How to Get Out of a Recruiting Slump in Your MLM Business

Recruiting is one of the most important things to master if you want to succeed in network marketing.  That being said, it’s one of the biggest challenges for most people in our industry.  Most people suck at recruiting.

Whether you’re a good or bad recruiter, there will be times when you hit a slump.  Nothing seems to work.  Everyone tells you NO.  No one joins.  Ever been in that situation? I know I have.

If so, I’ve got some simple advice to help you get out of your recruiting slump.  These are some simple and practical things I do to remain effective during slow times.

# 1 Keep Filling Your Pipeline

recruiting slumpI never set a recruiting goal.  Instead, I set a goal of how many people I want to add to my pipeline each day.  On most days, my goal is to add 20 to 30 people to pipeline.  I know that when I do that, I normally sponsor 5 people per week.

Let’s be honest for a minute.  You can’t control if people join or buy.  You can’t control WHEN they will decide to buy or join either.  All you can control is your own activity in the business.  That’s it.

I encourage you to set a number for yourself and make a commitment to add that many people to your pipeline every single day.

How do you meet these people?  That’s not the scope of this article, but you can cold call, call leads, reach out to people on Facebook or LinkedIn, do live events, mail postcards, use solo ads or hundreds of other strategies.  Just pick something that works for you.

The more people in your pipeline, the more people you will sign up.  Period.

# 2 Remember the Law of Averages

There are four aces in ever deck.  That means that if you turn over all 52 cards, you will find four aces.  However, you don’t know WHEN they will show up. They might be the first four cards you turn over, the last four cards you turn over, or some other random combination.

The same holds true in network marketing.  Everyone has a ratio.  If you talk to enough people, you will set a certain amount of presentations.  If you do a certain amount of presentations you will sign up a certain amount of reps.

You can always increase your results by increasing your activity.  The Law of Averages always works itself out.

Even someone who only closes 1 in 100 prospects can outperform someone who can close 50 out of 100 prospects.  All they have to do is talk to more people than the other person.  That is the Law of Averages in action.

There will be times when you get 30 or 40 NOs in a row.  Then you might get a few YESs in a row.  That’s just how sales works.

# 3 Review Your Goals & Vision

Whenever I’m in a recruiting slump, I review my goals and vision.  I have written monthly, yearly and five-year goals for my business.  I read them daily.  This keeps me focused on the future, rather than being frustrated with the present.

This business is not built overnight.  You will have many ups and downs, just like everyone else.  That being said, if you know WHY you are doing what you are doing, it’s much easier to stay level headed and stay in the game.

I encourage you to take some time and write down your business goals.  After you do that, map out your strategy.

Review this document daily.  Updated it when needed.

Have a why that makes you cry.  It’s really important.  Without a big why, you won’t make it through your recruiting slump.

A Great Story

Do you ever watch baseball?  I’m not a huge fan, but I do enjoy watching a good game.  If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably heard of players being a hitting slump.  Basically, they’ve gone weeks (normally 10-20 or more games) where they haven’t had any hits. They just can’t get a hit.

I’ve listened to several players talk about what it’s like to be in a hitting slump.  Almost all of them will tell you that the only way to get out of their slump is to keep swinging the bat. If you swing the bat enough, SOMETHING good will eventually happen.

The same thing holds true in network marketing.  You’ve got to keep swinging the bat (talking to people) and eventually everything will work itself out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are three things I do when I am in a recruiting slump in my MLM Business.  None of this is rocket science, but it helps me a lot.  I hope you will leverage these three things and try them in your own network marketing business, especially if you are in a recruiting slump.

Also, I’d love to hear from you.  What do you do when you are in a recruiting slump in your network marketing business?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  Thanks.

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