SeneGence Review: Top 15 Cool Facts

While I am not a female, I totally comprehend women’s need and desire to use the best skincare, makeup and personal care items made. The last thing they want is to use some lipstick or eyeline that makes them break out or causes any number of other problems.

One company that many women have been attracted to is SeneGence. Not only do they allegedly manufacture and sell top-quality products, they also operate using the multilevel marketing format which allows people the opportunity to share the product line and make commissions by doing so.

In today’s post, I am going to share the top 15 cool facts about SeneGence. Hopefully this can help you decide if you would like to try the products or even start your own home based SeneGence business.

#1: When Founded

It all began in 1999. The founder had been selling a chemist’s lipstick designed to last long and she decided “why make the chemist rich when I can do this myself?” So SeneGence was started.

#2: Founder And Leadership

The founder of SeneGence and CEO is Joni Rogers – Kante. The other executive leadership of SeneGence includes:

  • President – Philippe Guerreau
  • Chief Legal Officer – Michael Moad
  • Chief Strategy Officer – Ben Kante
  • Chief Operating Officer – Steve Jarvi
  • Chief Financial Officer – Jerome Kaiser
  • Chief Sales And Development Officer – Christopher Simonian
  • Chief Experience Officer – Alan Rogers Kante
  • VP Of Distributor Development And Sales – Leslie Boyd Bradley
  • Senior VP Of Marketing – Kirsten Aguilar
  • Senior VP Of Global Recognition – Karen Goodman
  • VP OF Manufacturing – Charles Miller
  • Chief Research And Development Officer – Jose Fermin
  • VP Of Lean Management – Brian Manahan
  • VP OF International Field Development – Kevin Harris
  • Chief Technology Officer – Gregg Beall

#3: Headquarters

Senegence primary headquarters is in Foothill Ranch, California. They also have facilities in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

International offices are in:

  • Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
  • Bundall, Queensland, Australia

#4: Operates In

Besides the countries listed above, SeneGence also operates and sells in:

  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • The United Kingdom
  • and Italy

#5: Celebrity Endorsements

Several celebrities have endorsed SeneGence. They include the actress Loretta Swit from MASH. Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 and SeneGence also sponsored country western singer Lauren Winans and the company named 2 products after 2 of Lauren’s songs.

SeneGence Product Lines

SeneGence has a large line of products.

#6: SkinCare

Products in the SeneGence skincare category include:

  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Eye Cream
  • and Eyeluminator

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#7: Anti-Aging

  • Climate Control
  • SeneSerum C
  • Collagen Night Pak
  • and Hydrating Facial Serum Mist

#8: SeneDerm Solutions

Various formulations that include:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  • Nangai Oil
  • Polishing Exfoliator
  • Dark Circle Eye Treatment
  • LashExtend
  • LipVolumizer
  • Facial Resurfacer
  • Spot On Acne Treatment
  • and NailExtend

#9: Facial

  • Corrective Color Concealers
  • BlushSense
  • Tranlucid Loose Powder
  • MakeSense Foundations
  • Remover
  • MakeSenseSilk
  • and MakeSense Color Correcting Moisturizer

#10: Eyes

  • BrowSense
  • EyeSense
  • ShadowSense
  • LashSense
  • LashExtend
  • and UnderSense

#11: Lips

What SeneGence is best known for:

  • LinerSense
  • LipSense
  • LipSense Gloss
  • Lip Balm
  • Ooops! Remover
  • and Lip Volumizer

#12: Body

  • Body Wash
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Cream
  • and Detoxifying and Moisturizing Mask

#13: Hair

  • HairCovery Shampoo
  • HairCovery Conditioner
  • and HairCovery Serum

SeneGence also has Parfumes and collections, and new products being developed consistently.

#14: Cost To Start

Really, the start up costs are minimal. To join, you pay $55 for a Distributor Kit and you can optionally buy various Distributor Packs ranging from $75 up to $1195.

#15: Compensation Plan

For retail sales, you can get anywhere from a 20 to 50% discount which means great profits for you.

The plan is a Unilevel Comp plan and you get paid on 5 levels deep. You have to hit 100 PV monthly to get You get 10% on the purchases of your level 1 recruits, 20% on your level 2, and 30% on your level 3 plus 5% on levels 4 and 5. So the plan pays out quite well. Not to mention, SeneGence has various motivational bonuses that can make for some tremendous paydays.

One key to success is training your recruits well so they sell and recruit consitently.

Final Thoughts

The primary method used is the Party Plan. Throwing a SeneGence party can create enormous sales which means tremendous profits.

All in all, SeneGence seems like a strong and reputable MLM business.

WE would love to hear your comments. Have you used their products?

Please post all questions and comments below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with SeneGence. This information is provided as a service for your education.

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  1. These skin care businesses are big business. Almost all women wear skin care and many of them spend a small fortune on it. This is exactly the type of company I want to promote.

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