I am pleased to offer a limited amount of services for network marketers. I understand that I have areas of expertise that will benefit many other network marketers. My goal is to share that expertise via a variety of different customized services. Listed below is a detailed list of my services.

The services I offer below are ONLY for network marketers. If you are trying to promote non-MLM products or programs please do not purchase anything on this page.

Sponsored Listing

This is easily the most valuable service on my website, and probably the most cost effective. For just $150, you can have your own page on my website talking about you and your company. Each post can contain your choice of up to (3) photos and (3) “no-follow” links. If you don’t know what “no-follow” means, it just means that there is no SEO benefit from it, but you will still get traffic from it.

What I will do is send you eight to ten interview questions ahead of time. Please take the time to answer each question thoroughly. Each answer should be 150 to 200 words. A good article will have 1,500 to 2,000 words in it, if you want it to rank high in Google. That’s why I have you answer 8-10 questions at 150 to 200 words each.

Once you send me the answers to your questions, I will edit the post and publish it on my website. It will stay on my website forever or until you ask me to take it down.

Please keep in mind I will not do sponsored listings for anything non-MLM related, since it wouldn’t be a good fit for my website. Plus, my fee for this service is fixed and is non-negotiable.

“No Follow” Text Link

You can also purchase a text link on my site. With this option, you can select two keywords. For example, if your company sells weight loss product, you could select “weight loss” and “lose weight” as your two keywords.

I will put those two keywords into my software program and whenever those words show up on any of my 1,500 pages of content, it will link to your website. They are no-follow links. Your link will be good for 30-days. I guarantee minimum 200 to 300 clicks with this service. You will also get your own unique tracking link so you can see how much traffic you have received. The cost is just $75.

Your URL & 2 Keywords

Free MLM Boot Camp

Get my free 7-Day MLM Boot Camp. Discover how to build a successful network marketing business. Learn from my successes and failures from the past 17-years in this great industry. Get it now. 

Website Design

Need your own website? Contact me and let me know what you are looking for and I can build you a custom blog or website.

Custom Email Auto-Responder Series

Need your own auto-responder series to grow your business? Get in touch with me to tell me what you need and I will provide you a custom quote.

Trusted MLM Distributor Directory

This is a new service I just recently launched in June 2018.  I allow one distributor per company to be listed in my Trusted MLM Distributor Directory. I do have a few certain qualifications you must meet to be eligible. If you would like to see if your company has a spot open, feel free to check out this page. 

Final Thoughts

As I find more services to offer people, I will update this page. If ANY of these services interest you, the best thing to do is contact me first to make sure it is a good fit for you.

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