Recruit More MLM Reps: Best MLM Recruiting Secrets

Want to recruit more MLM reps?

That’s probably a dumb question. Who doesn’t? Recruiting is one of the biggest struggles for most people in our industry, especially new people.

That’s why so many people give up with broken dreams and leave the network marketing industry for good: they don’t know how to recruit more MLM reps.

Show me someone who can recruit on demand, and I will show you someone who can make it to the top in any network marketing company, especially when they can teach others to do the same thing.

Learning how to recruit more MLM reps (customers and distributors) and learning how to sell are unique, special skill-sets that take time to develop.

Very few people enter our industry with these skills already in place. Fortunately, these skills can be learned. If you are willing to invest some time, effort and money, you can master these skills within a few short years. Best of all, you can earn while you learn.

How to Recruit More MLM Reps

21 Tips to Recruit More MLM Reps

What I want to do in the paragraphs below is share my top tips on how to recruit more MLM reps into your business.  None of this is rocket science, but if you do these things consistently you will get better results in your business.  Enjoy the training!

# 1: Work the Numbers

My first tip to recruit more MLM Reps is to work the numbers. This business is a numbers game, regardless of what anyone else tells you. Yes, having skills and training helps, but you can make up for that by going through more people.

You have to turn over a lot of rocks to find your few diamonds.

Most people you approach will not be interested in what you are offering them, and most people who do join the business will do nothing and quit.

You’re probably going to have to talk to several thousand people to sponsor a few hundred people to find a few who go on and build it big. Even if you recruit hundreds of people, most of your income and growth will come from just two to five people. 

Suggestion: Increase your activity. Approach more prospects every day and you will sponsor more people. It really is that simple. If you are currently talking to two prospects per day, ramp up your efforts and approach 10 prospects per day. To double your results, double your efforts.

# 2: Identify Your Target Market

Every business has a target market. If everyone is a prospect, no one is a prospect.

Focus on a specific group of people and focus your time, money and energy on connecting with them. Focus on people you have an affinity with. In other words, focus on people you already have something in common with.  This gives you common ground when you are talking to them.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Not everyone is a good prospect for your business or product line, regardless of what your sponsor says.

Of course, you never really know who will join your business, or who will build it big. By all means, you can still talk to anyone and everyone, but focus MOST of your time and energy prospecting entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, salespeople and other network marketers. These are your BEST prospects.

Suggestion: Make a list of affinity groups you currently belong to. Come up with as many groups as possible.  Once your list is complete, pick the two or three groups you want to focus on. Examples of affinity groups might include stay at home moms, women in their 40’s, military officers, small business owners, other network marketers, divorced dads, etc.

# 3: Ask for Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of every business. People trust word of mouth recommendations.

Everyone knows at least 2,000 people by name. Let me put this in perspective for a moment.  If you know 2,000 people and each of them also knows 2,000 people, that is 4,000,000 potential prospects for your business. You could never go through all of those people before you made it to the top rank in your company.

People will lead you to other people, if you ask them to!

Create a referral program for your network marketing business. Pay CASH to anyone who gives you referrals when their referral joins the business or becomes a retail customer. Give people a reason to give your referrals.  Cash does the trick. Trust me.

Suggestion: Come up with a simple referral program for your MLM Business. Next, make a list of all your current and former customers and leads. Call all of them up and educate them about your referral program. Ask them for referrals. Another option is to send everyone something in the mail to let them know about your referral program. Even if just one in ten people give you a referral, it can be significant.

# 4: Improve Your Skills

You need to be a student of your profession if you want to recruit more MLM reps. Successful entrepreneurs are students of their business. They do everything they can to improve their skills and gain a cutting edge.

You need to listen to CDs. Attend events. Read every single day. Work on your personal development. Counsel with your mentor. Have a game-plan to get better every single day.

You must realize that your prospects will evaluate YOU more than they will evaluate your opportunity. If they don’t think you can help them, they will not join your team.

The better you get at what you do, the better-quality prospects you will attract. Master your skills and you will recruit more MLM reps.

At a minimum, work on your leadership, communication, salesmanship and people skills.

