Regenalife Five Minute Opportunity Overview

In today’s post, I’m going to share my Regenalife five minute opportunity overview. My name is Chuck Holmes.  I’m an independent Regenalife affiliate and I’ll be your host today. We’re going to take about five minutes and explain why Regenalife would make a great business for you.

As a real quick disclaimer, the products are not prescription drugs. They’re not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  As always, individual results will vary.

What is Regenalife?

It was founded in 2008.  They manufacture natural and organic products.  They’re located in New Jersey. They currently offer about 25 different natural and organic products to choose from including CBD Hemp Oil. They have great products at fair prices.

The company pays you to help them build up their customer base. It’s network marketing, but without all the traditional headaches that come with it. The company offers products and/or a business opportunity to choose from.

It’s a great way to supplement or potentially replace your income.

Some of their popular products include the Jiaogulan Tea, also known as the herb of immortality. Next we have the CBD Hemp Oil, this is probably our fastest growing product as far as popularity. It just came out about two months ago. Next we have the Daily Dose Super Greens; this is a power-packed green powder with 38 essential vitamins and ingredients. It’s awesome. We also have the Regena Slim Weight-Loss Shake. Next we have the Vitality Factor which is designed for testosterone, and then we have the Chocolates. These are raw organic   chocolates that you can purchase from Regenalife.

That’s just about six of the 25 or so products that they have to offer.

Regenalife Five Minute Opportunity Overview Video

Here are some things that I personally love about the company.

The products are very good and they’re very popular with customers, and this leads to a lot of repeat orders. It has a great compensation plan for part-timers and full timers alike. There are tons of different ways to get paid; we have

  • regenalife five minute opportunity overviewcheck matching,
  • bonuses,
  • uni-level commissions,
  • retail commissions,
  • infinity bonus,
  • coded infinity bonus,
  • lifestyle bonus
  • and so much more.

There are immediate and residual income components with a compensation plan which is wonderful. They offer a free capture page and online marketing system for their affiliates.

There are no renewal fees or membership fees, and you get a free website when you join. There’s a low monthly buying commitment of about 50 or 60 dollars, depending on what you buy. If you choose not to buy the products yourself, you could also retail those products and still be eligible for commissions.

There’s no hype, no pressure, no drama. It’s an established ten year old company that very few people have ever heard of and they offer a very awesome postcard marketing system for someone who doesn’t really want to bother their friends and family.

There are two different ways to join.

You can be a customer and simply order the products at the retail prices. I suggest that everyone starts out this way so that you can see what the products are all about. This is great for someone who sees the value in consuming natural and organic products.

The second option is the affiliate option. This is when you order 50 or more BV worth of products to be eligible for commissions. It allows you to buy the products at the wholesale price and it allows you to start earning money in commissions.

So, what should you do right now?

If what you’ve watched in this very short video makes sense to you, get back with the person who shared this video with you. Have them answer your questions and by all means get their link so you can create your free account and at a bare-bones minimum, try out some of the Regenalife products today and hopefully make the decision to start building a business.

I’d like to thank you for your time, I hope you have a great day and I’d love to see you as part of the Regenalife team. You can check out my Regenalife website right here. 

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