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chuck holmesThanks for subscribing and requesting my FREE 7-day MLM Boot Camp. I really appreciate it.

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Network marketing is my calling in life. It is my greatest passion. My goal is to share everything I have learned during the past 19+ years. I want to teach people how to do the business the right way, provide encouragement, create a supportive community, and help people become network marketing professionals.

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Thank you for visiting my website, being part of the great network marketing industry, and subscribing to my FREE 7-Day MLM Boot Camp! I wish you HUGE success in life and in business.

30 thoughts on “Thanks for Subscribing”

  1. harshad parekh

    Sir, i have just subscribe your news letter just now but yet not read it i read all above comments and your reply looks very interesting and you are very helping hand to needy people

    kindly write your blog and website url

    harshad parekh

  2. Hello Chuck

    Got to see your profile while searching some of very good pages for Amway on the web. Feeling happy to see that there is a boot camp which can learn me and there will be less rejections. I have recently started MLM business with Amway and Dream of to be a great great success for me in this business and hope your bootcamp will help me a lot.

  3. Ali Maryam Tolani

    My MLM journey just started and am ready to build my Team with my mentor and your help. I have gone through your ebook. Thanks

  4. sir,

    thanx for this great tips..

    i am kd from india.

    i start business 4 month before but not sell any product.

    help me in selling
    plz give tips about selling and make customers.

  5. inderjit singh

    hi chuck, I have just gone through your various articles on this site and am so impressed from your detailed study and vast experience in the field of Direct selling. I am from India and have no experience in MLM field. Luckily one my close friend is going to start his own mlm firm and is offering me top position. I know a bit about the market but not very much familiar with good techniques of direct selling. He has given me the responsibility of his company’s entire offline and online marketing also. It would be great if you can suggest me something good for an early and healthy startup in this field. I would also like to subscribe to your blogs and newsletters. I know it is quite difficult for a new bee to enter and stand at top in this market but I hope you will help me in this.

  6. Georgia Avery

    Wow! I just read your The Secret MLM Website Strategy and did it open my eyes! How many of us consistently try to build an energetic downline to the point of despair? Ugh! When I started reading your advice on diversifying, the light bulb turned on! We have all seen the books and CD’s on the table at the back of the room being sold like hotcakes, but how many of us have made it a conscious thought to do the same things ourselves? I have also known for a long time that speaking at MLM conventions and meetings is how so many “MLM’ers” make their money. Reading your book has made me realize that I need to diversify and diversify now! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you listed so many helpful sources to help me get started with a blog or a website, etc. I would not have known where to look or how to get started.

    You live the quote: ““You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life.” – Zig Ziglar

    Here’s to your continued success, Chuck!

  7. Thanks a lot for all these post that shed light on areas in MLM where you are not so clear and sure of what to expect. Your postings have been very helpful. Thanks

  8. Hello Bro, just saw your site, I am in Ghana in the west of Africa, I have this Health care products and other products, I have seen direct sells is a better idea to sell them and also help kick poverty out of this continent. So I will like to know what is the best model with the best compensation plan that is well tested, that I can follow
    Thank u

  9. Hello Sir, I just had a question, I was in the Philippines a few days ago and came across this great product, the company been in operation for many years, I wanted to know since this company is not registered with the United States can i still start it here in our country and get others involved.

  10. I love receiving your MLM email newsletter every month. I read it from beginning to end. I appreciate the fact that you take the time to put together tips and tidbits that encourage me to grow my business. It helps me to focus and stay on track. I am so glad that I signed up. Thanks!

  11. I was glad to subscribe. I have learned a lot from reading your many blog posts.

    I hope you have great success in all you do.

    I look forward to receiving newsletters from time to time.

  12. As a marketing student gearing up for my last year before I receive my bachelors, I wanted to find a marketing network to join in hopes of finding some decent employment oppourtunities upon graduation. I came across a blog with the title “9 Advantages of Network Marketing” and so I read on… I have to admit I am very interested.

    Now as a marketing student I know that oppourtunities of this nature (a great job) are supposed to sound great and enticing especially when advertised online, so I have to say MAKE ME A BELIEVER!!!

    Anxiously waiting on your newsletter!

    1. I look forward to getting to know you, Lauretta. Feel free to check out a couple of our back issues to see what you can expect. My newsletter comes out once a month, but I normally do a blog post or two every single day.


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