Suggestion: Set a monthly budget for your personal development. Set aside 30-minutes per day for your personal development. Do that for a few years and you can become a network marketing professional.

Making friends does not mean recruiting or prospecting all of them

# 5: Learn How to Generate Leads

Prospecting is when you chase people. Marketing is when prospects chase you.

When you know how to generate leads, it’s easy to recruit more MLM Reps. Take the time to study marketing and lead generation. Learn everything you can about it.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to get leads. I have a detailed post here with 34 ways to get leads.

What you want to do is find two or three lead generation strategies that make sense to you and focus on those exclusively. Learn everything you can about it, take massive action, and do nothing else until you master those two or three lead generation strategies.

Suggestion: Study guys like Gary Halbert, Mike Dillard, Yanik Silver and Dan Kennedy. Learn direct response marketing. Read books about marketing and attend marketing seminars and events. Find a mentor who is good at generating leads and learn everything you can from them.

# 6: Learn How to Follow-Up

The fortune is in the follow-up. You already know that.

Most of your prospects will need minimum seven to 20 follow-ups before they sign-up or join. That is a fact. Very people jump with joy and sign-up on the spot.

Most distributors give up after the first or second follow-up. Big mistake. If you do that you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You want to keep a spreadsheet of every person in your pipeline and have a game-plan of how often you will follow-up with them, and what each step of your follow-up process will be.

I would use a combination of email, phone, Facebook, direct mail, text and other venues to follow-up with people. Your goal is not to pressure or annoy people, but to professionally stay in touch with them, and keep your business and products in the forefront of their mind.

Suggestion: You need to automate this follow-up process by using a good auto-responder like I do. I use Power Lead System. This gets people to know you, like you and trust you. Plus, your auto-responder can drip on them every few days until the timing becomes right for them to buy or join. Most people I sponsor take 90 to 180 days to join from the time they first learn about what I do.

# 7: Be Different

Look at what everyone else in your company is doing and do the exact opposite. What makes you different from every other distributor in your company? What makes you unique? Why should someone do business with you and not with someone else in your company? If you can’t answer those questions, you are doomed.

Successful businesses succeed because they have a clearly defined Unique Selling Proposition. They know their target market. They know why their target market should do business with them.

For example, people go to McDonald’s because they want their food fast and cheap, not because they want high quality food and great customer service. Make sense?

Suggestion: Spend some time to write down your unique selling proposition. Find a way to stand out in the crowd. Figure out what makes you different. Focus on your uniqueness in everything you do. As an example, I am a no B.S. kind of guy, so that’s my Unique Selling Proposition: The No B.S. Network Marketer.

# 8: Use Your Own Talents and Abilities

You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.

We are all wired differently. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. You already know that. You need to find a way to build your MLM business that makes sense to you. What works for me might not work for you, and vice-versa.

For years, I built my business the traditional way, hounding friends and family, even though I never felt comfortable doing it. About five years ago, I decided to pick a strategy that matched my personality and skill-set. I came up with blogging. Since then, I have personally recruited more than 1,000 people.

Suggestion: Make a list of your own natural talents and abilities. Figure out what you are naturally good at and then brainstorm ways you can use your talents and abilities to generate leads and recruit more MLM reps.

Millennial distributors events may be as short as 15 minutes

# 9: Set Up at Local Events

Local events are a great way to meet new prospects and recruit more MLM reps. Consider setting up at flea markets, bazaars, craft shows, farmer’s markets, and other local events you can find. The beauty of events is that people come to you!

You can have your own table or booth. You can showcase your products and services. Prospects will ask you questions. You can make sales and sign up new distributors on site.

If money is tight, and you can’t afford to set up at a local event, go as an attendee and network with each of the vendors.

Suggestion: Make it a goal to do one local event each and every month. Team up with several of your downline distributors to split the cost and save money.

# 10: Leverage Public Speaking

Some people fear public speaking more than they fear death! It’s crazy.

Public speaking is one of the most effective and most efficient ways to recruit more MLM reps. You can talk about a particular subject that is related to your business or product line.

Craft up a good speech and collect everyone’s contact information at the event. You can even do a short blurb at the end of your speech that lets people in the audience know what you do for a living.

