthly autoship for a bunch of different companies, or there was a no-compete clause that prevented you from being in two different MLM Companies (most MLM Companies have this in their distributor agreement so please check). I hope that helps.


      1. I could see where if you were selling products that go hand-in-hand with each other, having two, or three MLMs could actually be profitable. Someone isn’t interested in the jewelry, but wow, they sure like that cologne. Or no, I don’t need those vitamins, but I have been looking for a water purifier. It could be an advantage in some ways, but you would need to manage it carefully.

        I still think one is best.

        1. In a few rare cases, it might work. But it’s hard to focus and get massive results if you are doing too many different things at once. Plus, some of your prospects won’t take you very seriously.

          1. For many of us, our MLM is just a part time business anyway. My first priority is my freelance business and that takes up much of my time and energy. I know that I often have a difficult time providing for the one MLM I am in, so I really wonder how anyone could manage successfully with more than one MLM business.

            Now I do know one person that retails products from both Avon and Amway and does quite well, but she just retails and in less someone falls down screaming about wanting to be a distributor, she doesn’t seek them. Her priority is retail.

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