Randy Gage: Videos, Books, Quotes, Training and Review

This page will provide an overview of Randy Gage.  I’ll share some of my favorite videos, quotes, books and training programs Randy has to offer.

If you’ve been in network marketing for any period of time, I’m sure you’ve heard of Randy before.  To be quite frank with you, I really admire this guy.

I’ve been studying his training (books, training courses and videos) for years.  I was fortunate enough to hear him speak at the 2015 Mastermind Event.

In the paragraphs below, I want to share some inside information about him and educate you why you should buy and study his materials.

About Randy Gage

Here are a few neat things about him.

  • He is an avid softball player
  • Some of his other hobbies are car racing and Science Fiction
  • He lives in Florida and Australia
  • As a teenager he spent some time in jail
  • He is the author of eight books and dozens of audio and video training programs
  • He is considered an expert in the subjects of entrepreneurship, network marketing and prosperity
  • He is a true rags to riches story
  • He’s built MLM teams of more than 200k distributors
  • He’s a non-nonsense and no B.S. type of guy

Randy Gage MLM Company

At the present moment (2017), Randy Gage is a top producer in FuXion.  This is a Latin American Bio Tech Company. He joined this company sometime in 2015.

Prior to joining FuXion, he was the first Triple Diamond with Agel, a company specializing in nutrition.

He’s personally mentored hundreds of six and seven figure earners throughout his career.

Prior to Agel, I’m not sure which MLM Company he was affiliated with.  I do know that he took some time off in the industry between his former company and joining Agel.

Randy Gage Videos on YouTube

If you visit YouTube, you will see that Randy has more than 125 different videos covering a wide variety of subjects.  Most of his videos are geared around network marketing, entrepreneurship or personal development.  The name of his channel is Prosperity TV.

Listed below are a couple of his more popular videos.

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Randy Gage Training Programs

Randy Gage has lots of great training programs.  If you visit his website, you will find more than 20 different programs to choose from.  Here are a few of his most popular network marketing training programs.

mega mlm# 1 Randy Gage’s Mega-MLM – This training program explains how he built a team of more than 200k distributors.  It contains 12 CDs and a workbook.  He talks about creating a culture in your team, how to duplicate your business, how to get your mindset right, and so much more!

# 2 Secrets of Network Marketing Success, Volume 1 – In this course,  you will discover how to create powerful duplication in your downline.  It‘s the latest information on what‘s working today in the new economy.  This is a ’must have“ resource for anyone that is serious about their MLM success.

# 3 Secrets of Network Marketing Success, Volume 2 – Learn how to explode your network marketing business!  In Volume One you learned how to grow a strong team.  With this program, you‘ll discover how to get duplication into play so your bonus check can multiply quickly!  You‘ll learn exactly how Randy Gage built an organization that made him a living legend, and one of the top income earners in the entire industry.

duplication nation# 4 Duplication Nation – This is quite perhaps the most advanced training on the art and science of building an organization.  It is a complete step-by-step system to growing an organization And, it can help the industry beginner all the way to the seasoned professional.  It consists of 12 audio CDs or 12 video DVDs, A study guide and bonus business building materials.

# 5 How to Become an MLM Rock Star! (5-disc audio CD album) – 5 CD album.  This is the true “Insider” info that Randy used to build one of the fastest growing organizations ever seen in the industry.  This is NOT a training album on how to get a prospect’s phone number, or product retailing tips!  Also, this is the high level, leadership and culture stuff, the information you need to lead a massive organization and guide it through exponential growth.

# 6 First Steps booklet – Learn how to get started in your business the right way and achieve the success you deserve.

# 7 Escape the Rat Race – Learn how anyone can escape the rate race and build the life they deserve by building a successful network marketing business.

Randy Gage Books

After doing some research on his website and on Amazon, it looks like Randy has authored at least 8 different books.  I’ve shared a few of his popular titles below.  You can check out his other titles by going to his website or by doing a search on Amazon.

mad genius randy gage# 1 How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine – This is hands down his most popular (and my most favorite) book.  He gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build a large and profitable network marketing business.

