Scentsy Product Review: Their Top 20 List

Today, I’m going to share the top 20 Scentsy Products, as I see it.

Scentsy has become a well-known name in the world of multilevel marketing. The company produces and sells primarily candle warmers with amazing fragrances. They also carry items such as soaps, laundry products, skin care items, and more.

The Scentsy idea began when two women by the names of Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell began producing candle warmers in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2004, Orville Thompson was at a home show and viewed the warmers Colette and Kara made and he offered to purchase the company. The women agreed as long as they stayed on as consultants for the company.

Orville and his wife, Heidi used the multilevel marketing business model, with the party plan as the main method of selling Scentsy products. Since the start, Scentsy has grown to a force of over 200,000 independent representatives.

In today’s post, I am going to use friend and family views, online reviews and sales figures to provide what I believe to be the top 20 Scentsy products.

You may agree or disagree with my findings.  You can share your opinion in the comment section at the end of this post.

I am in no way affiliated with Scentsy, although I have tried several of their products during the past few years.

Top 20 Scentsy Products

Here are the Scentsy top 20 products:

20: Luna Layers Shower Gel

This sweet-smelling shower gel has a base of sandalwood and is intertwined with freesia, jasmine and sweet pea. The fragrance will last for hours putting those who come near you with smiles everlasting.

19: Luna Washer Whiffs

As you can tell, Luna seems to be a popular Scentsy fragrance. These whiffs you add to your laundry will add that fragrance of jasmine, sweet pea and freesia with a base of sandalwood. Sheets, towels and other laundry items can have this wonderful odor.

18: Sunkissed Citrus Shower Cream

This seems to be a favorite cream to rub in after that morning shower. With a fragrance laden with lime, grapefruit, orange and lemons, it will give that fresh delight to carry you through a day.

17: Quiver Dryer Disk

The fragrance this gives to freshly dried laundry is exotic. It has a blend of sandalwood, vanilla and tuberose which will arouse your senses.

16: Sugar Cookie Body Butter

There is nothing like rubbing in the excitement of fresh sugar cookies into the rough patches of your skin. You will feel the calming effect as you smell the vanilla, cookie batter and crystallized sugar.

15: Weathered Leather Travel Tin

There is a wonderful smell when you enter a leatherman’s workplace. This travel tin lets you have that old west odor in your vehicle or your home. Carry it with you anywhere you want that wonderful odor.

14: Vintage Glass Nightlight Warmer

This antique styled glass Scentsy warmer is a wonderful addition to the home that has an array of patterned glass as decoration. It warms your favorite fragrance and gives that feel of 1800’s charm to your home.

13: Parlor Warmer With Edison Bulb

This futuristic design will amaze friends and family as it warms your favorite Scentsy scent. It has a concrete base and a smoked glass finish. The Edison bulb just adds a freaky display that will have everyone engrossed in it.

12: Chasing Fireflies Warmer

This warmer will have children’s hearts jumping with excitement. Using a canning jar design, this scent warmer creates the illusion of fireflies when it is lit and the room is dark. Chase fireflies while smelling a wonderful Scentsy fragrance.

11: Odor Out Room Spray

Just one squirt of this room spray will take out disgusting odors, and leave a clean and fresh citrus scent in their place.

10: Sunkissed Citrus Hand Soap

This wonderful fragrance will leave your hands feeling clean and refreshed. It has a mix of grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange. Not only does it leave your hands clean, they will smell as if you had been picking citrus in the Caribbean.

9: Love Story Layers Body Lotion

This romantic lotion will create that special mood. With whiffs of dark chocolate, amber and jasmine, this gives that message of love. It has aloe vera and shea butter to leave your skin soft.

8: Lucky In Love Body Spray

This amazing fragrance is sure to draw love from all corners. It has the fragrances of peach, orange, berries and mandarin all tied together with bergamot. Just a simple spray will stay with you through the day.

7: Newborn Nursery Scent Pak

This pak can be taken with you anywhere to give that wonderful scent of the newborn baby. Keep it in your car, or even in your office. That fresh baby powder and nursery scent will have you hearing baby giggles.

6: Ruby The Rhino Scentsy Buddy

This loveable stuffed rhino will hold a Scentsy Pak so you can squeeze the rhino and get a fresh fragrance from within this cute creature. It makes a great gift for those stuffed animal lovers.

top 20 scentsy products5: Zen Rock Scentsy Warmer

This simple, but elegant warmer is a rock in the shape of a zen-like monument. You will love this sitting next to other pieces of Asian art and decor. Use your favorite Scentsy scent with it.

4: Satin Black Scentsy Warmer

This lavish warmer will fit nearly any decor. Put it on the fireplace mantle, or even as a centerpiece. With a simple design that looks like it could have cost a mint.

3: Weathered Leather Scent Circle

The weathered leather scent is a favorite of many Scentsy customers. This circle can be hung anywhere giving that scent as if you just entered an old John Wayne western. The smell of old leather will have you wanting to go on a trail ride.

2: Coconut Cotton Scentsy Bar

Stick this in your warmer and you will have the scent of fresh cotton drying on the clothesline. That mixed with a coconut milk and a dash of citrus makes this blend the #2 favorite of the Scentsy line.

1: Bonfire Beach Scentsy Bar

There is nothing like sitting on the beach on a semi-chilly night with a bonfire and roasting marshmallows. While you may not be near a beach, you can still have that pleasure when you smell this fragrance. It is a top-selling Scentsy product, and rightfully so. Just writing this makes my mouth water for roasted marshmallows and the sound of waves hitting the rocks.

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Final Thoughts

Well, there you have my opinion of the top 20 Scentsy products. Wh

at are your thoughts? Do you agree with my list? Tell us your favorite Scentsy products.

You can post your comments or questions in the comments section below.

If you would like to try any of these or other Scentsy products, or if you think this may be the home based business you would love to have, you can visit the Scentsy website and learn more. I am posting it in the reference are, along with several other sites I referenced in developing this post.

Thank you for visiting.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way or form with Scentsy. This is not a paid review. It is written strictly for your information.


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