Selling by Educating: The Best Selling Strategy Ever

What is the best selling strategy ever?

Selling by educating.

That’s what I call it anyway.

It’s something very few people do, or even know about, yet it is EXTREMELY effective.

I’m not sure where I first learned this concept, but I’ve been using it for several few years with much success.

You see, most people are scared of salespeople.

They’re scared because they don’t want to part with their hard earned cash.

Maybe they’re scared the salesperson will get “one over” on them.

Maybe they’re scared the salesperson will pressure them into buying something they really don’t want.

Who knows?

Well, I do know one thing.

People hate to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy stuff. 

Write that down folks.

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People buy stuff every day.

We buy food, postage, lottery tickets, entertainment, gas for our car, clothes, stuff for the kids, and millions of other things.

In addition, MOST PEOPLE likes to learn new things.

Almost everyone likes to be educated about how a product or service can help them get what they want.

In most cases, they don’t care about the technical aspects or details of a product or service.

Instead, they really want to know “will it work for me or help me?”

Show someone what’s in it for them and how your product or service will help them and you will have their undivided attention.

And, you will make more sales.

LOTS more.

That’s all people really care about anyway.


It’s human nature.

Whether it’s network marketing, beer, cars, houses or perfume, selling by educating is a smart  move.

How do you do this?

What should you know?

It’s actually quite simple.

From this day forward, simply think of yourself as a teacher, rather than salesperson.

Your job is to educate your prospects.

You show them how what you are offering them can help them get what they want.

You show them how the benefits of your product, service or business opportunity can help them avoid pain or gain pleasure.

You position yourself as a teacher.

You are an educator.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I do this by asking a lot of questions.

selling in mlm memeI want to find out what my prospect’s real problem is before I talk about what I have to offer them.

I ask questions and listen.

I don’t “puke” all over them like most salespeople do.

Once I know what they want, I tailor my entire presentation around that.

I educate them.

I show them how my product, service or business opportunity can:

  • Save them time
  • Make them feel better
  • Help them make more money so they can do what they want
  • Help them have more energy
  • Help them have more time with their spouse
  • Help them solve their problem
  • Etc.

This is selling by educating at its finest.

Yes, you should have a basic understanding of your product or service.

But you don’t need to be a product expert.

You really need to be an expert at asking questions and listening.

You really need to be good at showing them what’s in it for them.

You really need to be good at taking your eyes off yourself and focusing on them.

You really need to be good at showing them how what you are offering them will help them gain pleasure or avoid pain.

That’s it folks.

It sure in heck ain’t rocket science.

Selling by educating.

Remember that.

Use it in your network marketing business.

Heck, use it in any business.

Use it in your relationships as well.

People love to learn.

They love to be listened to.

They love when others focus on what’s in it for them.

Be that person.

Do that and your cash register will ring.


You’ll be welcomed everywhere you go.

Most importantly, you will be seen as an educator, not a salesperson.

I hope that helps.

Good luck in your business.

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2 thoughts on “Selling by Educating: The Best Selling Strategy Ever”

  1. I am in full agreement with this post!

    I believe the main thing everyone of us need to learn is to listen. So many salespeople do not listen…they talk over the people and they do not hear what the people are in need of, or what their problems are.

    If we just listen, often people will give us an easy way to help them solve a problem, and that generates a sale. But if we do not listen, we do not solve their problem and they will not purchase what we have.

    Education sales is the best format I have seen. It is far better than high pressure techniques that others use.

    Thanks for sharing this Chuck.

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