Regenalife Success Tips: 7 Steps to Growing Your Business

In today’s post, I want to share my Regenalife success tips.  I will share 7 steps to growing a large and profitable Regenalife business.  Keep in mind I am a very successful and happy independent affiliate with the company, and all views in this post are simply my opinion.

What is Success?

Success means something different to everyone.  To some affiliates, it simply means using the products to get healthy.  For other Regenalife affiliates, success means earning enough money to get their products for free each month.

Most affiliates will be very happy earning an extra $200 to $500 per month. And finally, some affiliates see the vision, and what is possible, and want to create a full-time income with the company.

The advice in this article is geared for someone who has the desire to create a full-time income with Regenalife within a two to three-year time-frame.

Regenalife Success Tips: 7 Steps to Growing Your Business

Step # 1: Use the Products

First off, you must use the products daily.  You want to be a product of the product.  If you drove a Chevy, but you owned a Ford dealership, how seriously would people take you? You know the answer to that question.

You don’t have to use every single Regenalife product, but if you’re already using a similar product just replace it with a Regenalife product so you can be a product of the product. This is going to give you a product story that you can share with other people.  In addition, it will help build your belief in the Regenalife products.

If no one uses the products, no one makes money.  If you don’t personally believe in the products, you will NEVER build a successful business.

Step # 2: Make 2 Exposures per Day

Next, you’ve got to make exposures every single day, to share the business and products with others.  You’ve got to make at least two exposures every single day, minimum five days per week. That’s the bare-bones minimum, not the maximum.

How you make an exposure is up to you. You can do it through Facebook, text message, email, face-to-face, phone call, etc.  Any method will work. There’s not a right or wrong answer, but if your mouth is closed, your business is closed. If you’re not constantly talking to new people, your business will not grow.

regenalife success tipsStep # 3: Make 2 Follow-Ups per Day

Number three, you want to make minimum two follow-ups every single day. The fortune is in the follow-up. Very few people, maybe one out of 100, is going to just sign up on the spot. Most people will require 5, 10, 20, even 30 follow-ups before they make a decision to buy or join.

You should never pressure anyone. You should never use hype either. You should always be a professional, but be relentless with your follow-up.  Follow-up until people buy, die or tell you not to contact them again.  Some of your best people will tell you NO many times before they eventually join or buy.

Step # 4: Communicate with Two Team Members and/or Customers Daily

Number four, you want to communicate with two team members or customers every single day. I call this a care call. Call people up to see how they’re doing. Offer them your help. See how things are going for them.

Never use pressure, hype, or a guilt trip. Just an honest care call to let people know you care about them makes a big difference. I also recommend you send one or two handwritten notes each day, such as a card or postcard.

Step # 5: Attend All Events

Number five, you want to attend all team and company events. We have a Tuesday night team webinar. We have a Wednesday night opportunity conference call. We even do live events once every few months. This is an event-driven business. Never forget that.

What I find is people who miss one or two events normally fizzle out of the business for good very quickly. You’ve got to stay plugged in every single week. This is a team sport; don’t be an island. Don’t be a lone wolf and try to do everything by yourself. That’s a big mistake.

Step # 6: Stay Plugged In

Number six, you want to stay plugged in with your team, with your sponsor and with your upline mentor. You need to get guidance from people who know what they are doing. If you’re spending all your time by yourself and you’re not connected with these people, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.

Step # 7: Daily Personal Development

Number seven, you’ve got to work on your personal development every single day. I think 10-minutes is a good amount of daily personal development. You can watch a great YouTube video. You can read 10-pages in a good book.  You can talk with your mentor for 10-minutes. Just do something to improve your skills, your attitude and your mindset every single day. Your business will only grow as much as you do.

Final Thoughts

I’ hope you’ve enjoyed my Regenalife success tips.  If I had to sum all of this up in a nutshell, building the business is actually pretty simple. Just follow a few steps day in and day out and do it every day for a few years.

No, it won’t be easy, but it’s possible. Be your own best customer, talk to new people every single day, stay in touch with people, stay plugged in, follow-up with people, and work on your personal development.  Do that and good things will happen in your Regenalife business. See you at the top!

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Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.  This is just my opinion.  I am an independent Regenalife affiliate.

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