Make sure your speech is not one big sales pitch. Focus on providing value, showcasing your talents, and then do a good job with your follow-up.

Suggestion: Search through your local civic groups and organizations. Most of them are looking for speakers for upcoming events.

# 11: Team Up with Local Entrepreneurs

Take the time to meet influential people in your community. Attend local networking events. Get to know local entrepreneurs. Show a genuine interest in these people, do business with them, and refer other people to their business.

Let them know what you do as well, and ask them for referrals. See if you can form a strategic alliance with them and refer business to each other. Make sure it is a win-win relationship. Even one good strategic alliance can lead to a ton of referrals and new leads.

Suggestion: Be a pillar in your local community. Be a servant leader and strive to help other entrepreneurs. What goes around comes around.

# 12: Build a List

Starting your first day in the business, you want to do TWO things. First off, go to your local Dollar Tree and buy a paper notebook. Next, buy an autoresponder service and setup your capture page and email follow-up series.

What you want to do is build a list of everyone you talk to about the products and business opportunity. Keep all of their contact information in one place. Ask everyone to sign-up for your email series and keep everyone’s information in your paper notebook.

You have to realize that people will only join your business when the timing is right for them. You want to keep their contact information to stay in touch, so when the timing does become right they will join you.

If you talked to just five people a day, for three years, you would have the names and contact information for more than 5,000 prospects. If all you did was stay in touch with these people you would never have to prospect again.

Suggestion: Your list is your most important business asset.  Keep it updated and accurate.  Stay in touch with everyone frequently.  It is time and money well spent.

Talking and selling can be challenging

# 13: Become a Good Listener

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion.

The best salespeople are the best listeners. Learn how to ask thought provoking questions, and then be smart enough to shut up and listen.

Let your prospect do twice as much talking as you do. Remember, salespeople talk, but consultants ask questions and listen. Be a consultant, not a salesperson.

Suggestion: Give your prospect your undivided attention and make them feel like the most important person in the world. Do that and you will recruit more MLM reps.

Biggest mistake you can make is to keep working leads that will probably never convert

# 14: Focus on Better Quality Prospects

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can afford the products or services you are selling.  It sounds mean, but it’s the truth.

You can improve your likelihood of success by at least 10-fold, simply by talking to better quality prospects.

Focus on people who HAVE disposable income. Focus on people who are entrepreneurial by nature. Focus on people who are accustomed to commission based pay. Focus on people with network marketing experience. Focus on people who are already buying similar products.

What most people do is recruit down. They look for people BELOW their level of motivation and success, because they are comfortable approaching these people. This is a HUGE mistake.

What you want to do is RECRUIT UP. Look for people who are better and more successful than you are. This will save you a lot of headaches and frustration.

If you inherited a $100 million company and you needed to hire someone to be the CEO and Chairman of the Board, who would you approach? That is the type of person you want to approach about your MLM Business.

Suggestion: If you want to recruit more MLM reps, one of the best things you can do is focus on prospecting quality people. Rather than looking for people who NEED the business, focus on people who would do well with the business.

# 15: Ask for the Sale

If you want to succeed in the business, you have to be able to look someone in the eye and ask them to take out their credit card and make a purchase, or sign the distributor agreement. Even if someone wants to join or buy, they probably won’t do so unless you ask them to.

This is one of the key things that separate people who struggle in the industry from people who succeed. If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get it!

Suggestion: Learn how to close. Get mentorship from someone in your upline who is a good recruiter. Tag along with them and watch them in action. Read books on sales and closing. Attend sales seminars when possible. And ALWAYS assume the sale and ask for it!

all mlm leaders are good recruiters

# 16: Use the Three-Way Call

Utilize three-way calls whenever possible. It’s one of the easiest ways to recruit more MLM reps, especially if you are new in the business.  Leverage your sponsor’s or upline’s experience and let them help you explain the business and close your prospects for you. This will save you a lot of time and frustration, and you can earn while you learn.

Suggestion: After one of your prospects has watched a presentation, get them on the phone with your sponsor or upline. Let them answer your prospect’s questions, give them information and close them for you.

