Qivana Product Review: Their Top Products

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at a somewhat new network marketing company and their products. While we normally use a top 20 list, Qivana does not yet have 20 products available. Instead, I will explain a little about Qivana, and then I will proceed to explain about each product they manufacture and sell.

Do keep in mind that neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with Qivana in any way. This product review is for your information and hopefully will help you decide if Qivana products would be a good fit for you.

A Brief Look At The Qivana History

In 2009, a recognized figure in the world of multi-level marketing founded Qivana Products in Provo, Utah. Built on the premise of using natural products to create a healthier lifestyle for people, Derek Hall started this company knowing he could create both health and wealth for those who desired more in their lives.

As the CEO of Qivana, Derek has proven his expertise in bringing MLM companies up. He was President and CEO of Nature’s Way, Univera, Botanicals International, Unigen USA and Integrative Therapeutics. He was also the CEO and Vice-Chairman of ECONET Inc. With this multitude of leading successful MLM companies, it is a good bet that he will help lead Qivana Products to the top. He also has several key figures working in favor of Qivana including:

  • CFO Devin Glazier. The company’s finances are in great hands with Devin. He served as a Senior Financial Analyst at Novell, and Senior Director of Finance at XanGo.

  • CSO Justin Banner. Business strategy is Justin’s middle name. He served as the VP of Strategy and Development at XanGo, and he also was a member of General Electric’s leadership development program.

  • CMO Craig Johanson. Craig is a Marketing Master. He also served at XanGo as VP of Marketing, and also was Brand Manager at Tahitian Noni International.

With all these experts, Qivana seems to be in for the long run, and will surely climb success mountain.

Top Qivana Products

I will now go through the products Qivana offers. They are in various product lines, and I will not follow any order. I do request that if you have used any of these Qivana products, please tell us your views in the comment area at the end of this post.

1: Prime

Nitric Oxide is a highly important molecule that can help our body’s function. When we are born, our system creates the Nitric Oxide our bodies need, but as we age, our systems do not create enough, and this is a major reason we have deterioration. With this product that Qivana sells called Prime, we can attain the Nitric Oxide our bodies require. It will help restore the body’s natural functions with creating an improved blood flow.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the discoverer of the role Nitric Oxide plays in cardiovascular health. Qivana brings that Prime Nitric Oxide to you in this simple format. Help your heart and other blood functions by using Prime.

2: Skin Shift

The Skin Shift line from Qivana consists of many various products, but it would be unfair for me to start listing these, as it all depends on DNA.

The Skin Shift line has been featured on major television programs such as Dr Oz, Good Morning America and The Doctors. This patented system was designed by Dr Ruthie Harper. The idea is unique in that, the system will analyze your DNA and recommend the Skin Shift regiment that is best for you. This system is broken into 5 major categories which are:

  1. Sensitivity

  2. Elasticity Protection

  3. Aging Protection

  4. Sun Protection

  5. and Collagen Formation

This patented system will find the best course of skin protection based on your personal DNA. The results from your DNA makeup will provide you with the proper Skin Shift formulation to use.

Qore Line

The Qore line was developed to provide the best nutritional supplements to help relieve the aging process. Using various herbs including Qivana’s own Immortality Herb, these supplements can help you live a fuller life and not allow aging to affect your desires. These products were all designed with different functions, but with the primary goal of your good health.

3: Qore Detox

On a daily basis, we fill our bodies with toxins from water, food and pollution. Qivana developed this supplement using Puratox® which uses all natural ingredients to rid your system of toxins, free radicals and heavy metals. It utilizes a citrus pectin which has shown the ability to safely rid your body of these items that can slow you down and age you faster. It is like the perfect air and water filter for your body.

4: Qore Defense

Defense of our immune system is a key way to stay healthy and enjoy life. This product was developed using the immunity building properties from mushrooms grown in the Far East. Using a perfect mix of:

  • Reishi

  • Shiitake

  • Cordyceps

  • Maitake

  • Coriolus

  • and Zhu Ling

Qivana engineers found the immunity building wonder in Qore Defense. With the help of these Oriental mushrooms, your body will be able to defend itself against invaders.

5: Qore Essentials

The main idea behind Qore Essentials is to provide the herbs to help you energize and strengthen your body. The main herb in Essentials is known as the Immortality Herb. In Chinese Medicine, it is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. The Immortality Herb integrated with White Korean Ginseng makes up the Qore Essentials supplement. Taking it on a daily basis will help you live life to the fullest. This works best after utilizing the Qore Probiotic system found further down.

6: Qore PM

Through much research of natural sleep aids, Qivana developed Qore PM using known sleep aids from the Eastern cultures, and mixing in new technology so you can take this patented sleep aid that will not leave you dizzy or groggy after waking. You will actually waken refreshed and alert. Qore PM is also fast acting so you can get to sleep quicker.

7: Qore Probiotic

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. As humans, we need good bacteria in our ingestion systems to break down food and other items so our system works on a normal balance. In some cases, when antibiotics are used for other issues, they can destroy the good bacteria your body needs.

