Regenalife Independent Distributor Testimonials

In today’s post, I am will share some Regenalife Independent Distributor Testimonials.  As a quick disclaimer, I am a happy Regenalife Independent Distributor myself. These testimonials are from people on my team, both customers and affiliates.

Any products discussed are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  These products are supplements and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. When it comes to the products and opportunity, individual results will vary. The testimonials are listed in no particular order.

Regenalife Independent Distributor Testimonials

Testimonial # 1

My name is Jeanie Brown.  I joined Regenalife in the spring of 2017. I learned about the company on the internet while searching for a home-based business that: (1) had great products, (2) a simple system for building a business, (3) a compensation plan that paid, and (4) a supportive team with helpful training. I have found all of what I was looking for in Regenalife. While I’m really impressed with a lot of the products, my favorite one is the organic Anti-Aging Whole Food Cocoa bar. It is great for a snack or a quick meal replacement.

~ Jeanie Brown, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Testimonial # 2

Being concerned about toxins in the air, water and food, I was searching for a natural way to combat them. I was introduced to the Regenalife product line in February 2017. I absolutely love the products. My favorite product is the Daily Dose Super Greens with over 30 certified organic whole foods in a powder, which from the benefits listed definitely helps with addressing my health concerns. Try these awesome products; your body will thank you!

~ Orrett Channer, Regenalife Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 3

My name is Timothy Eaker.  I was able to come on board with Regenalife in February of 2017, after learning about the opportunity from a long-time friend Ross.  I had zero experience in this field, but after just a few weeks, the coaching and mentoring of other associates made the process enjoyable. The idea of running my own business, learning valuable lessons from other highly motivated individuals and having an avenue to grow financially are my key points in regards to Regenalife.  Vitality Factor is my favorite product.

~ Timothy Eaker, Regenalife Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 4

As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve been looking for ways to earn an income from home.  As a nutritionist, I was hoping to find something in the health and wellness industry of which I could be proud to represent.  Somehow I stumbled upon RegenaLife and their amazing, unmatched business opportunity. Offering products I am eager to use and eager to share, with no upfront fees, annual fees, or even website fees, it was simple to get started.

Many folks are hesitant to head into the network marketing industry because of the ‘stuff’ they’ve heard or even experienced.  RegenaLife puts a whole new spin on the industry with these products, this organization and this team. Fantastic and friendly customer support, outstanding products, and a business style arguably better than the rest, RegenaLife is the place to be… in my opinion.  (Did I mention the Loyalty Reward program?)

~ Celena Barton, Regenalife Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 5

My name is Jim Garling. I joined Regenalife in February 2018. I came across it on a site called itoolbox and a gentleman by the name of Paul Shaffer was advertising it. I went to the site and was impressed with the product line and the compensation plan that they offer, so I signed up. I have tried several of the products so far and am very impressed and plan on being with this company for a long time.

~ Jim Garling, Regenalife Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 6

My name is Ross Mack. I joined Regenalife because they have great products and a great compensation plan. The team I am part of is set up to help the novice as well as the seasoned vet. There is no pressure to buy or recruit. Our team works with the individual to achieve their individual goals. It makes no difference who you are or how much experience you have. Your goals are what’s most important. Most people want time freedom. Everybody knows it takes work to achieve goals. Our team could be just what your looking for.

~ Ross Mack, Regenalife Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 7

I initially just purchased product specifically the CBD Oil, which I love, but after few orders I decided to become an affiliate.  After much research, I was impressed with the compensation plan and the fact that I could work on my time around my family’s schedule.  So glad I said yes!
~ Vicki Jones, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Testimonial # 8

Hi, my name is Bill Springfels. I have been with Regenalife since March of 2013. I have used the Daily Essentials pack every month since then. I also have been using the Daily Dose Organic Super Greens monthly since they were introduced. I use many of the company’s other products as well, but those are my two favorites. I have sold most all the products to either family or friends and have never had a complaint about price or quality. I have been involved in MLM since the late 70,s and I have never seen any other company that can compare with our products (quality or value); or the compensation plan, which is the fairest and most rewarding I have ever seen, and I have seen a bunch. To your success, Bill.

~ Bill Springfels, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Testimonial # 9

I have been a Regenalife affiliate for about a year and a half. I was introduced to Regenalife from a friend who has a lot of experience in network marketing. When he said the company has amazing products and the best compensation plan he’s ever seen, I had to take a look. I have yet to see any other company that offers what Regenalife offers. The product line is diverse and offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for a company that has systems in place to help you grow your business, Regenalife has it all. Regenalife has product and business opportunity capture pages, a free newsletter that captures leads, follow up email campaigns, and so much more. Take a look and see for yourself. You’re going to love it.

