Top 30 QNET Facts: Review, Products and Compensation Plan

If a person searches the internet for QNET, they will soon discover that this company has a huge list of haters and a monstrous list of lovers.

As I researched this multilevel direct selling company, I find myself with a lot of questions. Let’s just say that I am “on the fence.”

There is no possible way I could justify taking any certain side in the QNET saga.

qnet facts
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So just to open peoples eyes to the facts and only the facts, I am going to post an unbiased QNET review. I will provide the top 30 facts which will delve into the QNET products as well as the company’s compensation plan.

Hopefully by the time you are finished reading this post, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether this company is a company you would like to do business with or even become an independent representative with.

But if you are like me, after reading these facts, you may end up having more questions then answers. So feel free to post those questions and maybe someone from the love or the hate side will be able to give you a solid answer.

Now as Jack Webb and later Dan Ackroyd would say:

Just The Facts

These 30 facts are in no particular order.

#1: Founded In…

The year was 1998 when this company was founded in Hong Kong. That is the same year when:

  • Bill Gates had a pie thrown in his face in Belgium
  • Elton John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mercedes Benz purchases Chrysler
  • Google is officially incorporated and is registered as a domain name

#2: The Founders Were…

Vijay Eswaran who is the Executive Chairman of QI Group and Joseph Bismark who is Director of QI Limited.

#3: Other Names

QNET went under several other names which include:

  • Questnet
  • Goldquest
  • and QI Limited

#4: Headquarters And Offices

The company’s central headquarters are in Hong Kong. The company also has offices in:

  • Malaysia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Rwanda
  • Philippines
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Algeria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Burkina Faso
  • Georgia
  • Guinea
  • Moldova
  • Kazakhstan
  • Myanmar
  • Niger
  • Mandalay
  • Ukraine
  • and Russia

#5: It Started With Coins

Being first known as Goldquest, the company started operations just making and selling custom coins.

#6: QNET At The Olympics

This company distributed official Olympic coins at the 2000 Sydney Games, 2004 Athens Games and the 2008 Beijing Games.

#7: QNET At The World Cup

QNET was the official coin distributor for the 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer championships.

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QNET Starts Acquiring

#8: QVI Club

To add to their product line, the company became partners with the travel and vacation company QVI Club.

#9: QI Comm

It jumped into the communications theater in 2005 when they acquired the British communications company making it QI Comm.

#10: Prana

In 2005, the company acquired Prana Resorts and Spa in Thailand.

#11: Cimier

And another acquisition in 2005 was the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Cimier. These are ultra cool watches and you can even design and build your own watch at Watch Academy:

#12: Down To Earth

In 2007, the company made a step into Hawaii by acquiring the organic health food chain called Down To Earth.

#13: Meritus

The company started sponsoring the Meritus Malaysian Motor Racing Team. The team name is now MY QI Meritus.

#14: Virgin Racing

In 2010, they became partners with Virgin racing with a car in the Grand Prix series. It did not do well and was abandoned after the 2011 race year.

#15: A Wide And Deep Product Line

The company has a huge product line. Independent distributors can show people products from the following categories:

  • Health and wellness
  • Vehicle motor care
  • Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Technology
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Holiday and recreational travel
  • and Education

#16: QNET Representatives Love The Compensation Plan

It is set up somewhat like a binary compensation plan with some twists. QNET calls it a Super Hybrid Compensation Plan. Members can make money 10 various ways.

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Early Payout
  3. Step Commissions
  4. Repeat Sales Points
  5. Year-Round Incentives
  6. New Program Bonus
  7. Main Plan Rank Advance
  8. RSP Plan Rank Advance
  9. RSP Rank Advance Bonus
  10. and RSP Rank Maintenance Bonus

#17: Quest University

I hear nothing but outstanding praises for Quest International University in Perak. They offer degrees in science related, medical related, business related and much more.

The QNET Haters

As I said, I would show both sides of this love hate situation. So here are some of the negative facts in regards to QNET.