# 2 Risky is the New Safe, the Rules Have Changed – Learn why the days of job security are long gone.  And discover what you can do about it.  Take control of your own future.

# 3 Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke… And How to Get Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! – Learn how to get healthy and take control of your finances.  Transform your life by making changes.

# 4 Making Your First Circle Work – This is a great book because he talks about how to be successful in your network marketing business.  The premise of this book is that you must focus on what you can control, and set a good example for others to follow.

# 5 Mad Genius: A Manifesto to Entrepreneurs – This book is designed to teach people how to think like an entrepreneur.  This is a must read for any employee looking to make the transition to entrepreneur.

# 6 The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – This book will teach you about the law of attraction, and how to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  Basically, it teaches you the success mindset.

# 7 Prosperity Mind – Learn how to get your thinking right so you can achieve success and make your dream come true.  This 93-page book will help teach you how to do that.

Randy Gage Quotes from “Making the First Circle Work”

What you will see below are some of my favorite Randy Gage quotes from his book, “Making the First Circle Work.”  Each quote is in bold an italics.  After each quote I share my own two sense on the subject.

1. We sent the tone for our organization and model the behavior.  And unfortunately because of the nature of human nature, it seems that 90% of the bad things get duplicated and only about 40 or 50 percent of the good things do.  Remember that people will do what you do, not do what you say.  Make sure you are setting a strong personal example for others to follow.

2. The first person you lead is yourself.  Before you try to lead your team, make sure you are leading yourself, setting a good example, and doing what you want others to do. Ask yourself if you would want 50 people on your team doing exactly what you are doing.  If you cannot answer that question with a Big YES, make sure you “man up” and get yourself right. Everything starts with you.

3. The Matrix, Binary, and Quadra-plan compensation plans have certainly created some entitlement culture in the business.  Many people demand spillover and see it as their birthright.  Many of the new compensation plans in our industry have created laziness. When you help build a team for others, they expect it.  Paying people to do nothing but sit back and wait for the upline to do everything is really sending the wrong message.  Never do more for people than they are willing to do for themselves.

4. The bonus check you receive every month has your name on it and no one else’s.  Once you accept that, you’re ready to create success.  You need to realize that your success is up to you.  If you want a bigger bonus check, it’s your responsibility to make it happen, and no one else’s.

5. The best training I ever got for Network Marketing came from outside of the business. Most top earners in our industry study successful business experts outside of our industry such as Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, and Yanik Silver.  Don’t be scared to read books and take courses on a variety of different entrepreneurial subjects, by people not involved in MLM.

6. Mindset may have more to do with success than any other thing we could have.  Until you get your thinking and mindset right, you will struggle in your business.  You must accept that you deserve success.  You need to believe in yourself.  You need to think like a winner before you will ever become one.

7. The only way to keep your mindset right is through daily self-development time devoted to positive programming.  If you want to get your thinking right, feed it with positive things, such as books, tapes and seminars.  Spend as much time feeding your brain as you do feeding your body. 

8. Start and end each day with positive programming to counteract all the negativity you will be exposed to the rest of the time.  There is so much negative stuff in the media and in day to day life.  Make sure you set aside some time each day to feed your brain with something positive.  Read, listen to a tape, talk to your coach or do whatever you can to fill your brain with positive thoughts.  Do these things right after you wake up and right before you go to bed.

9. Challenges are the stepping stones that develop character and skills that ultimately allow you to prevail.  Success is nothing more than getting up one more time than you are knocked down.  Everyone faces trials, tribulations and setbacks.  It’s how you react to these things that matter most.

10. It is our dreams that will cause us to find the time, face the fears, and persevere through the challenges.  If your dream is big enough, nothing is impossible.  And without a WHY, you will never go out and do what it takes to succeed in network marketing.

11. You must be willing to fight for your dreams against the negativity of the herd.  Reduce your time with the dream-stealers.  Avoid negative people at all costs.  Hang out with people who lift you up, not bring you down.

12. Feed your dreams on a daily basis.  Spend more on your self development than you do at the coffee shop.  Spend as much time feeding your brain as you do feeding your body.  If you spend an hour a day eating, make sure you spend at least the same amount of time reading books, listening to tapes and programming your brain with positive thoughts.

