The RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards Program: A Review

This post will cover the Regenalife Loyalty Rewards Program.

Loyalty is something that normally achieves rewards of some form or another.

Consider any program or organization you have ever been a part of; haven’t you normally been rewarded for being loyal?

As a new business owner, I have discovered that the home based business I now own also carries a loyalty rewards program.

I am going to tell you about this program because you may want to join in and be rewarded too.

The business I own

Not long ago, I was introduced to RegenaLife.

RegenaLife’s motto is Whole Foods With A Purpose.

regenalife loyalty rewards programMany of the RegenaLife products are organic and all have no GMOs.

I decided to try some RegenaLife products which included the Jiaogulan Tea and the Cacao Living Raw Chocolate.

Starting as a RegenaLife customer, I decided I wanted to become an independent distributor.

What was great about becoming an independent RegenaLife business owner was the fact that it took no investment except the products I bought and my time.

At first I did not understand all the “bells and whistles” of managing my RegenaLife network marketing business, but my sponsor along with the rest of my up line have worked with me to help me understand it better.

As a person who has been involved in several multilevel marketing companies, I have discovered that RegenaLife has one of the best compensation plans available in the industry.

And then I realized there was more…

And one is the RegenaLife loyalty rewards program.

Let me explain this program.

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An overview of the RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards Program

Let start first by saying that this program is available for both RegenaLife independent business owners and RegenaLife customers.

RegenaLife rewards loyalty no matter where it is coming from.

How the RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards Program operates

Every product offered by RegenaLife has a point value attached to it.

The point value is 10% of the affiliate cost for the product and is rounded up or down.

If a product’s cost was $41, the points would be 4.

If a product’s cost was $36, the points would also be 4.

So, every time you purchase a product, you accrue the point value of that product.

The loyalty part comes in when your point total reaches 100.

At that point, your next order will receive a percentage discount.

Those percentages vary, but they are always a good knock of of the price you would have paid normally.

Once you accept that discount on the placement of an order, the Loyalty Rewards points will then drop back down to 0.

You cannot save up more than 100 points.

On your next order, the percentage will automatically be deducted and your points will go back to 0.

This has to be to keep Loyalty Rewards Program points from being abused.

The great part about this program is the discount we receive on products that we would normally order.

How do I know how many RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards points I have?

When you log in to your RegenaLife back office, your Loyalty Rewards points are listed on that page.

The RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards Program adds value to an already valuable network marketing system

Add the fact that you are getting products that are great for your health and well being, along with:

  • Ultra-high compensation plans that no other MLM companies have
  • Rank advance bonuses that are amazing
  • Infinity bonuses
  • Check match bonuses
  • Monthly contests with great rewards
  • Real time tracking of your commissions
  • A free website
  • Personalized newsletter sent to your team members and customers
  • and much more

and put the Loyalty Rewards Program in with this, no wonder so many people are joining the RegenaLife opportunity.

Final Thoughts

If you have not considered the RegenaLife opportunity, now is the time you really should.

First, there is no enrollment fees.

Second, you will discover an up line that is fighting hard for your success.

Third, these products will help you become a healthier and happier person.

So I suggest that if nothing else, you try some of the RegenaLife products to see if they are as good as I am telling you.

When you do, I know that you will want to tell your friends and family… But before doing that, you may want to switch over to owning your own RegenaLife home based business so they will become your down line.

But, let’s not put the cart before the horse… Try some of the products; I love the Jiaogulan Tea, the Living Raw Chocolate, the Whole Body Snacks and of course, the Daily Dose Organic Super Greens.

You can sign up as a customer or as a new affiliate at the link below.

Once you do so, order some products and they will be delivered to you quickly.

Just click the following link and start accruing your RegenaLife Loyalty Rewards points right away.

If you have any questions, you can ask them below.

We will make sure you get an answer.

If you have any comments, you can post those here too.

Thank you for visiting.

Disclaimer: I am an independent RegenaLife distributor. I do make a small commission on any orders you purchase. None of the RegenaLife products are designed to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases.




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