Should You Hire a Telemarketer to Help You Grow Your MLM Business?

Have you ever considered hiring a telemarketer to help you grow your network marketing business? Did you know that you could hire someone as an independent contractor to help you cold call people (or call your leads) and book appointments for you? Yes, it’s true. Many successful network marketers hire telemarketers to do most of their phone marketing for them. There are even services out there that will do this for you.

How does it work and why should I do it? I believe it would be smart to hire a telemarketer to help you grow your MLM business. There are two major benefits. The first major benefit is that it’s cheap. You can hire someone independently and pay them by the hour (not recommended) or pay them for every appointment they set for you (recommended). The second major benefit is that it frees up your time so you can do other things, such as train your team and work with your new distributors.

Let me give you a hypothetical example. Let’s assume you earn $100 for a new sign up in your company. To be smart and position yourself for success, let’s suppose you agree to pay someone $3 for every appointment they set for you. You agree to give the telemarketer another $7 if the person shows up and listens to a complete presentation. And if the person (at the appointment) agrees to sign up as a distributor, you give your telemarketer another $10.

Let’s assume that you close one out of every 10 appointments. In this example, here’s what your anticipated expenses would look like:

• 10 appointments scheduled @ $3 each is $30

• 7 people sat through your entire presentation @ $7 each is $49

• 1 person signed up as a distributor @ $10 each

Your expense to your telemarketer would be $89. Since you earned $100, you made $11 profit on the front end. You will also make a residual income on the back end. Best of all, you freed up your time from prospecting and can now build your organization effortlessly.

Of course, you can change the numbers around a little bit. You could pay your telemarketer (more or less). I highly recommend you compensate your telemarketer well, so they have an incentive to perform well. There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone on pure commission. Just make sure you give them a GOOD incentive.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to find or keep a good telemarketer very long.

Where can you hire a telemarketer? Fortunately you have lots of options. You can put an ad on Craigslist. This is free and easy to do. You want to write an ad to attract someone with a sales background, who is self-motivated. Another place to look is your local newspaper. There are lots of people out of work who would gladly do this to earn some extra money. Another place to look is on FIVERR or eLance. These websites offer lots of low cost resources for entrepreneurs.

Before you hire someone, check their references. Find out what their experience and motivation levels are. By all means, have them sign a contract, so there are clear expectations. Hire them on a probationary period (30 days) and test their results. Do not hire them as an employee.  EVER. Keep them as an independent contractor. Finally, provide them a script and tell them exactly what you want them to do. This will prevent most of your potential problems.

We all know that most network marketing businesses fail because most distributors don’t have enough leads to share their products or business opportunity with. If you decide to hire a telemarketer, you can eliminate this problem in your business. And you can work smart, freeing up lots of your time to focus on other activities, such as training your team and spending more time with your family.

What are your thoughts about hiring a telemarketer for your business?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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12 thoughts on “Should You Hire a Telemarketer to Help You Grow Your MLM Business?”

  1. I am not usually a fan of telemarketing, and especially not cold-calling. I just don’t think that it works. When I was fresh out of college, looking for a way to pay some bills while searching for that real j-o-b, I worked as a telemarketer at night. We cold-called people and offered them $20 gift cards to a local grocery store that was opening up. This was FREE – all they had to do was say “yes”. But so many people just hung up on me, some of them giving me a piece of their mind first. It really opened my eyes to how the level of irritation that telemarketers caused people outweighed even a free twenty dollars.

    I would really need to know that my prospects were seriously pre-screened before I gave telemarketing a second thought.

    1. It takes a special, and certain kind of person to perform telemarketing. With the rejection rate so high, you have to keep from going nuts from getting the phone slammed in your ear. Chuck is absolutely correct though; telemarketing does work, and I can attest to that. I performed telemarketing services for many years and made great money doing it. They key is to have a good attitude no matter what people say to you.

  2. I have not considered this idea, but it does seem like it would be simple and affordable to find someone to help your MLM grow. I work for a freelance site as well and there are independent freelancers who specialize in this type of work who aren’t expensive to hire at all. I do like this idea, but the control freak in me likes the personal touch of doing it myself. Good information though.

  3. I really like the idea of hiring a telemarketer to free up your time. Paying them by the appointment is awesome, too. I think you’ll get better quality calls that way. One other benefit may be that you will stay more positive while trying to build your business. I used to make cold calls (years ago) for a home party business. After several NOs, it was easy to get discouraged and that would come through the phone on my next call. If you’re working hard to build your MLM company, a telemarketer sounds like win-win situation for those calls!

  4. As a former telemarketer, I completely agree with your thought process here.

    There are just a few pieces of advice I will give.

    Your script: Make sure your script is completely legal. The Government has put many regulations on the telemarketing industry. The telemarketer must use their complete name at the start and the company name. If a person asks to be removed from the call list, this must be done immediately. They need a strong close. I suggest testing the telemarketer.

    Check references close: There are many who say they are, but just because they can speak on a phone doesn’t make a person a telemarketer.

    Remember, this telemarketer can make or break your reputation.

    Hire wisely!

    1. This is some good advice, Greg. I agree with you that you need a good script and you need to screen your telemarketer. But if you do that right, it can pay huge dividends.

      1. You also had mentioned checking references. I believe this is very important. There are many people who have done telemarketing and can put it down as experience, but when you speak to the company or individual they worked for, you may find they were not very good at cold calling people.

        Telemarketing takes a special person. It needs to be someone that can accept rejection easily without it affecting their emotions. It is wise to offer a good commission to gain the quality of telemarketer you need.

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