My Results from Recruiting 100 MLM Distributors

This post will review my results from recruiting 100 MLM distributors into my primary network marketing company.

None of this is to brag. Some of these stats are impressive. Some of these stats are not. I want to be transparent with my audience, and give you something to shoot for, so you know what you (might) have to do to succeed, and you know what to expect as you build your network marketing business.

I know most top leaders never share their recruiting numbers. Yes, people will tell you how many reps they have recruited, but they won’t tell you how many of those people have quit, how many produced, etc. That’s why I am doing it. You NEED to know WHAT to expect if you want to succeed! I keep detailed stats for each person I sponsor. I update my tracking spreadsheet every month. I am a numbers guy and I want to track my progress.

Your network marketing business should be predictable. You should know WHAT you need to do to be successful BEFORE you get started. Of course, individual results will vary.

my results from recruiting 100 mlm distributors

My Mindset

I am a student of Mark YarnellJordan Adler, and Brian Carruthers. I have tremendous respect for these three men. If you have never studied their materials, please do so.

Mark is now deceased. R.I.P. Mark. The other two, Jordan and Brian are still active in the industry. All three are/were MLM Millionaires. They’re three of the only leaders in our industry I know of who tell people this business is a numbers game. I agree with them.

I believe you can’t make someone else successful or drag someone else across the finish line. I’ve tried to do that before, and it never worked. People must be hungry, coachable, and willing to work to succeed in a big way. Most people do not possess ALL THREE of those things.

I believe the sponsor’s job is to sign people up, do their initial training, be accessible, and lead by example. I do not believe in coddling, hand holding, or babysitting team members. I offer help to my team members when they ask, but I do not babysit or try to motivate people. Each person is their own CEO and is responsible for their own motivation.

I don’t believe in duplication either since most people don’t duplicate anything. Most people do nothing and quit, regardless of what you do to help them. Even if you have the best system, support, and training, most people never recruit one person or stick around more than 90 days. How is that duplication?

If everyone you sponsor doesn’t accomplish EXACTLY what you did, then duplication is a lie. I don’t believe in finding five who get five who get five either. In fact, I’ve never seen that happen. Have you?

I also realize most top earners have recruited 100 and 500 people personally, and they make MOST of their income from just two or three of those people. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but not many.

There are a few leaders who built big businesses recruiting just 20 to 30 people. I applaud these folks, but they are not the norm. Remember those numbers: 100 to 500 people.

Here’s what Brian Carruthers says in his book, Building an Empire:

Recruit 100 to find 20 who will do something, and maybe one out of the 20 who will strive to become a star in the business (page 85).

In other words, 1 out of every 5 you sponsor will do anything at all and 1 in 100 will be a rock star!

I personally have the mindset of the old Amway legend, Bill Britt. When asked what his secret to success was, this is what he said:

There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1,200 people. 900 said ‘No’ and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300 only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire.

His advice is the blueprint for my own network marketing business. It’s my strategy.

Sponsor 300 to find 85 who do anything at all to find 35 who are serious to find 11 who help make me a millionaire.

I also believe EVERYONE could sponsor 300 people. Sound crazy? Sponsor just TWO people per month and you could do that in 150 months (12 years, 6 months). Sponsor four people per month and you could do it in six to seven years.

Even a part-timer could do that if they set their mind to it and stayed consistent. Keep in mind I said COULD, not WOULD. It’s up to you to decide if you will put in the work and stay the course with one company. Most people will NOT.

My Journey

I did not start out as a good recruiter, leader, or network marketer. No one does. Most people do not have those skills mastered when they first join the industry. That’s normal. That’s okay.

However, anyone can learn to be a good recruiter (and networker) if they put in the time and master the skills. Most people will not stick around long enough to do that, but anyone CAN, if they choose to.

When I first joined the industry, I couldn’t recruit anyone. I was horrible at it. Now, I am good at it. I’ve practiced a lot during the past 20+ years. That’s how I became good at it. That’s what you will need to do.

How I Recruit

I recruit 100% online. I do not approach ANYONE. I use paid ads and attraction marketing to get people to contact me first. I write articles, create podcasts, and make videos for people in my target market.

Some of those people who see my content want to learn more about what I do and end up joining my team. Those are the folks I work with. I also do a lot of paid advertising via postcards, solo ads, and email marketing.

All my content and ads get people into my sales funnel, which is nothing more than a series of auto-responder email messages. They get a bunch of emails from me, and when the time is right for them, some of them join my opportunity on their own, or call me with their questions first.

I admire people who build their business belly-to-belly, or work on the phones, but I have ZERO desire to do that. I like to be at home and work in my pajamas.

My Results from Recruiting 100 MLM Distributors 

Updated November 3, 2023

Here are my detailed stats for my network marketing business. These are my results of sponsoring 100 MLM distributors. I have the information to back this up and support it.

  1. I joined my company on June 12, 2023.
  2. On November 2, 2023, I signed up my 100th recruit.
  3. It took me 144 days, about 4.75 months to recruit 100 people.

Out of the 100 people I recruited, here is the breakdown.

  • 13 quit.
  • 69 signed up no one.
  • 31 people signed up at least one person.
  • 21 of the 100 people I enrolled signed up at least two people and hit the first rank.
  • 4 signed up at least five people. One of those people enrolled about 12 people, another enrolled about 18, one enrolled 40+ people and the other person enrolled 100+ people.
  • One of those leaders built a bigger team than me!

Now, let’s go back to what the legendary Bill Britt said for a minute:

There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1,200 people. 900 said ‘No’ and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300 only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire.

Based on his numbers:

  1. Only about 1 out of 3.5 people did anything at all and stayed in business (300/85).
  2. Only about 1 in 9 was serious (300/35).
  3. Only about 1 in 27 was a leader and “all in” (300/11).

