Get 200 Free MLM Leads

I’m offering a special incentive for my website visitors.  Anyone who takes me up on this limited time offer will get 200 free leads and the scripts I use to contact my leads.

Step # 1: Create Your Free Account

I am a professional member with MLM Gateway. I am a VERY satisfied customer and affiliate.

Think of MLM Gateway as a social media site, like Facebook, with JUST network marketers. There are more than 180,000 members on this site and it is a great way to get fresh leads and sign up new reps.

Anyone from any country can create a free account with MLM Gateway. There is also an optional paid membership, if you want it, but you are under no obligation to upgrade.

Anyone who creates a free MLM Gateway account through my affiliate link will get 200 FREE aged USA leads from me. These leads include their name, email, phone, mailing address and IP address.

All of these leads have requested more information about working from home. I purchase these leads from a trusted lead provider. The leads are 30 to 90 days old.

In addition, to the free leads, you’ll also get my FREE scripts I use to text these leads. These leads are most responsive when you text them.

Step # 2: Email Me

After you create your free MLM Gateway account, you must email me at to get your 200 free leads. If you don’t email me, you won’t get the leads emailed to you.

Just forward me a copy of the email you get from MLM Gateway when you create your account.  I will verify your account (and that you joined under my affiliate link) and will then email you your 200 free leads and text scripts.

It’s that simple. No catches or hassle. Plus, I know you will love the MLM Gateway service. Here’s to your success.

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