Sam and Kim Bean: 7 Lessons I Learned from the Organo Gold Top Producers

Up until I read the March/April 2015 edition of Networking Times magazine, I had never heard of Sam and Kim Bean before.  I have since learned that they are top producers in Organo Gold.  I am really in awe of their wisdom and experience in the industry.  They are true network marketing professionals.

After reading the article, I felt obligated to share a few Golden Nuggets that they talked about. What I want to do in the rest of this post is share seven quotes from the article and provide my own two cents on each quote.  Each quote is in bold and italics.  Enjoy.

# 1 My wife and I prospected close to 400 people since we’ve been in business and we’ve enrolled 102. Of the 102 we only knew 20 before we joined the company, and those 20 only joined after we’d built a successful team.

This shows you the power in working the numbers.  Most top earners I’ve met have sponsored between 100 and 200 people personally, in order to find their leaders.  Another takeaway from this quote is that it makes sense to prospect strangers.  The cold market works well, if you work it. Sometimes, your family and friends will be your biggest critics.  If your family is negative, don’t let that stop you.  Many of them are watching you and will join with you eventually, if you stick with it.

# 2 If you “force” people into the business, they don’t stay in.

If you try to talk people into the business or pressure them to join, they won’t last long.  Your real job is to sift and sort through your prospects to find people who are open minded and looking. What you want is your prospect to convince themselves or sell themselves on their decision to join. That is the only way they will stick around and build.  Simply put, you are looking for people who are looking.

# 3 We made it a habit to focus on retailing before recruiting.

I’m a big fan of the retail to recruit mindset.  I am a big believer in leading with the products first.  If the products don’t make sense, neither will the business.  Ideally, you want to acquire happy customers and then upgrade some of them into business builders.

# 4 You don’t go out to prospect; prospect while you’re out.

Incorporate prospecting into your day to day life.  Most people come in contact with several hundred people per day.  If you can be friendly and say hello to people, there are plenty of people to meet and share your products and business with.

# 5 I worked 50-60 hours a week for the first year.

Nothing will ever replace hard work.  Part-time work equals part-time income.  Full-time work equals full-time income.  You must be committed and put in the work if you want to succeed.

# 6 Once you build a team of leaders and a financial resume, you can recruit a higher quality person.

As you experience success in your business, more and more people will be attracted to you and want to join your team.  As you work on your personal development, your value will increase. As you move up through the ranks, people will contact you and want to join your team.

# 7 I believe if you increase the value of people in other companies, you increase the value of the profession overall.

Be an ambassador to our entire industry.  Never bad mouth another company or person. Always act like a professional and do what you can to help give our industry a good name.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, Sam and Kim Bean are true network marketing professionals.  They are very successful distributors in Organo Gold and they have a wealth of knowledge about being successful.  If you are thinking about joining OG, they are they type of sponsors you would want to have.

Disclaimer: Organo Gold is a registered trademark.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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4 thoughts on “Sam and Kim Bean: 7 Lessons I Learned from the Organo Gold Top Producers”

  1. I like the retail to recruit strategy. I think a person who moves into recruiting because they are truly passionate about the products they have tried/ or are using is a much better retailer than a person who just jumps in with no real background knowledge or experience with the products. They are better because their passion shows when selling to others and that passion makes for a truly invested and charismatic salesperson.

  2. I too am a big fan of retail to recruit. If people are using the products and buying them on a regular basis, they are more apt to want to become distributors to get their products either at a lower cost or for free.

    I also agree that it is a great idea if a person keeps working their regular jobs when first starting network marketing. By doing so, there is less stress and a person will not act desperate. You also can share the opportunity with other employees.

    I am not real familiar with Organo Gold. I will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing this.

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