# 17: Know Your Numbers

Every person in our industry has a success ratio. This ratio is:

Number of people approached = Number of Appointments = Number of Presentations = Number of New Customers and Reps

When you are just starting out in the business, your ratio might not be very good. You might have to talk to 50 people to sign up one new distributor. As you improve your skills, you can improve your ratio.

It’s important that you keep track of these stats so you can know how many people you actually talk to.  Most people talk to far fewer prospects than they think they do.

What you can lack in skills, you can make up for in numbers. As you improve your skills, you can improve your success ratio.

Suggestion: Keep an updated spreadsheet covering how many people you talked to, how many people you set appointments with, how many presentations you did, and how many people actually signed up.

Network marketing isnt for people who arent willing to work hard

# 18: Advertise

Your network marketing business is a real business. All businesses I know of use paid advertising. It just makes sense to get your name out there so people can learn about you and what you do.

Set an advertising budget for your business, even if it’s something small, so you can get your phone ringing with incoming calls from prospects.

Try out a few different paid advertising strategies. Start small and test your results. Find something that works and then scale your efforts.

Suggestion: Advertise in places where your target market hangs out. Figure out what websites they visit and what newspapers and magazines they read, and then advertise in those venues. When you place your ad, focus on the benefits of what you are offering people and find a way to be different and stand out in the crowd.

# 19: Appeal to People’s Emotions

We are all emotional creatures. We make emotional decisions and then justify those decisions with logic. You need to understand this.

Whenever you talk with your prospects, focus on the benefits of what you are offering them. Rather than focus on the details and features, show people what is in it for them.

What do they gain by using the products? Why should they build a business? If you can focus on appealing to people’s emotions you will sign up more customers and recruit more MLM reps.

Remember, people don’t buy a drill because they want a drill. People buy a drill because they want a hole.

Suggestion: Figure out your prospect’s hot button as quickly as possible and tailor your entire presentation around that.

# 20: Use Third-Party Tools

Be the messenger, not the message. Always use third party tools to share the products and business opportunity with others.

You have to keep the business simple.

The beauty of this business is the simplicity. Any fool can complicate the business, but it takes a genius to keep it simple.

Even if you can give a perfect presentation or sales pitch, most of your team members can’t do that. That being said, anyone can share a video, webinar, or conference call with a prospect. You want all of your prospects to evaluate what you do and see themselves being able to do what you do.

Suggestion: Be the messenger, not the message, and use third party tools whenever possible.

Recruiting is a Process Not an Event

# 21: Recruit in Depth (Taprooting)

Taprooting is when you help the people you sponsor, sponsor other people. This is the key to success in network marketing, and it is the most important tip I can share with you to recruit more MLM reps.

If you sponsor 100 people, but none of them sponsor anyone, you are wasting your time, money and energy. You will have a revolving door in your business and you won’t make anywhere near the money that you could be making, if you learned how to taproot.

Your goal is to help your new recruit sponsor someone within their first 24-hours. Once they do that, you start working with their new recruit and help them do the same thing. You keep repeating this process over and over and over in depth, and never stop.

At some point, you will find a quality person who is a leader and doer.  Normally, they will show up MANY levels deep in your team.  Once you find that leader, you will coach them and train them, and then they will take over this process for you, driving your leg even deeper.

Suggestion: Your number one goal when you sign up a new rep is to help them sign up their first rep within 24-hours. Always work at the deepest level of your team, with the newest most excited distributors. Build your team from the bottom up. The deeper you work in depth the more people you help and excite.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my top 21 best tips on how to recruit more MLM reps.

I encourage you to evaluate yourself in each one of these areas and then pick two or three of these strategies to focus on. Don’t try to do all of these things at once or you will end up with information overload.

What do you think? What are your best tips on how to recruit more MLM reps? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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25 thoughts on “Recruit More MLM Reps: Best MLM Recruiting Secrets”

  1. What’s the easiest way to meet people? Wear a button. Go on eBay, Vista Print, or visit your local office supply store and get a big button made that you can wear every day. It could say something like:

    • Ask Me How to Lose Weight!
    • Ask Me How to Make an Extra $500 per Month!
    • Fire Your Boss! Ask Me How.
    • Or anything else!

