Recruiting Baby Boomers into Your MLM Business

Today, we’re going to discuss recruiting baby boomers in your MLM Business.

Of all the “target markets” you can choose from to recruit into your network marketing business, I can’t think of any group of people with more potential than baby boomers.

In the paragraphs below, I want to share some facts with you about baby boomers, educate you on why you should recruit them into your business, teach you how to do it, and teach you where to find them.  Enjoy!

Facts About Baby Boomers

  • The generation born between 1946 and 1964
  • As of 2015 there are approximately 79 MILLION baby boomers in the USA, nearly 25% of our country’s entire population
  • Most are married and own a home
  • Most baby boomers are women

Why Recruit Baby Boomers?

Here are just a few reasons you should consider recruiting baby boomers into your network marketing business.

# 1 Many have disposable income of some sort 

I’m not saying every baby boomer is rich.  But most baby boomers have more disposable income than the other generations do. Many are still working and still earning a paycheck and many still support their adult children,.

recruiting baby boomers# 2 Most are concerned about their health and want to live longer

If there is one thing that applies to every baby boomer I’ve ever met, it’s their concern for their health.  Most want to live longer, feel better, and look better. And, they’re willing to spend a considerable amount of money to make that happen.

# 3 Many baby boomers want something to keep them busy during retirement

Many baby boomers are retired and are looking for something to do to keep them busy.  Many still have great business skills that would help them be successful in our industry.  Our industry would even be a great part-time business or social club for many baby boomers.

# 4 Most baby boomers have a HUGE sphere of influence and network already in place

Another great benefit of baby boomers is the amount of people they know.  Most baby boomers have met thousands of people in their lifetime and have a huge contact list of people they could share the products or business opportunity with.

# 5 Many baby boomers want some extra money to fund their retirement lifestyle

Whether retired, or still working, many baby boomers would like to have some extra cash to be able to take trips, go shopping, pay for their grandchildren’s college education, etc.  Many are on a fixed income, so any extra money would help.

Recruiting Baby Boomers: How to Do It

Here are some of my best tips on recruiting baby boomers.

# 1 Find out what they want and show them how your product, service or business opportunity can help them get it.  If you have a natural, normal conversation with people you will quickly discover what their problem is.  If applicable, you can offer what you have as a solution to their problem. For example, if they have joint pain and you have a product that helps with that, you can offer them to try out the product risk free.

# 2 Learn their core values and beliefs. The baby boomer generation definitely has different values that most other generations in our society. They are more traditional and more conservative.  When talking with them keep this in mind.

# 3 Show them the proper respect.  This goes hand in hand with the previous tip.  Most baby boomers are old school and value respect. Be a gentleman or lady when you are around them, and have good manners.

# 4 Be patient with them.   This should be self-explanatory. Keep in mind many baby boomers may not be as tech savvy as you are.

# 5 Have them try out your product or service first and then tell them about the business opportunity. Most MLM Companies offer products or services that would benefit or help baby boomers.  Be product focused first.

# 6 Show them how your business opportunity can help them supplement their retirement.  If the baby boomer tells you they don’t have much money coming in from their Social Security or retirement, offer your business opportunity as a way to offset that.

# 7 Don’t overwhelm them with technology.  This might just be one of the most important tips on this list.  Don’t overwhelm them with apps, smart phones, emails, webinars or other technology they probably don’t use or understand.

Where to Find Baby Boomers

# 1 Advertise in publications they read (newspaper and magazines)

Most baby boomers still read the local newspaper. There are also magazines and publications that seniors like to read.  If you’re not sure where to start, talk to the baby boomers you know and find out which publications they subscribe to. Placing ads in these publications is probably more effective than advertising online.

# 2 Get involved with activity groups that include seniors

Go to your local BINGO hall.  Go to the local library.  Visit sites such as and find activity groups in your local area for baby boomers.  There are normally tons of options. If you don’t know where to start, ask 5-10 baby boomers what activity groups they belong to.

# 3 Join local volunteer and civic organizations in your community

Attend any civic group such as the VFW, AMVETS, Elks, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, or Rotary Club and you will meet lots of baby boomers who are still active in their local community.

# 4 Start with the baby boomers you already know and naturally expand from there

This is the easiest way to get started.  Make a list of everyone you know who is a baby boomer and talk to them about your products, service or business opportunity.  Get referrals from them for the people that they know.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that many baby boomers are a great fit for network marketing.  Whether it’s as a customer or distributor, there is no doubt in my mind that the products, and potentially the business opportunity, of many network marketing companies would help benefit baby boomers.  If you aren’t approaching baby boomers yourself you are way behind the power curve.

What are your thoughts?  Have you recruited any baby boomers into your network marketing business?  If so, what worked for you?  What tips can you recommend?  If you are a baby boomer yourself, why did you join the industry?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “Recruiting Baby Boomers into Your MLM Business

  1. As a baby boomer myself, I am in full agreement with everything you said here. I believe that we are one of the best markets for network marketers, but it does depend on the products offered. I believe the best publications to attract baby boomers are newspapers, magazines on home decor and improvements, and also physical fitness publications.

    You mentioned that the majority of baby boomers are women. That I did not know. Is it because they are killing us men off? LOL.

    This was a great post that network marketers should consider in their marketing efforts.

    • The Baby Boomers represent such a huge market of people and are a great prospect for our industry.

  2. I never knew that the majority of top earners in MLM are baby boomers, but it makes sense. It also makes sense that they have disposable income. In that case, it’s a great strategy to target that group in your prospecting. Since in network marketing, it’s about finding people who are not only interested but also have the financial capacity to join you and run their business.

    By doing that, you’re also helping them earn an additional income and have a better life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, Baby Boomers are a great target market to focus on.

  3. My mom falls into that category and she has just gained some interest in joining the MLM industry. She retired from teaching after 25 yeas and she’s been such a great help with my son over these last few years. As he approaches the age of 3, I am getting ready to put him in preschool which will leave her with nothing to do (and that is not her). Like you said, I think her and others in this category are great assets. They have good drive and a solid sphere of influence. Definitely going to get mom involved once my son goes off to school.

    • Yeah, Baby Boomers are a great market, especially the ones that haven’t saved enough for retirement, or are looking for something to do with their time.

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