How to Sell More Amway Products: My Best Tips

Today, I’d like to share some of my best tips on how to sell more Amway products. These practical tips will help you find more prospects and customers, which will lead to more sales and larger profits.

First and foremost, I want to briefly explain the difference between network marketing and direct sales, because it is often misunderstood, even by Amway reps. As an Amway rep, you want to service a few customers yourself (five to ten) and you want to build a team of people who use the products, sell the products, and teach others do the same.

Direct sales is about one person selling a LOT of products. To give you an example, think of the party-plan rep, such as Tupperware or Pampered Chef. They host parties, sell products, and make money. They have very little, if any focus on building a team.

Network marketing, on the other hand, is about a lot of people each doing a little bit. It’s about having hundreds, even thousands of people, consuming and selling $50 to $100 worth of products each month, rather than one person selling thousands of dollars in products all by themselves. I hope that make sense.

You still need to sell SOME Amway products. You do not need to be a retailing machine, but you should always have five to ten personal retail customers. Why? Because you can’t teach your team how to do something you haven’t done yourself.


how to sell more amway products

How to sell More Amway Products

What you will see below are 12 simple tips to sell more Amway products. Let’s get started.

# 12: Be Your Own Best Customer

Success starts by being your own best customer. If you don’t believe in your products enough to use them yourself, how can you expect others to purchase them from you? Use your company’s products. Never use a competitor’s product, even if it’s cheaper.

By using your own products, you will develop a product story or product testimonial that you can share with your prospects. This will be your most valuable business tool (your own testimonial) when it comes to retailing Amway products.

# 11: Use Your Products in Public

When you are at work, when you have friends over, or when you are out and about living life, use some of your products. For example, if you are visiting with a friend, bring your skin care or vitamins with you in your purse, and use the product in front of your friend. This will spark their curiosity, will lead to a conversation and potentially a sale.

# 10: Gift Amway Products

One effective strategy to expand your Amway business is by gifting free products strategically. By offering complimentary Amway items to potential customers or key influencers within your network, you not only showcase the quality and value of the products but also create a positive impression.

These free gifts serve as a powerful introduction, allowing individuals to experience firsthand the benefits and superiority of Amway offerings. Moreover, this gesture of goodwill can foster trust and loyalty, potentially leading to future purchases or referrals, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your Amway business.

# 9: Give Away Free Samples

Distributing free product samples is an invaluable tool for propelling your Amway business forward. These samples serve as tangible demonstrations of the exceptional quality and effectiveness of Amway products.

Offering samples allows potential customers to experience the benefits firsthand, effectively removing skepticism and hesitation. This firsthand experience often leads to increased trust and confidence in the brand, driving future purchases and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals.

By leveraging the impact of free samples, you not only expand your customer base but also establish a loyal clientele, fostering sustained growth and success for your Amway business.

# 8: Create Bundles or Packages

Crafting product bundles or packages can be an effective strategy to enhance sales of Amway products. By combining complementary items or creating themed sets, you can offer added value and convenience to customers.

For instance, pairing skincare products with dietary supplements or combining household cleaning items into a comprehensive cleaning kit provides a holistic solution for customers’ needs. Bundles not only simplify the purchasing process but also showcase the versatility and synergy among different Amway products.

Highlighting the cost-effectiveness or exclusive nature of these packages can further entice customers, encouraging them to opt for these comprehensive solutions rather than individual items, ultimately driving up sales and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

# 7: Set Goals & Track Your Progress

Setting specific, measurable goals and diligently tracking progress can significantly enhance the sales efforts of Amway distributors. Clear objectives, whether they involve sales targets, customer acquisition, or expanding the network, provide a sense of direction and motivation.

Breaking down larger goals into smaller, actionable steps helps create a roadmap for success. Regularly monitoring progress allows for course correction, enabling distributors to adjust strategies or approaches as needed to stay on track.

Additionally, achieving these milestones boosts confidence and maintains momentum, driving distributors to consistently work towards their sales objectives. By setting benchmarks and actively tracking progress, Amway distributors not only stay focused but also gain insights into what strategies yield the best results, ultimately leading to increased sales performance and business growth.

#6: Leverage Testimonials

Harnessing the power of customer testimonials can be a compelling strategy for Amway distributors to boost product sales. Sharing authentic and positive experiences from satisfied customers serves as social proof, instilling trust and credibility in the products.

Utilize diverse testimonials that highlight various benefits, outcomes, or unique uses of the Amway products. Incorporate these testimonials across different marketing channels, such as social media, websites, or product demonstrations, to reach a wider audience.

Personalize the testimonials, if possible, by including images or videos of customers sharing their stories. By showcasing real-life success stories and genuine endorsements, distributors can effectively demonstrate the value and efficacy of Amway products, influencing potential buyers and driving increased sales.

# 5: Use the Curiosity Approach on Social Media

Leveraging the curiosity approach on social media can be a potent tool for Amway distributors to drive product sales. Rather than directly pitching products, create engaging and intriguing content that piques curiosity.

Share stories, testimonials, or sneak peeks that generate interest and anticipation about Amway products without revealing all the details upfront. Tease the benefits or unique features of the products, prompting followers to inquire further or seek more information.

Utilize captivating visuals, compelling headlines, or intriguing questions to spark curiosity and create a buzz around the products. Encouraging interaction through quizzes, polls, or challenges related to the products can further engage the audience and stimulate their interest.