#18: Australia

The Australian Office of Consumer and Business Affairs listed QNET as a possible pyramid scheme back in 2002.

#19: Nepal

In 2003, the Nepalese Home Ministry banned all operations of QNET within their country.

#20: Sri Lanka

In 2005, claiming that QNET had integrated the loss of $15,000,000 from their country, the Sri Lankan government banned QNET from their country.

#21: Iran

Also in 2005, Iran’s government made claims that QNET made $500,000,000 disappear from their country and they immediately banned QNET operations there.

#22: The Arrest Of Vijay In Indonesia

Back in 2007, the Direct Selling Association in Indonesia made claims to the government that QNET, which was still Goldquest at that time was a pyramid scheme. Interpol arrested Vijay Eswaran and others with the company on charges of fraud. A few weeks later, all the defendants were released and all charges were dismissed. And QNET still operates in Indonesia.

#23: QNET Protests In Afghanistan

QNET had started operations in Afghanistan in 2006. There were many QNET independent distributors and the Afghan government took the operating license from QNET in 2008. Suddenly, 3,000 people marched to the Kabul Presidential Palace. The license was soon given back but with different operating regulations in Afghanistan.

#24: Sudan

Sudan’s government banned all QNET activity in the African country when there were supposed complaints that people were not receiving their orders and the product quality was terrible. That was in 2009.

#25: Syria

Also in 2009, the Syrian Ministry of Economics claimed that QNET took tons of money from the country and did not pay enough taxes. They said the company operates a pyramid scheme in violation of the Syria commercial registration. QNET was not allowed to operate in Syria anymore.

#26: Turkey

In 2010 while still as Questnet, they opened operations in Turkey. 80 Questnet representatives were detained by law enforcement and 40+ were charged with gaining an unfair advantage. When the company’s name changed to QNET, they were again investigated by the Trade Ministry in Turkey. In 2011, QI Group bought the Dögan Hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

#27: Egypt

In Egypt, the company was brought before the Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah which is an educational body and Islamic government entity. Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah ruled that QNET is forbidden by issuing a Fatwa with the excuse that the company could do the Egyptian economy a lot of harm. That was in 2012.

#28: Saudi Arabia

In 2010, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry issues strong warnings to their citizens about dealings with companies like QNET. They accused the company of theft, failing to register and falsifying information. They were banned from the country.

#29: Arrests In India

In 2008, the Central Bureau of Investigation in India began to seriously investigate all activities of the company and their leaders. They were checking on fraud cases that they claim were directly linked to Vijay Eswaran and QNET. And, they froze several bank accounts including the account of the son of a well known Indian actor. They made their first arrest in 2013 and then started busting more people. One doctor was arrested and faced 21 cases of cheating and fraud.

But because India has no regulations and laws regarding direct selling and multilevel marketing, no Indian courts can convict the people arrested or the company.

The above are some of the most well known cases that have been thrown out at QNET and its leaders. There are other, but as one Forbes writer pointed out, nearly all accusations are coming from non-trustworthy sources, many of which are anonymous. Some people claim that these are just used by officials to get bribe monies from company leaders.

#30: More QNET Love

I couldn’t end this article with all the negatives of the company. Plus, I have discovered so many other good things about Vijay and QNET that I have to just use this area to share some of that.

  • Forbes listed Vijay Eswaran as one of the biggest philanthropy heroes. You can read about that here: Heroes List
  • It is listed on the World Economic Forum
  • QI Comm is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the United Kingdom.

All in all, it seems like QNET has good things about it.

QNET Reviews

So lets see what some people have to say about QNET:

This company is a massive scam and is stealing millions of dollars of people’s money. The leaders of the company have all fled India and if they ever step foot in India again, they will immediately be arrested

Its a wonderful organisation. Creating wonders on my life. Money is something which will come by default in this company but apart from money, you get a stress free life, enjoy every moment while you are working. My life has completely changed in the positive manner since the day I joined it. is not worth to trust upon and shop. There service in support team is weak untrained and needs a lot of improvement. The information that is not very deep and washed and their still in development period.

