Randy Gage Lessons from the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event

In today’s post I want to share some notes from Randy Gage’s speech at the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event.  These are not quotes.  These are just notes that I wrote down from listening to his speech.  They are in no particular order.  I hope you find them helpful.  Each lesson is in bold and italics.  I also share my own two cents on each lesson.

# 1 What’s holding you back? We are often our own worst enemy.  We have to get ourselves right so we can achieve the success we want and deserve.

# 2 If you’re not being rejected, you’re not doing the business. Rejection is a normal part of this business.  If people aren’t telling you NO you aren’t talking to enough people.

# 3 Work with the ones who are willing to give up watching television.  Spend your time with the people who are as committed as you are.

# 4 1 in 10 people you know would be willing to go to work in the business.  Most people you know will not be interested in the business, nor would they be committed if they did join.

# 5 Focus on the people who say yes.  Don’t try to convince people to stay or do something with their business.  Instead, focus on the ones who stick around and do the work.

# 6 Don’t let your fear of success hold you back.  You are capable and deserving of great things. 

# 7 The products drive everything we do.  If the products don’t make sense neither will the business.  We only get paid when products are sold.

# 8 Everyone should have five to fifty personal customers.  Everyone needs customers.  Without customers you don’t have a legitimate business.  Teach everyone on your team to find five to ten customers before they start recruiting distributors.

# 9 We sabotage our own success.  We are often our own worst enemy.

# 10 You need a certain skill-set to build a large, successful organization.  Like any other profession, you need to master some basic skills if you want to be successful on a grand level.

# 11 Nobody goes straight to the top.  Success is never a straight line.  Instead, it is a series of zigs and zags.  Look at any top earner on stage at your company’s event and you will quickly discover that they had many years of struggle and setbacks before they became successful.

# 12 Become the person who is comfortable in his own skin.  Be content and happy with who you are. Be the best you. You are unique.

# 13 Work on your skills.  Try to get better every single day.  Focus on your personal development.  Master your craft by taking daily action to build your business.

# 14 If you have worthiness issues deal with them and get it fixed.  Get your thinking right so you don’t hold yourself back from the success you want and deserve.

# 15 Keep paying your dues.  Youmust pay the price if you want to make it to the mountain top.

# 16 Keep honing your craft.  Get better every single day.

# 17 People skills are the most important skill to master.  This is the ultimate people business.  Become likeable.  Learn how to get along with different types of people.

# 18 How can you empower your team to get out of their own way? Your job is to coach your team to break through the things that are holding them back.

# 19 Be successful for your team.  Lead by exampleAchieve success so your team knows it is possible.

# 20 Lead people to lead people to lead people.  This is the most important tip on this page.  If everyone on your team relies on you for leadership you will max out or burn out.  You need to lead your few key leaders and have them lead their leaders, etc.

# 21 The single most important element of a company is the field leadership.  The people in the trenches every single day are the most credible source for information.

# 22 Develop the self disciplineMaster the art of self-discipline.  Be disciplined with your time.

# 23 Be willing to let go of the person you have been so you can become the person you need to be.  Your business will only grow as much as you do.

# 24 Lead the thinking of your leaders.  Be a good example and teach your leaders the right way to think about their business.

randy gage book# 25 You have to be an amateur psychologist.  As you build a team you will deal with people problems all the time.  That is what you get paid to do.

# 26 The skills you need to master are prospecting, contacting and following up.  Master these skills and you can build a huge network marketing business.

About Randy Gage

Randy Gage is a top earner in the industry.  He’s the author of several popular books to include How to Build a Multi-Level Machine and Making the First Circle Work.  He is also a well respected speaker, author, consultant and trainer.  You can visit his website here.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these lessons that Randy Gage shared during the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event.  Which one is your favorite and why?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Randy Gage Lessons from the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event

  1. Greg Boudonck

    Randy Gage is one of my favorites. He has many wise quotes in the post you made here Chuck. Some of the ones that hit me are:

    #3- I love this quote. It is true that the people that are satisfied with just working their regular job and then coming home and watching tv for several hours probably will not do what it takes to manage a network marketing business.

    #20 is so great. Instead of teaching people to follow we need to teach them to lead.

    All the other quotes are great too. Thank you for sharing this Chuck.

  2. Diamond Grant

    When I look back at the times in my life where I failed to act it was because fear was keeping me from moving. There’s a quote that says something to the effect of, “The chances you don’t take are the ones you will regret the most.” I’ve found that to be so true. It is better to try and fail, than to never try and wonder about what could have been. If you fail, at least you’ve learned something to benefit you later down the line.


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