13. The opposite of success is not failure; it’s mediocrity.  Failure is actually part of the process of success.  Most people never achieve success in life because they are comfortable with where they currently are. Never settle for what you have.  Always aim for something better.

14. When you demonstrate that the business is done with integrity, then that behavior will become the standard throughout the team.  Lead by example at all times and always do the right thing. Your team will notice.  And they will do what you do.

15. If your company makes a product, you should never buy that product from another company for any reason.  You have to be your own best customer and buy from your own store.  If you owned a Chevy dealership you wouldn’t drive a Ford.  If you did, you would be the laughing stock of the town.  Don’t expect others to believe in your products if you don’t use them yourself.

16. The more of your products or services that you use, the better you will know them.  You need to personally use your products so you know a lot about them, their benefits, and you have a good story that you can share with others.

17. People with high levels of personal use always have high volume levels in their team as well.  Make the first circle work.  Use the products, get customers and teach your team to do the same.

18. Don’t make the mistake of trying to increase profits by saving on samples.  Be generous with samples.  Samples are a great way to showcase your products.  Don’t skimp on samples to save money.

19. Every time someone attends a presentation with you, have your nice package of product samples for her to take home.  Your product is your best advertisement.  Let your product samples help you sell more products.

20. Opening a business and being your own boss is not for everyone.  Running a business is not for the faint at heart.  It takes guts, vision and discipline, something most people don’t have.

21. Don’t try to bully them into attending opportunity meetings or doing other business building requirements if that isn’t their thing.  If someone isn’t interested in seeing a presentation or signing up, don’t pressure them to do so. Instead, go out and find someone who is interested.

22. I’ve made millions of dollars as a business builder in network marketing.  But it pales in comparison to the millions of dollars in additional income I lost in the past by not doing a better job creating a customer base.  Don’t neglect the long-term value of having customers in your organization.  Don’t just focus on business builders.  Combine sponsoring with getting customers or you will leave a lot of money on the table.

23. And the longer you’re in business the higher your average volume should be.  As you mature in your business, you should grow your customer base and personal consumption.

24. The difference between people who earn a few hundred or thousand dollars a month and those who create financial freedom for themselves is this: how they spend those 10 to 15 hours a week initially.  Time management is key.  Manage your time wisely or it will manage you.  Do the most important things first.

25. Amateurs spend lots of time with busywork.  Professionals dedicate as much of their time as possible to rainmaker activities.  The only tasks that pay you in network marketing are prospecting, showing the plan, following up, getting customers, and training your team. Make sure you spend at least 90% of your productive hours on one of those tasks.

26. One of the best things you can do to maximize productivity and income is to plan your work week.  Failing to plan is failing to plan.  Everyone is busy, but productive people plan their week by the hour. Schedule time in your day planner to prospect, show the plan, follow up, train your team and get customers.  These activities won’t happen if you don’t plan them.

27. Most of the people work their organization from the top down, focusing on their personal enrollees.  With the taproot principle you work from the bottom up, creating volume and excitement at the lower levels, which has a chain reaction on those above.  Light a fire in the basement and everyone above them gets excited.

28. The fastest and strongest way to grow your business is to first build in your local market where you live.  Why sponsor someone on the other side of the country when you can work with people locally?  Start locally so you can invest your time, money and energy helping these people get started.  Do this and your business will naturally expand across the country and globe.

29. The people with duplication understand the importance of events, and the other people are looking for shortcuts, trying to do the business without them.  Events are vital to the success of your business. Attend all events and get as many people on your team to go with you as you can.

30. It’s not whether something works, it’s whether something duplicates.  You can have the best idea in the world, but if the people on your team can’t or won’t do it, it’s useless.  Keep things simple and easy to duplicate.  Make it so simple a caveman can do it.

31. Spurts of rank advancement always follow the major events.  Events create excitement in you organization.  When people leave events they are motivated and when they go back home they take action.  Promote events and get your people to go.

32. Make sure your people understand that for the first couple of years they shouldn’t be trying to live out of the business.  Network marketing is just like any other business.  You have to nurture and feed your business.  Keep reinvesting your profits back into your business during the first two to three years, so your business can grow and mature.  Once you do that you can gladly start paying yourself.

