Robert (Bob) Crisp Former Amway Triple Diamond from Oklahoma

Robert Crisp is a former Amway Triple Diamond from Oklahoma. He was born in Kansas and came from a Baptist family. He joined Amway in 1975 after being approached by Bob Bolin, a professional baseball player.

He reached the status of Triple Diamond in less than four years. However, after six months in the Amway business his bonus check was less than $4. He was affiliated with the Dexter Yager line of sponsorship.

Robert Crisp
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He built his Amway business the old fashioned way by sponsoring friends, family and strangers. He used three-way calls, one-on-one meetings and in-home presentations to find new customers and distributors for his business.

He also used the three-foot rule to meet potential customers and distributors. Once he sponsored someone into his Amway business, he started working in depth to find potential leaders.

At one period of time, he had more than 200,000 distributors in his team. In his fifth year in the industry, he earned more than $6 million. That’s pretty impressive. For whatever reason, he later sold his Amway business to another distributor.

He has authored several books and audio programs, and has a very popular book titled “Raising a Giant.” From what I’ve found online, this book is highly recommended by Dale Calvert and Mark Yarnell, both successful network marketing distributors in their own right. In fact, they both claim “Raising a Giant” is the best written book about our industry. In addition to his two best-selling books, he’s also sold more than 26 million audio programs.

Robert Crisp still gives a few training sessions and speeches each year. He lives in Southern California near his family. After doing some research online, I found that he is currently affiliated with Enrich International, another network marketing company.

Robert Crisp Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of working with Bob for a very short period of time when I was just dabbling in the MLM industry with YTB. I really didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t have the drive to succeed in it.

What I learned from Bob is that triple diamond or not he was still willing to do the grunt work it takes to succeed even at his level. We were in a room doing an opportunity meeting for 2 people, he could have just said “Eh, this isn’t enough people to be worth my time” but he did the meeting anyway.

This guy gives the time and energy. Also he would personally call me even though I wasn’t producing anything. I didn’t get handed off to someone else, he would personally talk to me and coach me…once again putting a focus on helping someone else become successful. I believe Bob is a super caring man and if you’re serious about becoming successful he’ll do whatever he can to help you do it.” ~ Matt Adams

Robert Crisp Books

After visiting his website, I see that he has two different books for sale, plus several audio program.   His books include “Raising a Giant” and “Feeding a Giant.”

Final Thoughts

In summary, Robert (Bob) Crisp is a true credit to the network marketing industry. He’s personally helped thousands of people achieve success with their own network marketing business. He’s a great leader, mentor, coach, speaker, motivator, and sponsor.

On a side note, if you have ever worked with former Amway Triple Diamond Robert Crisp, I would love to hear from you. Please share your personal story with the rest of our community by leaving a comment to this post. Thanks.

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10 thoughts on “Robert (Bob) Crisp Former Amway Triple Diamond from Oklahoma”

  1. I was affiliated with Bob through Billy Florence, who was my upline. Always had a great interaction. I was young and knew nothing about building an actual business, but have used the tools, books and audio tapes to grow personally and professionally. I have nothing but good things to say. I think Bob & Billy opened a car dealership called the Winners Circle in Georgia.
    Billy and his family are amazing as well.

  2. Suzanne Quinton

    My parents and my husband and I were direct downlines from Robert (Bob) Crisp. Actually my parents went in under Don Brannon whom Bob sponsored. I worked as a secretary for Don Brannon 1978-1979. My parents became directors (I think that was their level) and attended a lot of functions with the Crisps. I knew their daughter (can’t remember her name right now) and I dealt with her in picking up orders weekly in their large warehouse that supplied all their downline. I can remember going to their home with my mother. (I was just 19 years old at that time). My parents were very impressed with Bob and his wife and learned to dream big. After a few years it kind of fizzled out for my parents and I and that’s really the last I knew of the Crisp family.

  3. This is such an inspirational story! It would be a really good read for someone who is struggling in the MLM industry or someone who doesn’t really have the confidence to get started.
    As I read your post, I knew the name Robert Crisp sounded familiar. I have heard of his books, but haven’t read them.
    Great post!

  4. WOW! Mr. Crisp is truly and inspiration. Just reading this article makes me want to return to MLM immediately and follow in his footsteps. It reminds me of the possibilities when you are dedicated, persistent and work hard. Amway has been a giant in the industry for many many years. Whether you choose Amway or not, there are many MLM opportunities out there that you can apply Robert Crisps’ example to

  5. My father always said, “Don’t ask anyone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.” I think Robert Crisp embodies this principle. To become an Amway Triple Diamond in under four years is remarkable and shows a lot of drive. Persistence pays off, and his story shows that! I am humbled and inspired.

    1. The big “problem” with the Bob Crisp/Amway WAS the dexter yeager line ..the made money selling tools and not the company’s product. Great if you have the karisma. My upline was also a triple diamond who did it with 75% less people because they also sold and used the great Amway products. I just heard Crip speak a few months ago..I’m sure he was paid greatly. I will have to read his books after checking them out of the library. By the way did you know that old dexter was sponsored into the CHARLEY MARSH CROWN line, however he never did any “edifying” of his own upline.

  6. I always love hearing how anyone worked from rags to riches. This story about Robert Crisp and his rise to Triple Diamond at Amway gave me goosebumps. It shows how any of us, no matter the circumstances, can do the same.

    This was a great write-up on Robert (Bob) Crisp. It always amazes me to hear of a person who will still crawl into the “foxhole” when he could be sitting in the penthouse.

    Bob Crisp has a special place in all MLM hearts.

    1. Anyone who can build up a team of more than 200k distributors obviously knows what they are doing. I agree with you that Bob is a legend and I respect him even more for staying in the trenches.

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