Raising a Giant Book Review: Top 38 Robert Bob Crisp Quotes

If you’ve been in the network marketing industry for any period of time, and read some of the classic books, there is a good chance you’ve read Robert (Bob) Crisp’s book “Raising a Giant.”  This is really an amazing book by someone who built an Amway team of more than TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND people, in just a few short years.  Chew on that for a moment!

To be quite frank with you, this book is amazing.  It is LOADED with wisdom that would benefit any network marketer from any company.  Several top earners in our industry (Mark Yarnell and Dale Calvert specifically) have said it was the best MLM book they ever read.  I learned about the book while visiting Dale Calvert’s website and ordered it immediately.

raising a giant front coverNeedless to say, I was more than impressed.  I read the book in one setting and have since re-read it five to ten times.  It is one of my top 10 all-time favorite books on the network marketing.

What I want to do in this post is share my top 38 quotes from “Raising a Giant.”  Each quote is in bold and italic.  At the end of each quote I also provide my own two cents.   These quotes are in order from where I found them in the book when I read it.  Enjoy.

# 1 Everyone has a network.  Everyone has a few hundred Facebook friends.  Everyone has people that know them, like them, and trust them.  I’d be willing to be that you know at least 300 people that you could share your business or products with, and probably much more than that.  As you work through your names, your objective is to expand into other people’s networks.  When people tell you they don’t know enough people to succeed, they are lying.  If you added up your Facebook friends, email contacts and phone contacts alone, most people would have at least 500 names on their name list.

# 2 This is a business which requires salesmanship and statesmanship.  You need to be a professional at all times.  You need to learn how to sell the products to customers, but you also need to be a network marketing professional.  Not only are you a salesperson, but you are also a CEO of your own company.  You must act like a leader.

# 3 No matter which business you choose, there will always be the doomsayers and naysayers who will tell you it won’t work.  Anytime you stick your head above the crowd, people will try to pull you back down.  Anytime you try to do something great in life, people will tell you that it won’t work.  Let those people be your motivation, not what holds you back and keeps you from being successful.

# 4 Most of us give up opportunity for security.  You can’t have opportunity AND security.  You get to choose one or the other.  There’s nothing wrong with having job security and a steady paycheck, but if you want financial freedom you will need to choose a different path.

# 5 The fact is that security is a myth.  In today’s economy, job security is very hard to find.  Even if you work for the government, you don’t have job security.  You are one merger, one boss, or one bad decision away from losing your job.

# 6 Five years from today your income will be the average of your five best friends.  The friends you choose to associate with are a reflection of you as a person.  Choose your friends wisely.

# 7 If you run with winners you’ll become a winner.  Who you hang around determines where you will end up in life.  Hang around a bunch of thieves and you will become one.  Hang around successful people and you will become successful.  The Power of Association is huge, even as an adult.

# 8 People will only follow those who are obsessed with high goals and dreams.  If you want others to follow your lead, there has to be a reason for the other person to do it.  People don’t follow average people by choice.  Be extraordinary and plenty of folks will want to follow you.  People love winners.  And they love people who know who they are and where they are headed.  Be that person!

# 9 Men and women everywhere are looking for something that will give their lives meaning and prosperity.  Most people live boring, average lives and just live day to day.  If you can show people how to dream again AND show them a way to turn their dreams into reality, you will do very well with network marketing.

# 10 The line of sponsorship is sacred.  Always cherish your line of sponsorship, both upline and downline.  Never do anything to hurt it or destroy it.

# 11 By promoting the group over my group your business can grow when you’re not there to work it.  If you promote your group over the rest, you’ve got to be there to work it all the time. Always put the team first.  Help other people in your company and they will also help you.  The success of the team is always the most important thing.

# 12 Securing your business requires both upline and downline help.  You can’t build your network marketing business all by yourself.  You need the mentorship and support from your upline and you need a team of distributors under you to help you leverage yourself and grow your business.

# 13 Success is built on inconvenience.  If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do things you’ve never done.  Building a business is hard work.  You will have to put in some hours AFTER you get home from your day job.  You will have to make personal sacrifices, but it is well worth it.  Do what most other folks aren’t willing to do and you will get what most folks have never had.

# 14 When you sign someone up, the first thing to do is to begin building a bond between them and your upline.  Get them plugged in.  Leverage your upline.  Introduce all of your new team members to successful people in your upline. This lets you work smart.  Edify your upline and let them edify you.

# 15 Duplicate, don’t innovate.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  If your upline or sponsor has a certain way to build the business, and have proved that it works, follow their lead.

# 16 The NWM industry provides would be entrepreneurs a training ground for success.  MLM is the best business school you can enroll in.  It will teach you about marketing, sales, communication, business finance, leadership and so much more.  I’ve personally learned more about business from MLM, than I did with my college degrees (three of them).