    Wear your button whenever you are out and about living life and I can promise you that it will help you start conversations with prospects. People will ask you about it, which is a great lead in to your products or business opportunity.

  2. Questions to Ask Your Prospects

    • Are you keeping your options open?
    • Does your employer pay you what you are worth?
    • Do you have the time, money and health to do what you want when you want?
    • Is your cash flow as good as you’d like it to be?
    • If I could show you a way to increase your cash flow by $500 to $1000 per month, on a part-time basis, without interfering with what you are currently doing, would that interest you?
    • Do you know anyone who might be looking to supplement their income on a part-time basis?

  3. When someone tells you NO, treat them well. Never burn a bridge. Add them to your contact list and stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Never use pressure, hard selling or hype. Ask them if you can stay in touch with them once or twice a year, just to see how they are doing. Many people who tell you NO today will eventually be on your team, if you treat them well and have a good follow-up plan.

  4. If you were to look at 100 top earners from 100 different companies this is what you would find. Most of them have sponsored 100 to 500 people personally. Most have been with the same company for at least five years. And most of them earn 90% or more of their income from three or less people on their team. Most of these top earners simply sponsored 2-4 people per month for five years. That’s it.

  5. The reason people say no to you is mostly because of you. People don’t join companies, they join people. You have to be someone worth joining. Your prospect has to know you, like you and trust you. They have to see you and what you have to offer as solution to their troubles.

  6. You should talk to everyone. You never really know who will be successful. I wish people walked around with a stamp on their head telling you they have what it takes, or not. But people don’t do that. You never know who your next ace will be. That being said, I have found, from my experience, that most people who are successful in our industry were already successful in life before they joined the industry. You should also know that quality people will typically lead you to quality people whereas broke people will typically lead you to broke people.

  7. The most important person you need to sponsor is yourself. You are the most important person in your group. If you do not have 100% belief in yourself, your company, your products and the industry, you will never make it to the top.

  8. Stop looking for people who are down and out and NEED the business and focus on finding people who WANT to change their lives for the better. Ultimately, you are looking for someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and will do just about anything to improve their life. Just because someone SHOULD improve their life, or should want to, doesn’t mean that they actually do want to improve their life.

  9. Everyone in our industry has a number. That number is the number of people you need to personally sponsor to become successful in our industry. Your number might be 20. It might be 250. I can assure you that if you stick with it and keep sponsoring people, you will one day reach your number and have a successful business. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different number and no one knows what their number will be.

  10. The major problem with the internet,and long distance sponsoring, is that it is so hard to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with people. Even if you are good at sponsoring distributors, people will drop out like flies because you can’t work them with face-to-face.

    My best suggestion is to build locally and let your business naturally expand from there. Don’t be 100% dependent on the internet. Even if you can master it yourself, most of your team members will need one-on-one help.

  11. A lot of people in our industry have the mindset that “if they could just find that one person” their business would take off and the big checks would just start rolling in. I’ve found that it seldom works out that way.

    You see, a leader will rarely, if ever join a follower. Leaders are naturally attracted to other leaders. To me, this means you need to become a leader first if you want to attract other leaders into your business.

    Work on your people skills. Work on your leadership skills. Improve your knowledge and value. Only then will you start to attract the type of people you are really looking for. Be someone worth joining!

  12. Who Are You Really Looking for in This Business?

    This is a question that took me nearly 10 years to truly understand. The person you are looking for in this business is ANYONE who wants to use the products or services.

    Your first and top priority is to create volume. That’s what you get paid to do. Of course you want to find your leaders and serious people. Just keep in mind that this is a very small percentage of the people you sponsor and a very, very small percentage of people you talk to.

    If you’re only looking for leaders and heavy hitters, you are going to have to work extra hard. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll have to go through tons of people. It’s much easier to find your key people as a result of finding people who want to use the products or services first, than the other way around. I hope that makes sense.

  13. Most new distributors would rather sponsor someone on the other side of the country, even overseas, than sponsor someone locally. This is a big mistake as I see it.