33. You reach a critical mass of a tipping point once you have at least 100 distributorships attending a major event.  Once you’ve attained this, your business has enough traction to continue to grow without you.  Promote the major functions and get as many people on your team to go as you can.  The more people you get at functions the quicker your organization will grow.

34. You don’t manage people.  You lead people and manage things.  This is simple, but very important advice.  Lead your people by being a good example and manage the issues that come up as you do that.

35. Your number one obligation in your business is to become successful yourself.  While it’s important to help others achieve success, keep your own success as your top priority.

36. The truth is you cannot show anyone how to attain a pin rank until you’ve attained that pin rank yourself.  If you’ve never done something yourself, you aren’t qualified to teach it to someone else.

37. Your objective is to get your people to a monthly income of 0 or 0 as quickly as possible.  Help your new distributors achieve success within their first 90 days and there is a good chance they will stick around for years to come.  This is the fastest and best way to increase retention rates in your organization.

38. The pain of discipline is far easier to bear than the pain of regret.  You only get one shot in life.  It’s better to attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.

Randy Gage Speech at 2015 MLM Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida with my friend, Catherine.  Randy Gage was one of the keynote speakers.

What you will see below are some of the notes I took from his different speeches.  The lessons are in bold an italics and then I share my own two cents after each lesson.  Enjoy.

# 1 What’s holding you back? We are often our own worst enemy.  We have to get ourselves right so we can achieve the success we want and deserve.

# 2 If you’re not being rejected, you’re not doing the business. Rejection is a normal part of this business.  If people aren’t telling you NO you aren’t talking to enough people.

# 3 Work with the ones who are willing to give up watching television.  Spend your time with the people who are as committed as you are.

# 4 1 in 10 people you know would be willing to go to work in the business.  Most people you know will not be interested in the business, nor would they be committed if they did join.

# 5 Focus on the people who say yes.  Don’t try to convince people to stay or do something with their business.  Instead, focus on the ones who stick around and do the work.

# 6 Don’t let your fear of success hold you backYou are capable and deserving of great things. 

# 7 The products drive everything we do.  If the products don’t make sense neither will the business.  We only get paid when products are sold.

# 8 Everyone should have five to fifty personal customers.  Everyone needs customers.  Without customers you don’t have a legitimate business.  Teach everyone on your team to find five to ten customers before they start recruiting distributors.

# 9 We sabotage our own success.  We are often our own worst enemy.

# 10 You need a certain skill-set to build a large, successful organization.  Like any other profession, you need to master some basic skills if you want to be successful on a grand level.

# 11 Nobody goes straight to the top.  Success is never a straight line.  Instead, it is a series of zigs and zags.  Look at any top earner on stage at your company’s event and you will quickly discover that they had many years of struggle and setbacks before they became successful.

# 12 Become the person who is comfortable in his own skin.  Be content and happy with who you are. Be the best you. You are unique.

# 13 Work on your skills.  Try to get better every single day.  Focus on your personal development.  Master your craft by taking daily action to build your business.

# 14 If you have worthiness issues deal with them and get it fixed.  Get your thinking right so you don’t hold yourself back from the success you want and deserve.

# 15 Keep paying your dues.  Youmust pay the price if you want to make it to the mountain top.

# 16 Keep honing your craft.  Get better every single day.

# 17 People skills are the most important skill to master.  This is the ultimate people business.  Become likeable.  Learn how to get along with different types of people.

# 18 How can you empower your team to get out of their own way? Your job is to coach your team to break through the things that are holding them back.

# 19 Be successful for your team.  Lead by example.  Achieve success so your team knows it is possible.

# 20 Lead people to lead people to lead people.  This is the most important tip on this page.  If everyone on your team relies on you for leadership you will max out or burn out.  You need to lead your few key leaders and have them lead their leaders, etc.

# 21 The single most important element of a company is the field leadership.  The people in the trenches every single day are the most credible source for information.