My stats for “people doing anything at all” is about right. My stats for serious people and leaders are lower than his. However, I have not gone through the 300 people yet, so there are a lot of factors and variables that could play out in the next few years.

Plus, my business is still in its infancy, only about 4.5 months old. He had been in business several decades when he made that quote. I might have some future leaders on my team already who simply haven’t identified themselves yet.

bill britt amway quote


My End Goal

My goal is to eventually have a team of 100,000 affiliates, members, and customers. More importantly, my goal is to have a business that takes me no more than one hour per day, five days per week to grow and maintain. I have no desire to work my business 40, 80, or 100 hours each week.

I want an automated business. My recruiting is automated. Most of my training is automated. This gives me time to do what I want to do.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my results from recruiting 100 MLM Distributors. I would love to know what you think. If you’ve signed up 100 or more people in your network marketing business, please share your stats. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!

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Chuck Holmes
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19 thoughts on “My Results from Recruiting 100 MLM Distributors”

  1. Well now! Here I was thinking that if I had given my people to others, each would have been motivated to work harder. I was going to try it. Phew! Thanks for this.

    But WHY doesn’t it work? Because people are funny?

  2. Re: the gender numbers – a higher percentage of women have stayed with the company. That matters more than how many signed on, in my opinion. I wonder if being male recruiter/leader is an advantage, statistically speaking.

  3. Hi Chuck,

    Well done and congratulations! The number that surprised me the most was that only 27 women signed up with you. I’ve heard that overall, women make up around 82% of all network marketers. Your numbers are the exact opposite. I wonder why?

    Good luck with building a local team! I’m heading offline to do that too. Hopefully, I’ll see you at the top!!

      1. I think I would have to agree with you.

        I personally like the no nonsense style, but it is quite possible that many women take it somewhat harsh or overbearing, but that is fine in my book.

        We actually need more no-BS people in network marketing. There has been too much nonsense that has given the industry a bad reputation. If we tell it like it is, no one can say that they were scammed or conned.

        I do believe that as time goes on, you will draw more females into the plan.

        Great job on the numbers and I believe I am talking to a soon to be millionaire.

        1. Thanks for the comment Greg.

          I should note that almost all of the people I sponsored reached out to me first, so I’m not sure if that affects anything.

          If I was prospecting people myself, I would focus on women.

          That’s what I am doing now.

          That being said, I think certain personalities are good fits to work with each other, just like relationships, and other personalities are not a good match.

          Opposites do attract.

          Normally, people who are a lot alike but heads and clash, but not always.

          Great insights, Greg.

  4. Recruiting is key key factor when it comes to success in network marketing. Anyone who is able to recruit daily like the way Chucks play the game succeeds automatically because this means multiplying the time you are working daily and that is big money

    Thanks Chucks for sharing with us

  5. Well put together blog post Chuck. You were very transparent with your business numbers and that says a lot about you. How you laid out your strategy for building your business is solid and fundamental. There was nothing fancy just straight up consistency and hard work.

    They say the only way you can fail in network marketing is to quit and this couldn’t be more true. Most people quit before they even get started or they get upset at the results they didn’t get from the work they didn’t do. I think people look at mlm like a lottery ticket when in fact it’s the opposite. It takes hard work repeated over and over.

    Like I said great blog post man keep keep up the good work!

    1. You hit a nail on the head…failure is a direct result of quitting.

      Whether we work the program part time or full time, if we do not quit, there is a bright rainbow in front of us.

      The key is working it. You are right that it is not a lottery ticket and it will not rain leads or prospects unless we actually work the system.

      Your input added greatly to this fantastic post.

      1. Quitting isn’t always a bad thing. It pays when to know when to quit. That being said, you can’t really quit something you haven’t even started. Put in the work, make some mistakes, tweak things and give it your best for a couple of years before you tap out. That is what I recommend.

  6. Wow and wow! This is the best article you’ve done Chuck, I think. For one, I loved Adler’s Beach Money and Carruther’s Building an Empire, both really necessary books to understand “the numbers game.”

    You really put your heart out there with this one. I know that most people quit without doing anything and it’s very disheartening, especially for people who don’t understand network marketing.

    I agree that duplication is a pipe dream. I’m happy getting a distributor to order a second month in a row!

    I don’t know how many distributors I gotten because I switched positions a year in, but I’m thinking I’m close to 100. I’ve had little retention because I am not a trainer or leader. (yet) I don’t pretend to be a MLM trainer on my blog like so many other distributors starting out. It seems like most new MLM bloggers feel they need to look like an “expert trainer” to get Leads, but it’s BS and misleading.

    Awesome post man, this is definitely a manual or manifesto in itself and will be bookmarked forever.

    1. Don’t pretend just be you…People can easily know when you are not yet a leader and forming to be one…people can identify more with our challenges.. than giving experts advice that were curated online
      Thanks, you for giving me hope…though, I have come to understand something with my environment, I would like to build locally, because my country is much into physical meetings and my company has venues for meeting…
      You have proved it again, numbers don’t lie…the story still sales…fact tells
      Also on your male female ratio…it is definitely due to no B.S and I think women work the business better but they also firstly require a lot of pampering (lessons from my wife)…
      Thanks for your honesty…you rock!!!

    2. I really like what you pointed out about new distributors trying to make it seem like they are experts off the bat. If any reading this are using that method, you are only fooling yourself. People will see right through it when you are not able to answer a simple question.

      I have found it is much better to be completely honest. Tell people you are new at it, but you have used the products and love them, and from what you have seen this far, the compensation plan is great.

      If we are honest with people, good tidings will come.

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