Day 5: MLM Boot Camp

Welcome to day # 5 of my MLM Boot Camp.

We’ve covered a lot of great information so far.  Today, I want to focus on how to LAUNCH your MLM Business the right way.  This is easily one of the most important lessons in my boot camp.

Day 5 MLM Boot CampI’ve found that most people in our industry never really launch their business.  They get signed up as a distributor, get overwhelmed, don’t know what to do, or get stuck in analysis by paralysis.  As a result, their business dies a quick death.  This is why so many people don’t last more than 90 days before they quit.

It’s PARAMOUNT that you start your business right.  It’s paramount that you get off to a good start, and help your new team members do the same thing.  It makes more sense to start right than to have to start over.

Assuming you’ve set your goals, determined your why, and written down your game-plan, you need to do a proper launch.

Keep in mind that network marketing is a WARM MARKET business.  You should start with your warm market, before you venture off into your cold market. Why?  Because these people already know you, like you and trust you. Going straight to the cold market is a big mistake.  It’s also expensive and time consuming.

Your Goal

Ultimately, launching your MLM business means personally sponsoring 20 to 30 people in your first 90-days in the business so you can create momentum, excitement and quick growth in your business.  Ideally, you are looking to find 2-3 people who want to do what you are doing, so you can work with them and help them build a team of their own.  It also helps you develop a “good success story” that you can share with others.

How Launch Your MLM Business

Launching your network marketing business is actually quite simple.  Here are the four steps:

  1. You make your name list
  2. You contact 20 people per day to let them know what you are doing
  3. You follow up with everyone and collect a decision
  4. Keep doing this until you find two people who want to build a business

I’ll cover each tip below in greater detail:

# 1 Make Your Name List

First off, everyone knows at least 2,000 people, and probably much more than that.  While you might disagree with that, if I paid you $100,000 to make a name list of 2,000 people you knew, you could easily do it in a few hours.

It’s vitally important that you set aside a few hours and put together your name list.  Write down all your Facebook friends, email contacts, and phone contacts.  For most people, just doing that would give them over 1,000 names.

Keep all of these names in one notepad.  Keep it with you at all times and whenever you think of a new name, add it to your list.  Think of your name list as your inventory.

# 2 Contact 20 People Per Day

Your next objective is to contact 20 people per day on your list to NOTIFY THEM about what you are doing.  It’s not your job to hard-sell or convince anyone to join or buy.

You simply want people to know that you started a new project, so they know what you are doing.  Ask them if they would be willing to watch a short video that explains what you are doing.  You could contact 20 people per day in about 60 to 90 minutes per day.

# 3 Follow Up and Collect a Decision

Follow up with each person you contact within 24-48 hours.  Simply ask them “what did you like best about the video: the products or the business?”  Ask them if they would like to support you in your new business as a customer or distributor.  If they say yes, sign them up.  If they say no, ask them for a referral.  Be nice to everyone and never use pressure or hype. Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up.

# 4 Keep Doing This Until You Find TWO People Who Want to Build a Business

Once you’ve sponsored TWO distributors who want to build a business, put your own list away for the time being.  You might have to personally sponsor 10-20 people to find two serious people who are willing to do some work.

Once you’ve sponsored two serious people, your new focus is helping them build their business.  You will walk them through these exact same steps, until they each have their first TWO serious people signed up.

At that point, you will work with their new people and help them do the same thing.  Keep working with your new people until you have 10 serious people in your team who are hungry, coachable and willing to follow your system.

Once you’ve done that, go back to your name list and keep calling your prospects until you find your next two serious people.

Build the business two people at a time!  That’s it folks.  This four-step process is so simple to do.  It’s also easy NOT to do.  The choice is yours.

Keep in mind the following things:

This a warm market business.  By all means, you can venture into your cold market AFTER you work through your warm market.  Going straight to your cold market is expensive and time consuming.

Your goal is to work THROUGH people.  Who you know is irrelevant.  It’s who they know that matters.  Typically, your best people show up deep in your group.  Everyone can lead you to a stud.

This business is 100x easier to build fast than slow.  Building slow is like herding cats.  Have a sense of urgency and build quickly.  You’ll be glad that you did.

How you start your business is how your team members will start their business.  This business is about duplication.  Your team members are watching you.  Keep it simple and follow a system.

