Sanki Global Review: Top 11 Cool Facts


I believe we all want to be and live healthier lives. The MLM company I am reviewing today claims that their goal is to help people do exactly that, live healthier and be healthier.

The MLM company I speak of is named Sanki Global. In this post, I am going to share the top 11 cool facts about Sanki Global to help you know more about this MLM company and the way they operate.

#1: When Founded

Sanki Global started operations in 2010.

#2: Headquarters

The Sanki Global headquarters are in Henderson, Nevada.

#3: Japanese Origins

According to the Sanki Global website, the origins of the company come from Japan and that is how the company name was derived…

  • San – meaning the highest form of respect
  • Ki – means spiritual energy

#4: Laboratory Research

The products marketed and sold by Sanki Global representatives have been developed by scientists via the Sanki Mayor Research Network which was founded in 2001 and has labs in

  • Mexico
  • France
  • and Japan

#5: Sales And Recruitment Methods

Sanki Global trains representatives to use 1 of 2 methods:

  1. Party plan
  2. or person to person

#6: Sanki Global Products

The Sanki Global product line has been developed to help people live healthier lives. The products include:


This is a lemon and lime flavored beverage that has both rosemary and olive leave extract that uses Sanki’s patented ADS delivery system to penetrate the mitochondria at a cellular level to help build and repair cells that have been damaged by the junk we breathe and ingest daily.

Kronuit Fire

This berry flavored beverage works at night when you are sleeping. This is when fat storage is at its highest. Kronuit Fire features a special formula that Sanki calls Oxylia Night Reset. It is made using extracts from black beans and green tea which creates a super-powerful antioxidant that decreases the amount of sugars in your bloodstream and dissuading the storage of fat.


Inner7 is deep sea water that has been purified. It is high in magnesium and helps your body maintain a healthy pH balance. By doing so, your body will operate the way it was originally designed.

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Shinka is a sample pack to allow people to try the Balage and Kronuit Fire products. Each Shinka comes with 4 sticks of thos products which are the most popular products manufactured by Sanki Global.

#7: From Farm To You

Sanki Global manages all aspects of their product manufacturing. It all starts with their beautiful olive and rosemary groves in Spain to their laboratories in Japan. The company does not rely on outside sources.

#8: No Animals Used In Testing Processes

Sanki Global and Sanki Mayor ensures us that no animals are ever used in the testing processes.

#9: Sanki Global Leadership

The leadership behind Sanki Global consists of:

Alejandro López Tello – Co-founder, CEO and President

Dr. Bejit Edeas – Scientific Director of Sanki Mayor

Gert Müller – Co-founder, Commercial Vice President of Sanki Latin America

Ensy Müller – Co-founder, Director of Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence

#10 Sanki Global Compensation

Sanki calls it an Infinity compensation plan. You build 4 legs and you can place recruits after 4 under any of your members.

The next are ways you can make money as a Sanki Global home based business owner.

  • Retail sales
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Pair Bonus
  • Coaching Bonus
  • and a Savings Fund

#11: Leadership Levels

As a Sanki Global representative grows his/her business, they are also able to move up in leadership levels. Those levels are:

  • Consumer
  • Starter
  • Starter Certificate
  • Duplicator
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Ambassador
  • and Crown Ambassador… As you move up in levels, you will get rewarded with many leadership bonuses.

Final Thoughts

We find a mixed bag of people who love Sanki Global and vice versa. The product prices are right in line with comparable products and it seems the company has a good compensation plan.

If you feel a desire to start a home based Sanki Global business, I would highly recommend you try the products first. I recommend doing so with any MLM company you are considering.

I hope this Sanki Global review helps you.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can post them below. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with Sanki Global. This information is provided as a service for your education.

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  1. Sanki Global sounds like a really cool company to work with the party plan with. I need to visit their website and see what else I can find out about them. Thanks for the review.

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