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I’m pleased to announce that I offer my own private MLM Mastermind Group for serious network marketers.

It is a free group on Facebook where we share ideas, encourage each other, and talk about what is and what isn’t working in our business.

Keep in mind this is a no recruiting zone.  All posts are manually approved by me and anyone pitching their business or product will be instantly banned for life, no exceptions.

It’s also a no whining, complaining or bitching zone. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.

If you would like to participate in my free Mastermind group, simply check out the link below. Request to join the group and I will manually approve you within 1-2 days.

Join Chuck’s MLM Mastermind Group on Facebook

What Others Are Saying

Here’s what some of our happy participants are saying about our MLM Mastermind Group.

“I love the “nuggets” of experience that Chuck has to offer in his MLM Mastermind Team. He has a way of reframing old information and shedding new light, as well as providing new ways to promote and work your business. I’m always learning new take-aways for motivating team members and inspiration to keep going.” ~ Brynn-Marie Kloster, Independent Scentsy Director, Missouri

“I don’t like conference calls. To me they are just rah-rah events that are about as productive as watching wrestling on TV. But I really look forward to each of Chuck’s Mastermind Calls. I’ve met the most interesting people on Chuck’s Mastermind Calls. People that are doing things, and doing them well, and are willing to share their experiences with you. Chuck knows the movers and shakers.” ~ Mike Stokes, Baton Rouge, LA, Blogger

mr greg“Overall, this mastermind group, along with the online MLM website has helped me understand many aspects to have a successful business. First, time management is one of my downfalls, and I have learned to put my time in an orderly fashion. I have also learned the system of education versus sales. When we educate prospects, the sales will come. This Facebook page, and Chuck’s website have given me the inspiration to purchase a new website, and to manage it in a much different pattern than I did my first website. I have learned the power in building lists, and have started doing exactly that. I have sent out my first newsletter in an educational tone. The website is for freelancers and for those who contract to freelancers. In just the 3 days I have had it up and running, I have had a total of 118 unique visits and 17 subscriptions. I also had 1 book sale, and it seems some are clicking affiliate links. I have learned a lot from the MLM Mastermind Team, and Chuck’s website. If you would like to watch the website/blog grow that I have been led to develop, you can visit my website.  Thanks to everyone who is making the MLM Mastermind Team a great place to visit.” ~ Greg Boudonck, freelancer,

“It is so very important to recognize your strengths and gifts, but also to recognize where you are lacking. Chuck has been instrumental in helping me identify those areas needing attention, and offering the resources he has found to help me develop as a business woman. I love the accountability of the group, as well. Having a group outside of my company helps me to think outside the box and grow and develop in new directions.” ~ Tanya Robinson, Independent Distributor.  

“I have had the honor of connecting with Chuck via the (MLM Home Business Social Community). From the get go, Chuck and I just seemed to share similar goals and aspirations of wanting to be able to help other marketers out. We enjoy sharing tips and strategies with each other and other marketers on how to market your home based business and how to get the proper mindset, which is crucial.

Chuck has shared many different strategies and I look forward with anticipation of getting his monthly newsletter in the mail. His Mastermind Team works together collaboratively to help everyone succeed. It is so wonderful to be able to give each other marketing tips and not be in competition with each other.

If you are looking for a Coach and someone that can help you be successful in your small/home based business, I highly recommend that you “hook up” with Chuck, You’ll be glad that you did!” ~ Jocelyn Jones, Network Marketing Expert and Mentor

“My name is Caesar Kihoro. I live in Kenya and am a network marketer. When I joined your training and coaching (with the MLM Resource Center), I had very little knowledge about our industry. Now I am happy and successful and would like to thank you for your help. It’ because of you my business is growing and I am achieving success in this industry. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have started my own blog or website, either. Thank you very much.” ~ Caesar Kihoro

mr noah“Your Facebook mastermind daily posts are really change my network marketing business. It has build my courage, my point of view about the industry and i have learnt a lot on personal development.  I have known which books to read and what to do when someone quit.  I have learnt what to do each day and I have also learnt how to set goals. Chuck’s Facebook Mastermind Group has really given me hope in my business and nothing will make me quit because I know where I am heading to. Thanks a lot for your good work Chuck. May God bless you.” ~ Ngenoh Noah, Consultant, Tiens Group

brenda miller“Chuck’s MLM Mastermind Group is a fabulous place to learn about networking, sponsoring, and moving forward in your business.  This group has helped to keep me on track, motivated, and sharing with everyone I meet.  The multitudes of individuals who join this group each have something to add to the group, which gives everyone new perspectives on networking techniques.  Since joining this group, I have taken my own business up four levels and continue reaching my goals beyond anything I ever thought possible.  I was able to accomplish this in less than a year’s time.  Thank you Chuck for all you do.  You are an amazing wealth of information.” ~ Brenda Miller, Independent YLEO Rep

ms carmichael“Charles’s Facebook Mastermind group has become one of my favorite places to go for marketing and business building tips. So often, people create groups that claim to share valuable tips, but are actually just a place to spam the members. Charles keeps his group dedicated to helping out marketers regardless of what opportunity they represent. No spam allowed. What is more, all of his advice has been spot on!” ~ Laura Carmichael, Entrepreneur

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17 thoughts on “Mastermind Team”

  1. I couldn’t ever imagine finding a blog like this
    I cannot believe it !
    Chuck you are a real value far ahead from the online “bozos”
    Enormous job unbelievable – You are a great marketer
    Congratulations !!!

  2. Hi Chuck, I am studying your blogs appreciate your way of marketing. I am really impressed to see your approach and the dedication.

    I am already in network marketing and deciding to join you soon. Hope I will be able to increase my business many folds.


  3. It’s great to be here. Your website is very informative, actually a great resource. Would always be back.

  4. Georgia Avery

    What a great resource. To be able to talk live with like-minded people and share ideas, successes and failures too, is a great way to keep your head in the game. We have to do something everyday to help keep us motivated and enthusiastic. Joining these calls is one of those activities that boosts confidence. We also need to keep on top of educating ourselves on what’s new in our industry. …to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest. Joining in on a call with a group of highly motivated professionals is a great way to do that. Thanks for creating it, Chuck.


    The mastermind group is a wonderful tool for reaching out my name is Wiley and I signed up for the mastermind group in 2014 and I’ve been with them ever since. I have not met very many people in the group, I have been concentrating on building my business too thoroughly get into the group sitting.
    I’ve been able to get a lot of hits to my website and for that I am really appreciative and I am going to continue to go back to the group over and over. But I am thinking about joining some more groups.

  6. I’ve been thinking of getting back into multi-level marketing. Finding the right MLM company for me. I think it’s awesome that you offer this service for free. Not every successful entrepreneur gives back the way you do, Chuck. The commitment to seeing others be successful by sharing your experiences and passing along what you’ve learned along the way!

  7. This is an awesome opportunity! Thank you so much for providing this service free of charge. I am new to MLM although I have my own website and small, home-based business. This is very generous of you. Are the webinars and calls generally during the day, in the evening, or a combination?

  8. Chuck- Like your site…. Ran into it when I was searching for ways to make money online with Advocare. Just started the journey with that. Any thoughts?? The mindset of Advocare is more hands on meetings etc…I think there is much more potential online…Take Care-Joanna

  9. Robet O\\\\'Neill

    Hi Chuck, being new to MLM, I’m really glad that I found your blog online and excited to be part of your Mastermind Team. Thanks for your extremely insightful posts!Cheers,Rob O’Neill

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