This approach not only cultivates curiosity but also positions the distributor as a knowledgeable resource, driving engagement and potentially leading to increased sales inquiries and conversions.

# 4: Provide World Class Customer Service

Exceptional customer service can be a game-changer for Amway reps aiming to boost product sales. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, reps can create a positive and memorable experience for buyers. Promptly addressing inquiries, offering personalized recommendations, and providing ongoing support contribute to a sense of trust and reliability.

Going the extra mile in assisting customers, ensuring smooth transactions, and being readily available for guidance or troubleshooting builds a loyal customer base. Exceptional service not only leads to repeat purchases but also sparks positive word-of-mouth referrals, amplifying the reach and impact of an Amway rep’s sales efforts.

Ultimately, investing in superior customer service becomes a pivotal factor in driving increased product sales and establishing a strong reputation within the Amway network.

# 3: Stay in Touch with Former Customers & Reps

Keep a contact database and stay in touch with your former customers and distributors. This is a gold mine for future orders. Never use pressure or hype, but circle back and stay in touch with people at least once a month, forever. Leverage social media, texting, handwritten notes, email, phone calls and other forms of communication to keep the conversation open. Many former customer and distributors will continue to order each month, even if they had a change of heart about building a business.

# 2: Master Basic Salesmanship Skills

Mastering fundamental selling skills and techniques can significantly elevate the success of Amway distributors in boosting product sales. Learning how to effectively communicate product benefits, actively listen to customers’ needs, and ask insightful questions can make a substantial difference.

Understanding the art of objection handling, where distributors address concerns or hesitations effectively, is crucial in closing sales. Moreover, refining skills in relationship-building, follow-ups, and creating personalized product recommendations based on individual preferences can enhance customer trust and loyalty.

By continuously honing these foundational selling skills, Amway distributors can confidently engage with customers, provide tailored solutions, and ultimately increase their sales performance while fostering lasting relationships.

My # 1 Tip: Build a Team

My # 1 tip to sell more Amway products is to build a team! Here’s the truth. One person can only sell so much, but a team of people can easily outsell that one person. It’s a lot easier to help 100 people each sell $100 worth of Amway products than have one person sell $10,000 worth themselves. Make sense? I hope so.

The real beauty of our industry is the leverage. Once again, do not confuse direct sales with network marketing. Yes, you need to service some customers yourself, but not hundreds. Maintain your five to ten customers and then focus on building your team and teaching them how to do the same thing.

The key to success in Amway or any other MLM Company


In conclusion, selling more Amway products isn’t just about pitching goods; it’s about creating authentic connections and offering genuine value. By leveraging the power of relationships, understanding your products inside out, and utilizing the array of tools and resources provided by Amway, you can elevate your sales game.

Stay committed to continuous learning, adaptability, and ethical business practices to not only boost your sales but also build a thriving and sustainable business with Amway. With dedication and a strategic approach, the potential to expand your reach and sell more Amway products is within your grasp.

What are your thoughts? What do you do to sell more Amway products? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Amway. Visit their official website.

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11 thoughts on “How to Sell More Amway Products: My Best Tips”

  1. This approach works great with other MLM Companies as well. If you don’t takeaway anything else from this article, I think it would be to use the products yourself. It’s hard to sell products that you don’t believe in or try.

    Family should be willing to at least try the products and support you. They also should be looked to as your first customers other then your friends. No matter who your customers are; family, friends, or someone you just met…you should always follow up! A happy customer can be a customer for life.

    Another tip that I can offer is to ask for referrals. When someone loves the products they will want to tell others. I have friends that work traditional jobs and I have asked them to leave products in their break room.

    You can do this with items like samples of hand soap, sanitizer, coffee, or anything else that someone may need while working. Always have your business card attached to the item if you can. I wouldn’t recommend spending money on full size products that could “take a walk”.

    1. Great point, Kara. Using your own products is vital to your success in any type of business where you sell stuff. Could you imagine a Ford Dealership owner driving a Chevy? I hope not.

      Also, I’ve found that asking your friends and family to be a customer, rather than a distributor, is a much easier approach with less rejection.

      Referrals are also great. Ask everyone you come in contact with for one referral and you will never run out of people to talk with.

    1. When it comes to Facebook or Instagram, please read your company’s policies and procedures to see what is and what isn’t allowed.

      I have personally found that selling on social media works very well when you focus on the curiosity approach, rather than saying the name of your company or products.

  2. Something that I have seen more and more of is “tags” or advertisements on people’s vehicles. A window decal is not very expensive and could say something like: “Call me for the best products in the world,” or “I love my Amway products, and you can too! Call 999-0000” I know I have called phone numbers via car ads, and if I do, others will too.

    Another great system is a simple embroidery on your shirt with a similar message, or a ball cap.

    It would do you good to carry a few small samples.

    Getting customers should be the first priority. It is easier to turn a customer into a distributor than to have distributors who are not familiar with the product.

  3. You make some great points here Chuck. The main one that many people don’t even use much as I see it is to carry products with them at all times. When your co-worker sees you eating an energy bar, you offer them one (yes, there is cost in that), and tell them you regularly eat them. “How about you try them out? I will sign you up and order a shipment for you today.” Hand them the pen to sign. I would say in a big percentage of cases, you will get retail customers very easy that way. When people see that you are eating healthy, they will want to eat healthy too. You will have just the product for them to be able to.

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