~ Eric Block, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Testimonial # 10

Hi everyone, my name is Greg Boudonck. You may recognize my name as one of the regular writers at Online MLM Community. When I began writing for the site, I had “dabbled” in network marketing but had never taken it serious. When my friend Charles Holmes told me about RegenaLife and the products, I decided to try the Snack Mix and Living Raw Chocolate. I loved both and decided it would be the perfect “side business” for me. I love RegenaLife. Every product I have used has been fabulous and at this point, there are only 2 products I have not tried… The RegenaSlim, because weight loss is not an issue here yet. And the Fulvic Skin Spray which I plan on ordering soon. I feel like I have become a member of a second family at RegenaLife. I really suggest you give the products a try if you have not yet. And last but not least, the compensation has made life much less stressful. I am blessed to have joined my 2nd family… RegenaLife.

~ Greg Boudonck, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Testimonial # 11

I found Regenalife online while looking for a home-based business. What appealed to me most was the organic products and clean ingredients. I am from the health and wellness industry and recognize how important it is to watch not only the food you eat, but the supplements you take. Many other supplements on the market are loaded with things like soy, gluten, artificial fillers and other additives. In my opinion, those things should not go into the body, as the body has no idea what to do with those foreign substances. Regenalife supplements are bio-available and actually work!

The opportunity and products are second to none. I was amazed with  the help and leadership I received after I joined Regenalife. My sponsor introduced me to the proven system that  helped me succeed; I even got check-match my second month in the business, and have been getting it ever since! Now I am showing my fun and rapidly growing team how to do the same.
This network marketing company is different. I love that there is no hype, no pressure, and the amazing products sell themselves. The support and leadership, along with the incredible products, are by far what sets Regenalife apart. If you join this company, you will not be disappointed.
~ Landee Martin, Independent Regenalife Affiliate, Visit my website

Testimonial # 12

My name is Chuck Holmes. I joined Regenalife in December 2016.  I was initially approached about the business by my good friend, Mr. Ainsworth Thomas. He explained to me that he found an under the radar company with a lot of upside potential.

At the time, I was open to learning about a new opportunity, so I looked. I researched the company and became obsessed with their compensation plan. While their products also looked intriguing, it was the income potential that sealed the deal for me.

This compensation plan is unlike any others that I have seen. And, I’ve been in the industry for 16+ years now.  It is designed for the part-timer AND the heavy hitter. It offers great immediate money and solid residuals. I’d challenge you to study it and see for yourself.

From my first day in the company, I was “all in.” I did a 90-Day challenge and sponsored over 50 people. Within my first six months in the business, I had sponsored around 100 people and had a team of nearly 1,000 people. I was making a nice income and was happy.

Even though I was doing well, I got the shiny object syndrome. I thought the grass was greener somewhere else and I left Regenalife.  For the next nine months, I was excited about this new opportunity, but I quickly discovered it was not as good as I thought it was.

In February 2018, I asked corporate permission to come back to Regenalife (on the 26th).  Fortunately, I got my old position back and got serious about the business. In my 11-months of building the business, I have personally recruited about 160 people and built a team of almost 2,500 customers and affiliates.

Regenalife is not perfect.  No company is.  It is a small company, like a mom and pop company. That being said, they make great products, ship the products quickly, pay you on time, and leave you alone.  What else could you ask for?

They also have some great features such as free capture pages and auto-responders, a postcard marketing system, and plenty of great business tools. I think this is a great opportunity for the part-timer or serious rep. I’m currently the top affiliate in the company.

~ Chuck Holmes, Regenalife Independent Distributor, Visit my website

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my best Regenalife Independent Distributor testimonials.  If you are part of Regenalife and would like to share your testimonial, just leave a comment below.  And, if you are not affiliated with Regenalife, I highly suggest you research the company and products to see if they might be a good fit for you.

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  1. Chuck shared with me the gift of Regenalife. All I can say is, between the marketing systems avaliable ,the compensation plan and the products, I feel this is the best network marketing opportunity around. The products are incredible. after a month or so of drinking the Jiaogulan tea my blood pressure is normal. Before the tea, my blood pressure was high. This is a must join company!

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