    It’s much smarter to grow your business locally. When you sponsor someone locally, you can spend time working with them and helping them. When you sponsor someone far away and you don’t have the resources to help them, you are really doing them an injustice.

    Whether you live in a big city or small town, I know you can find your customer base and your first few distributors by sponsoring locally.

  14. Retail to Recruit

    One of the best pieces of advice I’ve learned during the past sixteen years was the concept of retailing to recruit. Here’s what I’ve found: a happy customer will become a loyal customer. And a loyal customer will keep reordering the products for a long time, whether they ever join the business or not.

    A loyal customer will refer others to you. And there’s a good chance that your happy/loyal customer will eventually upgrade to a distributor to get a discount, to get their products for free or even to earn an extra income.

    Most new distributors quit in 90 days. It’s just a reality. Many of these folks were looking for the “magic dust” which we all know doesn’t exist.

    How much money could you make in your company with just 50 to 100 loyal customers who order every month? Do the math. I think you will be amazed at how lucrative it is to get customers.

  15. Recruiting is about providing value. After 16 years of recruiting, I’ve found this to be true. What separates a good recruiter from someone who can’t even sponsor their spouse or parent? Other than working the numbers, I personally believe it boils down to the value you offer your prospect.

    Think about when you are dealing with a real estate agent. No one wants to work with a realtor who has never sold a home before. No one wants to hire an amateur or work with someone who is clueless. Everyone wants to work with the best, the person with the great reputation and proven experience.

    To become that person you need to hone your skills. You need to increase your value, so you have something to offer your prospect. Your MLM Prospect is going to look at you and ask themselves the question: “can this person help me?”

    You want to make sure your prospect looks at you and thinks you are a professional and are good at what you do. Do that and you will close more prospects.

  16. Your personal story is the most powerful recruiting tool that you have. It’s true, people love stories. You need to use the products and develop a great personal story that you can share with your prospects.

    For instance, “I lost 20 pounds in three months by replacing one meal a day with a weight loss shake.” That’s my own story that I share with my prospects and it helps me find lots of new customers. Just remember that facts tell and stories sell.

    At the end of the day, your goal should be to recruit FIVE QUALITY PEOPLE. I can’t stress that enough. Recruit up and try to find GO-GETTERS who have a big burning desire, a strong work ethic, and are coachable.

    Once you find these people do everything you can to help them find their five WINNERS and keep repeating this process over and over in depth. It’s a lot easier to find a few quality people, and then “run with the horses” than it is to try and revive the dead or motivate the unwilling.

  17. I am new to Network marketing and sales for that matter. I just signed up with a company in it’s ground floor stage and have been frustrated with the lack of interest by family and friends. This article is exactly what I needed to read. I’m super excited to get started with some of these tips. Thanks sorry much for taking the time to write this.

  18. Hi Chuck, I have learned so much from reading your 21 steps of how to recruit. the ones I like are learning how to close, become I become a little scared to close especially when the person says il keep you posted. the second one I like is building a list of people I know. I kept scratching people off when they say No, and I developed a little attitude to not bother them again. My 3rd one is advertising, I’m getting there and I’m loving it. my last on I liked is appealing to peoples emotions on what the product would do or what they wanted to do to better their lives. Thank you for your great list…

  19. Wow, great list of tips Chuck. I really do not know how I could add any more to it.

    Some of the more important ones in my opinion are:

    #3- Ask for referrals. I believe this is a key method of getting leads and prospects. Many network marketers lose out by not following this tip.

    #4- confidence is ultra important. If you are not confident in yourself, how can the prospect be confident?

    #12- Build a list. As you often say: the money is in the list.

    #15-Learn to close. I learned many years ago a person can say nearly anything in a presentation, and if they are good at closing…they will; and vice versa. We once had a Iranian American salesman who was kind of a jerk, but he could close. He entered a Conservative Christian home and saw a picture of Jesus and immediately exclaimed, “That’s my cousin.” The people had looks that could be deemed murderous. They bought $6,000 worth of windows from him. Even after that entrance.

    All the other tips are great too Chuck, thanks.

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