Communication is that the most vital tool within the field of Network selling. someone’s network defines however sensible his business is. QNET adopts the MLM business model and this business model depends on communication to make a series of members.

Hosting international events and conferences that bring members of a similar business along could be a superb approach of knowing however business is completed in several elements of the globe. This exposes the members to a pool of data and data and offers them a decent chance to expand their network.

This years V-con was a wonderful event as continually. I’m delighted to be a neighborhood of QNET and every year i’m wanting forward for the V-con.

Happy Networking guys!

And Now My Final Thoughts

So after researching, reviewing, deducing and meditating, I am still full of wonderment. First, if Vijay is such a bad guy defrauding so many, how did he get into that Forbes list?

If the company is so terrible and such a pyramid scheme, how come so many people seem to be making money, and why isn’t it completely shut down?

I just have this thing inside that tells me government entities are just trying to get as much of the QNET pie as possible through bully tactics… But I may be wrong.

I truly believe that if some of the successful network marketing companies we have here were strictly operating there, they would probably face the same persecution.

But again this is just my opinion. And, I would like to hear your opinion. So please leave one in the comment section below.

If you would like to see the company’s website, you can see it here:

Check out this great video:

Thanks for visiting and please share this so others can learn about Qnet.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with QNET in any way. I am also not affiliated with any companies or organizations that are anti QNET. This review is completely unbiased.


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7 thoughts on “Top 30 QNET Facts: Review, Products and Compensation Plan”

  1. Thanks for this I site I am an independent distributor of Qnet and apparently I have always been paid my money and all products received. I still believe Qnet is the best MLM company I have come across.

  2. Qnet is more than just business . It’s beautiful . It’s about transforming lives . It’s not just a business where products are exchanged this is about changing peoples lives . 👍🏻
    As a company Qnet provides so much of importance on training and developing. And people who go their own way or do not do the business like in any industry complain becoz they are lazy to do the business . How can someone lose money by buying a product ???
    They anyways buy it outside .
    How can someone lose by registering on a micro franchise for so less without any working capital . And so many partnership like Manchester City , iifa, formula 1 with virgin group.

  3. Recently I was provided an opportunity to partner up with a friend and join the so called get rich over night scene from qnet. Met all of these enthusiastic people and they explained the same things about qnet as mentioned in the article. I have done a research on the company products and most of them are useless overpriced garbage. I’d recommended someone with savings to spare to give this scheme a try but it’s not for teenagers. The so called “entrepreneurs” are just like the old sleazy salesmen selling garbage that you don’t need.

    1. I would like to know about your research, as to how you reached the conclusion that these products are 1. overpriced and 2. garbage?!! Also, which products are you talking about? Few of them, some specific category or products, or all of them?
      And, how do you decide if a certain product is overpriced? Is a 1L water bottle of Rs. 20 overpriced or not? What should be its cost? You can also buy half a liter bottle of water at Starbucks for Rs. 60. Is that overpriced?
      Also, do you have slightest idea as to what is the meaning of “entrepreneurship”? What is “business”? Would definitely like to know your thoughts here.

      1. Just i googled about what is the meaning of “entrepreneurship”? So it gave “The activity of setting up a business OR Businesses, Taking on financial risks in the hope of profit”

        What is Business?
        A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.

    2. Dear I would like to tell you here nobody tell you that this is a quick rich scheme. This is a project where you have to do hard work. And your second opinion that products are overpriced I want to ask you if you have a company then who will decide the price of products. You never complain the coffee price in cafe coffee day and the prices of iphone? Then how can you decide the products rates here. Just go and update your knowledge.

  4. Please update this article to present day scenarios and laws. eg. India has made reforms and laws regarding Network Marketing and QNET standards have passed them and is now legally operational. Also, if you could find and update about what happened in countries where QNET was banned or prohibited operations.

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