Recruit Other Network Marketers: Why You Should Do It

Today, I want to share my thoughts on why you should recruit other network marketers into your MLM business.  In other words, only recruit people who ALREADY have EXPERIENCE in the network marketing industry.

Some people might call this idea crazy.

Some people might even say I am a “snake oil salesman.”

Some companies and successful reps will be angry at me for teaching this concept.

Oh well.

Think what you want, but I have learned from practical experience over the past 15 years that recruiting current and former network marketers is the fastest, most effective and most efficient way to build your MLM business.

What the Top Earners Do

Most top earners only recruit other network marketers.  That’s why their team grows so big, so quickly.  When a heavy hitter joins a new company, they bring in other network marketers with them (some from their former team, some from outside of their former team).  That’s why you hear about someone joining a company and making it to the top rank in a few months.

Most successful network marketers understand that other network marketers are their ideal prospect.  As a result, that’s who they focus on.

In addition, when you look at most top earners in most companies, you will see that 90% or more of them have prior network marketing experience.  BAM!

The Warm Market Approach

Most companies in our industry teach the warm market approach.  In other words, they teach you to make a list of 100 people you know and call them about your products and business opportunity.

That method is simple.  Anyone can do it.  That’s why companies teach it.  They don’t want to confuse their distributors.

In fact, you could join ANY network marketing company today, and this is what they will tell you to do.

I should clarify that this concept does work for some people.  Normally, people who are already successful in life, and well respected by everyone they know, can do a great job by working with their warm market. For most people though, this approach is a waste of time.

The Problem with That Approach

There are several problems with this warm market approach, as I see it.

First off, most of your warm market is not really in your target market.  In other words, most people in your warm market are not entrepreneurial by nature, nor are they actively looking to get involved in network marketing.  Most other people in your warm market or not “in the market” for the product you are selling, either.

Yes, you can reach out to people in your warm market, but keep in mind 95% or more of them will NOT be interested in what you have to offer.  Why?  Because they aren’t in your target market!

Keep in mind that EVERY business under the sun has a target market.  Walmart® does.  So does McDonald’s® and Coca-Cola®.

A target market is a group of people MOST LIKELY to be interested in the products or services being offered.

Why Recruit Other Network Marketers?

So, why should you recruit other network marketers into your MLM Business?

Well, it isn’t rocket science.

Other network marketers BELIEVE in the industry.  They have already at one time or another signed their name to a distributor agreement.  They LIKE network marketing.  They want RESIDUAL income.

They do not need to be convinced that network marketing is a good thing.

Most of these people already have a network of people they could bring into your business.  Plus, most of these people have already been trained.

Let me ask you, “would you try to sell steak to a vegetarian?”  I hope not.  If you do, you’d be wasting your time.

Yet, that’s exactly what 99% of the people in our industry do.  When you go after anyone outside of your target market, that is what you are doing.

My Advice for You

Focus on recruiting other network marketers.  You can buy leads, genealogy lists, advertise and do countless other things to do it. Get creative and think outside the box.  By all means, you can still prospect strangers, contact your warm market, set up at events, and use the three foot rule, but make your MAJOR focus recruiting other network marketers.

What I Do

I chose blogging and attraction marketing to recruit other network marketers.  I simply provide value by offering training, such as this blog post, videos and podcasts to position myself as an expert in the industry.

As a result, certain network marketers reach out to me and want to work with me.  It’s really that simple.  I don’t hard-sell or pressure anyone.

Remember, people are looking for a LEADER to follow.  Choose to become that leader and you can recruit plenty of people into your business.

Putting It in Perspective

I just want to give you a simple comparison to put this in perspective.  Let’s think about professional sports for a minute.  What do professional sports teams do when they need to fill a position on their team?

Do they place an ad in a local newspaper for people?  Do they look for someone who has never played the sport before and spend 10-15 years training that person?

Hell no.  What professional sports teams do is look for FREE AGENTS.  They look for people who have the skills and right mindset and experience.  They look for other athletes in the league to recruit.

Businesses do the same thing. When they want new talent, they normally look at their competitors.  Why should network marketing be any different?

Closing Thoughts

In summary, I believe that recruiting other network marketers is the most effective and most efficient way to build your business.  It’s by no means the only strategy, but I think it’s the smartest strategy.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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6 thoughts on “Recruit Other Network Marketers: Why You Should Do It”

  1. I agree with you Chuck. Existing network marketers see other network marketing ads daily! Some of those people are unhappy with their sponsor, upline, company, training, and who knows what else. Their window is open.

    So what’s wrong with being there when they’re ready? Nothing.

  2. I see the point in your write up,but what about the fact the if you want to be successful as a network marketer you pick one company and stick with it.i know for sure am not going to ever leave my company,what if the network marketer am trying to recruit has this same mindset,wil I not be wasting precious time then?

  3. yes totally agreed with you. I know because it happened to me after recruiting other networkers before and got earned 4 figures just in few months. hahaa..

    but the most important part is to make relationship with them to make them want to follow us.. I use attraction marketing too like you.

  4. This is what is wrong with the industry. I disagree with ya here… maybe.

    If you’re talking about recruiting former NM’s, that’s great. However, if you are promoting recruiting other active NM’s I think that adds to the social perception this industry is known for.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Using marketing that attracts people with who are unhappy with their current company, or free agents looking to switch, or former network marketers, is fine as I see it.

      What other industry could you think of that doesn’t seek out people from their own industry to fill openings? It just makes good business sense.

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