Not everyone you sponsor will be coachable or willing to work.  Work with the willing.  Focus on helping the people who are motivated and want to build a business.  This might represent 10 to 20 percent of the people you sponsor.

Set a good example.  Lead by example at all times and do the things you want your team members to do!

There you have it folks.  This is my best advice about how to launch your MLM Business the right way.  Follow this advice and there is no doubt in my mind you will get off to a great start!  Don’t do it and you will be a statistic.

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13 thoughts on “Day 5: MLM Boot Camp”

  1. I think education is important when promoting offline. Oneday I was at the local flea market, and this guy hands me a newspaper. I thought it was just a general newspaper, but once I was home and actually sat down and read it, it was a entrepreneur newspaper talking about financial freedom, building a home business, and network marketing. Then on the back of the paper, it had his contact info, and the company he uses for the newspapers. That changed everything for me. I thought it was a great offline strategy because I wasn’t offended when he handed me the newspaper. Then yesterday, I came across these Lawn signs in busy intersections. It was promoting a makeup consultation, but once I contacted the company, it was someone in a MLM company. I’ve used bandit signs in the past for real estate, but the competition was high. I think it’s the perfect strategy for your MLM Company. I want to build a offline system my team could duplicate. This is my first time with a product based Company, and I think it’s a good thing for me. It’ll take me out of my comfort zone. Instead of being behind the computer, I now have to do home parties and basically talk to a lot people face to face. With my past companies, I was taught to promote primarily online. I’m glad I finally found a company that is encouraging me to NOT be comfortable.

    1. I truly believe that offline is much better than online. It’s easier, more fun and more duplicatable. The best idea is to get people to contact you first, and then answer their questions and help them get started. You can advertise using any of the methods you mentioned, or whatever else works for you.

      Great comment, Tee!

  2. I agree with focusing offline. Network Marketing was built on those traditional methods, and it will always be the best. I have never done offline marketing, but I’m incorporating a marketing plan to start. There is literally no competition offline. I read The Big Idea book by Donny Deutsch, and it stated that you should focus on your city. Become a millionaire or even billionaire in your own backyard. I also think your reps will succeed more if you have that face to face contact sometimes. Online marketing will be secondary when it comes to my business.

    1. Good for you. Plenty of folks have built large MLM Businesses, even in small towns. Start locally and you will naturally develop a national, and potentially international organization.

  3. Richard Brokenshire

    Hi Chuck,

    I think that your “warm market” is best used for practice and to sell your products to them. Just find those that love you the most or owe you the most and they will buy products from you. Even if they cost a little more than at the local Walmart. Practice giving your presentation to your “warm market” as well. Just ask them to do you a favor …

    Most of your friends will give you 30 minutes, if you tell them that, “you know this business isn’t right for them.” That you just need to practice on someone. That’s a great “take away,” too.

    I’m in agreement with you about the old fashion, belly to belly method of recruiting. You get the best of both worlds.

    Social proof in a cozy and safe environment!

    1. After doing this three plus years full time online, I’m about to turn it all off and just focus offline.

      Here’s the truth about online MLM.

      There is a lot of noise and competition.

      The internet is not a solution to your fear of talking to people.

      MLM was designed to be built one on one, in a face to face environment.

      It’s hard to stand out in the online crowd.

      It’s much easier to sponsor someone when you’ve met them in person and shown the plan personally.

      Just a few of my thoughts.

  4. You made the statement that it was useless to promote to opportunity seekers. Who are opportunity seekers exactly? And how are they different from offline leads, and talking to anyone on the street? Also, the first day of bootcamp, you said it was best to recruit people already in MLM, but you’re also saying promote offline and talk to anyone within 3 feet of you. Is it best to reach both kinds of people?

    1. An opportunity seeker is someone who is looking at opportunities (requested more information online), but they’v never actually proven to buy anything. What you want to do online is target people who have already bought into MLM before. Those will be your best prospects. When it comes to building your business offline, you can talk to anyone you meet, however, I suggest you focus on prospecting business and success minded people. This will really help you find better quality leads. Many people still build their MLM business offline, so I can assure you it still works. The method you choose will vary based upon your skill-set, strengths and how you want to spend your time.

  5. Hi Chuck! You are such a great writer. Thanks for your good work here… Please, I would like you to help me with a plan on how to advertise my MLM business opportunity on via newspaper ads. I think that would work well. Thanks.

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