Day 7: MLM Boot Camp

Welcome to day # 7 of My MLM Boot Camp!

Today is the final day of your training.  This session is called “putting it all together.”  We will summarize everything we have covered so far and provide some final insights.  I hope you have enjoyed the training. During the past six sessions, we have covered the following topics:

When it comes to MLM Success it takes a serious commitment, discipline and lots of hard work. Maybe no one told you that when you first got involved with the industry, but it is the truth.

I can speak from personal experience and tell you there is no such thing as “get rich quick” or “easy success” in any type of legitimate business.  If you want to get rich quick, quit the industry and take a vacation to Las Vegas.

If you are truly serious about building your own MLM Empire, you must continue working, even after the initial enthusiasm is gone.  The “honeymoon period” will eventually fade, normally within 90 to 120 days.  After you lose your initial enthusiasm you will find out how serious you really are about building a successful network marketing business.

day 7 mlm boot campOne of the best things you can do, from this day forward, is educate yourself. If you haven’t done so already, check out my recommend resources page and reading list. There are lots of great resources on those pages that can help you shorten your learning curve.

If you are new to the industry, you definitely need to learn a whole new set of skills. You need to learn how to recruit, train, lead, and motivate others. And you need to learn marketing and leadership.

These skills take time to learn.  How long your learning curve takes is determined by your skill-set, motivation and previous experience.  In most cases it will take you a few years to master these skills.

If I had to sum up everything in this MLM Boot Camp in nutshell and give you a FORMULA for SUCCESS in your business, it would be:

1. Find a Company with Great Products You are Passionate About

2.  Join a Company BEFORE it Becomes a Household Name

3.  Make a MINIMUM Five Year Commitment to That Company

4.  Determine Your Why for Doing the Business

5.  Find a Mentor in Your Upline Who Is Already Successful Who Can Help You and Follow Their Lead

6.  Develop a Written Strategy to Build Your Business (Business & Marketing Plan)

7.  Create a Daily Mode of Operations for Your Business and Follow It Daily

8.  Personally Sponsor Minimum One New Person a Week for Three to Five Years (100 to 300 people total)

9.  Learn from Your Mistakes and Make Adjustments Along the Way

10.  Be a Student of Your Business (Read, Listen to Tapes and Attend Seminars)

11.  Never Quit

If you follow these 11 steps, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will eventually succeed in your network marketing business. But, please don’t kid yourself.  Success is disguised as HARD WORK!

I hope my 7 Day MLM Boot Camp helped you open your mind and learn new things.  I hope you will share this boot camp with people on your team and like us on Facebook. Here’s to your success!

If you’d like to have me as your mentor, and join my team, you can learn more about what I do here.  If not, good luck with your current business!


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21 thoughts on “Day 7: MLM Boot Camp”

  1. Joseph Kariuki

    Indeed focus,consistency and discipline are the key to success in life. Thanks for your free advice Mr Chuck.

    1. Hey Chuck!

      Thank you very much for helping me to get on the right track…I really liked the business plan…will set it up and apply it…I will let you know how it goes! Also, I have decided to develop my own leads, instead of purchasing them.
      Lois Hannah

  2. I thank you for this free schooling. I am happy I went through this boot camp before venturing into MLM. With this I believe I have the secret.

  3. Chuck, the boot camp is awesome, a foundational course in network marketing. I am going to apply every bit of information from the course. Thanks very much. I certainly shall get back to you and see how you can assist me. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dr Paula Pusahai-Riman

    Thank you Mr Holmes. You have greatly inspire me to be confident in my journey with B:HIP the MLM business. Truely I will not quit.

    Dr Paula Pusahai-Riman

  5. Chuck,
    Thanks so much for putting together this bootcamp. It has been extremely helpful. God bless you and continued success to you.

  6. maria januarios gida

    Thank you so much Sir Chuck. Your MLM boot camp is very helpful for a newbies in this business like me. It help me understand and learn more about this business I am in. I am on Success 200 a newly open MLM in the Philippines, your teaching and insight helped me a lot especially, i am handling a team. Thank you so much. More power to you.

  7. Thank you so much for this program. I have been considering joining a network marketing company for some time. However I needed a true representation of what network marketing is and how to be successful. I have tried a few in the past. I really want to make this work if I am to do this. I wanted to work on this business as well as expanding my business as a tutor.
    Thanks again Chuck

  8. Thanks Chuck, very helpful stuff. Please stay in touch , I really want to do the 90 day challenge next time it comes around.
    Cheers from sunny South Africa

  9. Chuck
    Thank you for the 7 day boot camp training. Its fantastic information and It should help me a lot. Also the life plus company looks interesting and might fit with my own network marketing company, but I am not sure how two companies can work..
    Thanks again

    1. Bob,

      As much as I would like to recruit you, it’s best to focus on one company, especially if you are happy with your current company. The other option is to become a customer of mine, and I can stick you in one of my power legs. Even as a customer you can earn a check each month with my company. If interested in learning more, give me a call or send me an email. If not, no worries. Have a great day.


  10. Hi Chuck

    Thank you so much for your teaching you ‘ve changed my life you’ve given me a wake up call,I joined mlm a year ago but up to this day haven’t seen the goodness of mlm the reason being I didn’t know what to do after I joined.But because of you now I know what to do I’m looking forward to a prosperous 2015 with my mlm business,To me you are heaven sent Mr Chuck thank you so much for the information you shared with me I do appreciate.


  11. Richard Brokenshire

    HI Chuck,

    I enjoyed your boot camp, as well. I probably shouldn’t have gone through it all in one day but, it was good enough that I had to go to the next Day as soon as I finished the one I was on.

    That’s a high compliment!

    I usually can’t make it all the way through some of the mindless drivel that masquerades as content.

    Thank you very much. I’ll be back.

  12. Hi Chuck,

    It’s Lena Silk.
    I enjoyed your book camp and your candidness to MLM.
    A lot of the frustration that I experienced was for the lack of direction and a much different approach to selling. I agree with you and your approach. The Buyer should be accustomed to the product first and be a believer of what they consume. That’s my best shot at making them a distributor – aside from the volume that they create for me when they continue to order product.
    I took notes & I have a plan.
    Thank you for sharing with me… I am very happy to teach this to my team.
    Lena Silk

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