# 17 Your group will do what you do.  People on your team will not do what you tell them to do.  They will follow your lead and do as you do.  Make sure you are a person worth following.

# 18 The good leader is out front with a banner, not behind with a whip.  Lead by inspiration, not by brute force.

# 19 Over time, knowledge and leadership skills will equate to income.  Build the right skill-set and mind-set and you can make as much money as you want to in MLM.

# 20 The size of your dream affects the amount of effort you are willing to put in.  If you have a big dream, you will move mountains to attain it.  If you don’t have any dreams, or have small dreams, you will let temporary challenges keep you from building a business.

# 21 Strive for excellence, not perfection.  No one is perfect.  But we can all be a little bit better tomorrow than we were today.

# 22 Nothing is more demoralizing than indecisive leadership.  Be a decisive leader.  Don’t be scared to make a decision.  That’s what leaders do.

# 23 The typical loser tells others how to do it and sits back and watches.  Make sure that you are always doing what you tell your team to do.  Lead from the front at all times.  Get in the trenches and never leave.

# 24 No matter what we achieve or how high we climb in life, the learning process never ends.  Always strive to learn something new each day.  Be a little bit better tomorrow than you were today.

# 25 It takes time to achieve genuine success.  Nothing worth accomplishing will happen overnight.  Good things take time.  MLM is not some type of get rich quick thing. 

# 26 Courage is what you have when the enthusiasm or inspiration that started you on the journey is gone.  This business is a lot like dating.  It’s fun and exciting the first couple months.  But once the enthusiasm fades, that’s where you find out who is serious and who isn’t.

# 27 All new businesses are founded on hope.  People start businesses on hope.  They are hoping their idea will work and help them reach their dreams and goals.  Never forget that. When you share your business opportunity, make sure you focus on how the business can help the person reach their goals and dreams.

# 28 Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.  You don’t have to know everything to grow your business.  Get excited.  Enthusiasm trumps knowledge every time.

# 29 It’s better to get no help than the wrong help.  Make sure you get advice and help from someone who is qualified to give it.  Be careful who you listen to, you might end up just like them.

# 30 The key to success is duplication not innovation.

# 31 Sales volume is most often the poorest way to judge the condition of a business.  Judge the growth of your business by the number of leaders in it.  That is the most important thing to measure.  These are folks who are doing the work, sponsoring others, getting customers and building a team of their own.

# 32 Boring meetings are bad for business.  Make sure your meetings are fun, exciting, and educational.  No one wants to attend another boring meeting.  They have enough of those at their day job.

# 33 I discovered the money, cars, and material things meant nothing without the recognition.  People are craving for recognition and appreciation.  Recognize people on your team, even when they make small achievements.  People want and need this.

# 34 I will do today what others won’t so I can live tomorrow as they can’t.  If you live today like no one else, you can live tomorrow like no one else.  Sacrifice today equals reward later on down the road.

# 35 80% of the people that quit actually quit within their first 72 hours after they sign up. Most people who join your team will quit.  And most people who quit will never really even have got started in the first place.

# 36 The programs that endure are the ones where the emphasis is placed on the individual as part of something bigger and greater.  People want to belong to something greater than themselves.  People want to be part of a winning team.  Make them feel that way and they will stick around for a long time.

# 37 The fact is, in NWM, you will do a lot in the beginning for little financial reward.  But you will do a little later for a whole lot of financial reward.  Like any business, it takes time to build a solid foundation.  You might work for a year or more with very little to show for it while you build up your team.  But as your team grows, you will get paid much more for your efforts than you actually work.

raising a giant back cover# 38 Take charge of your time.  Schedule yourself a full year of activities and rearrange your priorities so that your NWM business rates right up near the top. Make your business a TOP priority, right up there with your family and job.  Manage your time wisely. Schedule time each day to build your business.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading my “Raising a Giant” book review and enjoy my top 38 Robert “Bob” Crisp quotes from the book.  If you haven’t read “Raising a Giant” yet, you should.  I give it a 10 of 10 and consider it a must read for anyone who is serious about building a large team of distributors.  Visit Bob Crisp’s website to learn more about him.

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2 thoughts on “Raising a Giant Book Review: Top 38 Robert Bob Crisp Quotes”

  1. This does sound like a great book.

    I want to touch on the very first quote: Everyone Has a Network. Yes, it is true, but I think that many people are scared they will alienate friends and family by sharing their MLM opportunity with them. It comes down to wise words and actions. You can share the business without “puking” it on them.

    Every time I go to a family function, others talk about their work and businesses. You can do the same without coming off like a jerk. Just share it and if they show interest, share some more.

    Fear can be our worst enemy.

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