Pure Romance MLM Review

Today, we are going to do a review of the Pure Romance MLM Company.

What do you have when there are 40 women in one home?

While I could come up with many jokes on that one… I dare not because I may have 4,000 women coming on holiday to Puerto Rico just to slap my face.

No, 40 women in one home is a Pure Romance party. A party where no men are allowed and rightfully so… Okay the joke… We already know enough about romance.

Today, even if I am not the best person to do so, I am going to review the Pure Romance MLM Company. I will give you a basic overview of what this MLM Company is all about. And, I will review the company’s leadership, some of the products and the compensation plan.

Maybe this would be a MLM home based business you might want to start. Don’t do it until you read this review and if you still have the ambition, the website link is in the reference section.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Pure Romance. Maybe (wink, wink) I have tried a product or two (you’ll never know). But this review is educational and neither I nor Online MLM Community is paid by the company or any of its representatives to write and publish this review.

Pure Romance Overview

Pure Romance is a company to help educate women about sexual intimacy. It is a way that women can learn the ways to be pleasured and give pleasure.

And with that education are products that help that pleasuring come to fruition.

Yes, you are hearing me right… Pure Romance is about sex. It is about what goes on behind closed doors, for some anyway.

But let me get something straight here… Pure Romance is not the same thing as some of those stores you might find in the sleazy parts of the city. It is a discreet and educational company. It is designed to help the professional women, the housewives, the “good” girls understand how to satisfy and be satisfied.

(Hey Chuck… Do you really think I am the person that should be writing this?)

Pure Romance MLM History

She was a medical assistant that watched a talk show and heard about a network marketing company that sold intimate products. Patty knew she could do well and joined the company. She built a huge team and was even able to quit her day job, then… The company folded.

What to do?

Patty took savings and in the basement of her home in Ohio, she started her own company and brought her team along with, after all, they lost out when the company folded too.

That was in 1993 and the name of Patty’s company was Slumber Parties.

With the great quality products, Slumber Parties became a hit. In 2004 the name was changed to Pure Romance and it just grew to huge proportions.

Patty Brisben had founded a company that has now grown huge.

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Pure Romance Leadership

Patty Brisben handed over the CEO responsibilities to her son, Chris Cicchinelli. She is still a chairperson and Chris has taken the company to amazing heights.

Other leaders at Pure Romance include:

  • Purchasing Manager – Matt Brisben
  • Senior VP and CFO – Victoria Chester
  • Senior VP of Sales and Training – Cheryl Force
  • Senior VP of Creative – Heather Battles
  • Art Director – Dave Bruck
  • Director of Operations – Erin Ramey
  • Director of Marketing and Communications – Heather Snell
  • and Executive VP of Operations – Josh Ephron

Pure Romance Products

Pure Romance has a huge product line. The menu from the company includes:

  • Lingerie
  • Foreplay items
  • Vibrators
  • Games
  • Books
  • Lubricants
  • Bath
  • Beauty
  • and much more

You can see the products at the company’s website.

Pure Romance Compensation Plan

There are many ways to make money with Pure Romance. There is a start-up cost for a kit, but from what I understand, it is quite minimal.

Many consultants do stock some inventory to sell at parties, but it is not mandatory. Many of the women love the Inventory Advantage Program that provides bigger savings and more sales.

There are nice commissions and bonuses.

Pure Romance MLM Pros And Cons

When I started searching for pros and cons on Pure Romance, I found an outstanding amount of people love the company, the compensation and the fact of educating women about intimacy.

Sure, there were a few disgruntled people, but I would have to say it was probably their attitude.

So, I could only find one viable con among all those pros…

Having 40+ women in the house… LOL!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading this Pure Romance MLM Company review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or feedback, just post them below. Thanks. Have a great day!


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