Regenalife Free Leads Program: Get 200 Leads Every Month

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes to educate you about our Regenalife Free Leads Program.  My name is Chuck Holmes.  I am an independent Regenalife affiliate and the founder of the Regenalife Rock Stars Team.

The Regenalife Free Leads Program is ONLY for people on my team.  It is not available for Regenalife reps outside of my team.

Why I Created the Regenalife Free Leads Program

Leads are vital in any type of business. Most Regenalife reps don’t have enough leads. Most people in our industry don’t feel comfortable talking to friends and family members or prospecting strangers. I wanted to create a simple system anyone could follow.

I buy leads in bulk every single month, from several different trusted lead companies. I normally buy them in batches of 50,000 to 100,000 leads at a time, and sometimes more. These are aged USA leads, normally 30 to 60 days old, who have expressed an interest in working from home.

I pay this cost out of my own pocket. I then give these leads to people on my team, free of charge. I never want people on my team to give me the excuse that they don’t have someone to share the Regenalife business or products with.  Our free leads program has eliminated that objection.

How it Works

Anyone who places an order of 50 PV or more in a calendar month, or has 50 PV or more in retail sales, will get 200 free leads. Once you hit the rank of Manager, Bronze or Silver, you get 300 free leads each month. Once you hit the rank of Gold, Platinum or higher you will get 500 free leads every month.

The number of leads you get is based upon your previous month’s rank.  So, if you hit Gold last month, you would get 500 free leads this month.

Once you place your order for the month, you simply send me an email to along with your affiliate ID, invoice number, and previous month’s rank.  I’ll then have my virtual assistant forward you your leads, along with the instructions.

We recommend you text 5-20 people per day. Pick a number that works for you. I’ll also be the first to tell you that this should not be the ONLY thing you are doing to grow your business. Instead, use our lead program to supplement what you are already doing.

What to Do with Your Free Regenalife Leads

You typically will get your leads within 12-24 hours after you email me. When you receive your leads in your email account, they come with instructions and scripts.

We teach people to either text or email their leads one time. Calling the leads is a waste of time since most people don’t answer their phone from unknown numbers anyway.

Simply use the scripts you receive to communicate with your leads, via text or email. If a person doesn’t respond, don’t contact them again, and instead, move on to the next person.  You are looking for people who are looking, not trying to convince people to buy or join.

Leader Support

Once you hit the rank of Platinum or higher, I ask that you contribute $25 per month to help offset the cost of the leads that I provide to your team. This helps me pay for the leads

It’s not mandatory that you do this, but it is appreciated. The only way we can sustain this as our team grows is if all Platinum’s and above contribute $25 per month. You can send your payment via PayPal to

Request Your Free Regenalife Leads

If you have already purchased 50 BV or more this month and have NOT received your FREE leads from me, send me an email to and I will send them to you, along with the instructions.

What is Regenalife?

Regenalife is a network marketing company specializing in natural and organic products, including CBD Hemp Oil. They are best known for their postcard marketing program and killer compensation plan.  They’ve been in business since 2008.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  Our Regenalife Free Leads Program is a good reason to join our Regenalife team today.  If you’d like to join my team, you can do so here.  I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

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