# 22 Develop the self discipline.  Master the art of self-discipline.  Be disciplined with your time.

# 23 Be willing to let go of the person you have been so you can become the person you need to be.  Your business will only grow as much as you do.

# 24 Lead the thinking of your leaders.  Be a good example and teach your leaders the right way to think about their business.

# 25 You have to be an amateur psychologist.  As you build a team you will deal with people problems all the time.  That is what you get paid to do.

# 26 The skills you need to master are prospecting, contacting and following up.  Master these skills and you can build a huge network marketing business.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Randy Gage is one of the most respected network marketing distributors and trainers in the world today.  He’s been in the business for more than 20 years now.  He’s achieved phenomenal success and he’s rose to the top distributor position in several different companies.

He has built teams of more than 200,000 distributors.  If you’re looking to work with someone who knows what they’re talking about Randy Gage is your man.  I highly suggest you check out some of his training materials and attend one of his seminars.  You will be glad that you did.

On a side note, if you’ve ever met him personally or worked with him personally, I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below to share what your experience was like.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
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17 thoughts on “Randy Gage: Videos, Books, Quotes, Training and Review”

  1. I did not realize that Randy is the one who wrote Risky Is The new Safe, The Rules Have Changed.

    It is a very good book and I am in total agreement with his view within this book. To really gain success in this world, chances must be taken. Risk is the new safe. The people who just stay in their dead end lifestyles will most likely never get ahead unless they step out and take some risks,

    I recommend this book to everyone.

  2. I’m on Randy’s Agel team and I have to tell you that he is absolutely amazing. I’ve participated in some of his training and he knows what he is talking about. He really goes the extra mile to teach you what you need to know to be successful. I’ve purchased most of his courses now and they have helped me immensely.

  3. Randy Gage is awesome. I’m on his Agel team and think very highly of him. He does a lot for his team and for our industry. I consider myself fortunate to be on his team.

  4. This is a great review of Randy Gage, Chuck. Like you, I’m not affiliated with Randy either, but I follow most of his training videos and programs. He is really a legend in our industry and does a lot to help people from any MLM Company, not just Agel.

  5. Randy Gage is awesome. I’ve been to a few of his training seminars and I can tell you that this guy knows his stuff. I’ve purchased most of his courses and books and consider him to be the best MLM Trainer around. I think any serious network marketer should study his materials.


    1. It is neat that you have been able to attend some of Randy Gage’s learning seminars. I would love to be able to attend some of his seminars. I have been able to follow some of his courses and get some on his books and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. So I know seeing him speak in person would be really fulfilling and inspiring.

  6. I think that Randy Gage is an excellent role model to follow for building a business well and living life well. His principles are embedded in everything he does, which is a true testament to a quality human being. Regardless of what type of business you are starting, he lays an excellent foundation for others to follow.

  7. Thank you for providing information about Randy Gage. He is truly inspirational and seems like a good person to learn from. I probably would not have come across him on my own and would have missed out on some very valuable lessons. It is convenient that I am able to access some of his material via videos on YouTube. I am a visual learner so I connect better when I can see. I probably will read some of his books as well because I am sure that they are filled with a wealth of knowledge that I can constantly reference.

    1. Randy Gage is a great leader for anyone in the network marketing industry or outside of it. His entrepreneurial and prosperity training are just as good as his network marketing training.


  8. I’ve spent the past two years in Agel in Randy Gage’s downline. He is not my sponsor. In fact, I am probably 100 levels deep in his organization. However, I’ve listened to many of his training calls, studied most of his materials and heard him speak at conventions. I have the utmost respect for Randy Gage. I haven’t achieved the level of success that he has, but I do make $1000 to $1500 per month with Agel. And I credit my success to the things I’ve learned from Randy Gage.


    1. Teddy,

      Thanks for the comment. Randy Gage is a great speaker and trainer: one of my favorites. I’ve followed his for several years now and think very highly of him. I’m glad you’ve achieved some success in Agel and have learned so much from Randy Gage. Good luck with your business.


  9. Randy Gage represents a success story for those who want to make it in network marketing. I actually found a copy of Duplication Nation at a secondhand store and gave it a look but I don’t think I have the patience for running a big business. It’s impossible to deny success such as his.

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