Probiotics are essentially the opposite of antibiotics. They are a healthy bacteria that you ingest to help your body digest everything you intake during a normal day. If used daily, Qore Probiotics are a perfect compliment to all the other Qore products.

The other advantage with Qore Probiotics is: they do not need to be refrigerated. Most other Probiotics on the market do need refrigeration. The Qore Probiotics have a shelf life of 18 months at room temperature.

Metaboliq Line

This line of products that are geared toward the human metabolism were designed by Dr Donald Layman. Dr Layman has a plethora of research published, and he has been recognized as an expert in this field with:

  • The 2009 Nutrition and Metabolism Society National Leadership Award

  • The 1992 Shannon Award from the National Institutes of Health

  • and the 1986 BioServ Research Award from the American Society for Nutritional Sciences

The whole idea is to gain weight loss with metabolic changes and correction. So, instead of attacking the symptom (obesity), the Metaboliq line goes after the root problem…Metabolism.

Dr Layman is always researching and discovering metabolism helping items for the Metaboliq Line. Below you will find the products he has developed thus far, but be sure, there will be more developments coming from him in the near future.

8: Metaboliq Bar

Using a perfectly researched combination of nutrients and high quality ingredients, these bars can be eaten as a snack or as a meal. They help correct your metabolism and the system that burns fat. Many claim that these bars have a great taste, and will last a long time in storage. You will also be getting high levels of protein that actually prevents obesity. These are the perfect item to carry in your purse or pocket for that quick snack that isn’t full of obesity causing agents.

9: Metaboliq Boost

These capsules were designed to quickly bring your metabolism into proper working order. If used consistently for 90 days, they have shown proven results in burning calories, accelerating fat loss and reducing body fat. With the Metaboliq Boost, you can fast track your your system’s metabolism refinement. Use them in conjunction with the other Metaboliq products and bring your metabolism to perfect working order.

10: Metaboliq Recharge

This recent discovery by Dr Layman uses a unique blend of amino acids to fire up the mitochondria in your muscles. This helps burn off excess fat that has been stored for a length of time in your body’s structure. This product also helps to optimize muscle repair and construction during weight loss. It comes in fruit punch flavor and works well in combination with other Metaboliq products.

11: Metaboliq Resist

There are sweet temptations everywhere, and if you are like me, it is difficult to resist those delectable treats that can add pounds to our waist line. Dr Donald Layman realized a need to have something that could take that sweet urge away, and Metaboliq Resist was developed. This simple mint flavored technology, when taken anytime you are desiring sweets, will take the sweet urge away for several hours. It is a special formula that blocks sugar absorption and actually takes the desire away for sugar filled treats.

12: Metaboliq Shake

While there are many weight loss shakes on the market, the Metaboliq Shake has your health and well-being in mind. It is designed to keep your metabolism working properly and also creates a desire of being full. These shakes can be used as a complete meal, because they provide the necessary protein and other nutrients your body needs to perform to optimal standards. These shakes come in either chocolate or vanilla flavor, and can be used safely with the other Metaboliq products.

Final Thoughts

These are the Qivana products at this time. As I see it, Qivana is hard at work adding other products to help with health and weight loss.

I believe Qivana may be a great opportunity for you to start your own home based business. I suggest you try the products first to see if they are something you would be proud to share with others. You may want to also read the best ways to run a home based MLM business. You can find some great information here on the Online MLM Community website.

Qivana does offer some great compensation plans to distributors. You can earn through:

  • Retail sales

  • A quick start bonus

  • Team commissions

  • And a leadership bonus pool

They also offer some other wonderful benefits like a car bonus, a mega bonus and Qivana Rewards like dream week where they take you to some of the best resorts in the world.

The Qivana website is also available in Spanish and Taiwanese.

I must say that if I was not already a member of a different MLM organization, I would strongly consider the Qivana opportunity. You can learn more by visiting the Qivana website which will be the first listing in the reference section below.

I must mention that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Qivana is a registered trademark. Individual results may vary. We are not affiliated with this company in any way. This is not a PAID review. The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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4 thoughts on “Qivana Product Review: Their Top Products”

  1. Wow. Your comment caught my attention. I’ve been with Qivana since day one and have known the owners and their message to always be one of servant leadership. If they had seen or heard of an IBO treating someone they brought in with anything less than total respect and gratitude, they would have stepped in. As the company continues to grow they can’t monitor every person, but the core of Qivana is made up of quality people. As for the products, they’ve kept me healthy and energetic, so I’d buy them even if I didn’t do the business and that’s my litmus test.

  2. I have used the Qivana products and joined as a distributor to take advantage of the associate savings. I found their products to be satisfactory but I was very turned off by the company’s message. I was only with Qivana a short time and it was when the company first launched their business. From your review it sounds like they may have improved.

    1. I had run across a few negative comments and reviews about the older Qivana way of running things. I believe you may be saying that some distributors would treat people like they were less than human if they did not sign up and use the Qivana products.

      Yes Kathy, I believe the company has changed that aspect. They probably realized that this idea was spreading quickly and people were having nothing to do with them. I think the image has changed. I would like to hear from current or past distributors on this.

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