Top 10 Reliv International Products

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at the top 10 Reliv International products. Reliv International is a network marketing company that specializes in dietary supplements. Before I tell you their best products, let’s take a brief look at the Reliv International history.

Reliv International History

Reliv International was founded back in 1988 by Robert and Sandy Montgomery. Dr. Theodore Kalogris had developed a nutritional formula that the Montgomery’s licensed and marketed as Reliv’s first product. It was called Reliv Classic.

Reliv International is headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.

In 1993, Reliv International had both good and bad things happen.

The good: The company went public on the American Stock Exchange and 3 years later, moved to NASDAQ.

The bad: The company was near the Missouri River and the great flood of 1993 damaged the headquarters stopping production.They did clean it up and resumed and in 1998, they finished a $4,000,000 expansion.

Reliv International is as they say, international. There are independent Reliv home based business owners all over the world.

The Top 10 Reliv International Products

Using various sources such as reviews, sales figures, as well as my own personal opinion, I am going to tell you what I believe to be the top 10 Reliv International products. I will start at #10 and work up to the #1 product.

#10: Arthaffect

This supplement is a proprietary blend of 20 known ingredients to help support healthy joints.

As we age, our joints become loaded with calcium deposits that cause arthritis. Arthaffect went through many studies and trials before its release. Many users have testified that they feel much more limber and agile, as if they were 20 years younger.

#9: Fit3 Active

Not just a protein shake, Fit3 Active has other ingredients in it to give an athletic boost while providing needed nutrients.

Useful for weight management as well as fitness production, Fit3 Active gives 20 grams of protein in 2 shakes a day. The protein comes from:

  1. whey
  2. casein
  3. and GMO-free soy

#8: Reliv Classic

The original product from Reliv International still makes the top 10 list.

Reliv Classic is a meal replacement shake that provides a balanced blend of herbs, soy protein, minerals and vitamins to provide balanced nutrition that most people will not get eating the meals they normally do.

Studies have also shown that this product has reduced radiation fatigue in cancer patients.

#7: ReversAge

Reliv International developed this supplement that has 3 proprietary blends to fight the signs of aging,

  1. The herbal complex cleans, revitalizes and protects the system with ginkgo biloba, maca, chlorella and more.
  2. The longevity complex battles decline in hormonal activity.
  3. The antioxidant complex fights free radicals with Co-Q10 and Protykin®

#6: LunaRich X

One of the newest Reliv International products, LunaRich X is a huge seller.

Made with Lunasin which is a soy peptide, it has shown to be beneficial with

  • Cholesterol management
  • Cellular health
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • and Improved immunity

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#5: Innergize

This unique formula brought to you by Reliv International provides ample energy using two scientific designed formulas called ChromeMate® and OptiZinc®

It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthy energizing substance to get you through any of the day’s challenges.

#4: Reliv Now For Kids

With a goal of bringing down the obesity issue in kids, Reliv International makes Reliv Now For Kids.

It provides the proper nutrition that children need to grow into healthy adults.

#3: Reliv Delight

It is a milk substitute that provides whey protein as well as the proper balance of vitamins and minerals.

It also has only 90 calories per serving. Instead of using milk on cereal or in coffee, use Reliv Delight for a healthier choice.

#2: Reliv Now

This is the adult version of # 4 and it provides a magnificent blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on steroids… No, there are not any steroids, but just a super array of antioxidants to help your immune system perform to its best.

This product came quite close to being #1.

#1: 24K

So many people are drinking those high sugar, dangerous energy drinks… They need to know that this no sugar, no caffeine energy shot from Reliv International packs a better punch of energy without endangering your health.

There are many testimonials about the power of 24K and the great taste.


Well, that is the top 10 Reliv International products as I see it.

Do you agree or disagree? What is your favorite Reliv International product?  What do you love about your favorite product?

You can post all comments and questions below. Thanks for visiting and have a great day… By the way, if you enjoyed the information, please share this post with others.

If you would like to try any of these products, or possibly start a Reliv International business, just go to their website in the reference section below.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Reliv International. This information is for educational purposes only and we receive no compensation for this review. Keep in mind that all statements by the company have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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