How to Promote Your Capture Page: My Top 30 Strategies

In today’s post, I want to share some different tips and strategies on how to promote your capture page. These are some valuable lessons I have learned during the past 10-years of building an online business.

What is a Capture Page?

A capture page is a simple one-page website with a purpose of collecting your visitor’s name and email, so you can add them to your email list. Here is an example capture page.

capture page

Top 30 Ways to Promote Your Capture Page

What you will see below are 30 different ways to promote your capture page. Some of these methods are free. Other methods cost money. Do not overwhelm yourself and try to do all of these things at once. Just pick two or three methods on my list that make sense to you and focus on those first.

# 1: Email Marketing

Assuming you already have your own email list, you could send out a broadcast message to your subscribers with a link to your capture page, along with some type of special offer. If you don’t have a list, you could send out a personalized message to each of your contacts.

Subscribing to receive email is the most preferred communication method for consumers to receive regular updates and promotions from companies they are interested in doing business with. Email was chosen by 60% of respondents.

Source: Marketingsherpa

# 2: YouTube Marketing

You could put links to your capture page in the description box of your YouTube videos or you could embed the link in the video itself. Assuming your video is good quality and gets a decent amount of views, this will definitely send traffic to your capture page.

As YouTube is the second largest search engine it can increase your brand presence at the same time can bring effective changes in the SEO. As the main driving forces of YouTube are videos this can grab the attention of many potential customers and audiences.

Source: Hemito Digital

# 3: Facebook

There are hundreds of ways to promote your capture page on Facebook. You could do sponsored ads, post it in groups, add it to your profile, create a fan page or a variety of other things.

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them.

Source: Lyfe Marketing

# 4: Twitter

You could promote your link to your capture page on Twitter by private messaging people in your target audience, and also by following influential people in your niche. You could send out a few tweets per day with your link in it.

What Gary Vaynerchuck stresses is patience, people are too short-term focused and think they need to use every 280 character tweet as a sales pitch. Instead, what you should be doing is having meaningful conversations with the people you follow / your followers and bring value to each interaction.

Source: Medium

Difference between spammy blog comments good blog commentsly relevant comments on topically relevant sites

# 5: Blog Comments

Find 3-5 popular blogs in your niche and leave high quality comments on a regular basis with a link to your capture page. As long as your comment provides value, and is not seen as spam, there is a good chance it will get approved. This can create a passive, steady flow of traffic to your website or many months, even years to come.

It’s long been known that the “comments” section of an article is one of the best places to generate qualified leads. Why? Because these are the people who care enough about your content to engage with your brand — to ask questions, give kudos, or provide suggestions.

The next time someone asks you for more information on a particular point in your blog post, answer it not only with a well-thought-out comment, but include a CTA to a post-click landing page where they can download an ebook or whitepaper to get even more information on the subject.

Source: Instapage

# 6: Article Directories

Laugh at me if you want to for suggesting this idea, but I still get traffic and leads from articles I wrote over EIGHT YEARS ago. Article marketing still works. You could write a few high-quality articles and provide your capture page link in your bio section.

Among all the SEO techniques, article submission can be one of the most successful. Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business and then getting them added to the popular article submission directories.

The main purpose behind article submission is to attract a large number of visitors (and links) to your website without incurring a great cost.

Source: Quora

# 7: Guest Post

You could guest post on other popular blogs in your niche. You could write an over the top article. At the end of your article you could provide your capture page link in your bio. This allows you to leverage the other blogger’s audience and send you a tsunami of traffic.

Another great advantage of guest posting is that you can get new business leads. For instance, if you solve people’s problem in your guest blogs then the readers will consider you expert in the particular niche. They will approach you, follow you and also visit your business website to seek more information.

Source: shemeansblogging

# 8: Forum Comments

Similar to blog comments, you could leave comments on different forums in your niche. Just make sure you put your link in your “forum signature” not in the comment itself. Also, make sure your comments are high quality and provide value, not just a sales pitch or something spammy.

Forum posting is very important for bringing more traffic on your blog. When you involve in the forum discussions and provide ultimate solutions, visitors get to know you are expert in your niche and can help them solve their problems.

Source: theengineeringprojects

# 9: LinkedIn

You could add your capture page link to your LinkedIn profile. I did this and it works great for me. You could also create your own group and share it there. Or, you could post it on your feed.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it’s an important platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a true game changer for B2B (business to business) companies.

Source: carolyndickinson

# 10: Drop Cards

If you aren’t using drop cards you are really missing out. A drop card is slightly bigger than a business card and slightly smaller than a postcard. It has a simple marketing message on it, along with your website URL. Drop Cards are a great way to promote your capture page.

Marketing offline with drop cards provide a viable tool for any network marketer, regardless of skill level, to attract new prospects and potential clients. These cards really do work.

Source: ezinearticles

# 11: Business Cards

Make sure you add your capture page URL to your business cards. Hand out a business card to everyone you meet. You can even leave a few business cards on bulletin boards at the grocery store or gas station.

Despite all the technological advancements, business cards are still irreplaceable. It seems that no amount of automation is going to take their place. Most company officials keep some cards in the pocket and hand out the cards when shaking hands with the potential client. Cards come handy to promote business during a trade fair, seminar, or a business meeting.

Source: designhill

# 12: Email Signatures

Create a catchy email signature. Include the URL to your capture page in the P.S. line along with a catchy phrase or call to action. If you send out 50-100 emails per day like many people do, each one of your recipients will see your P.S. line, and some of them will click on your link and visit your capture page.

You’re most likely already using your own email signature to provide information about who you are and where you work. But you can take this practice to the next level by updating your signature to reflect the marketing campaigns you are running today.

Easily create your own professional email signature with our free Email Signature Generator here.

Source: Hubspot

# 13: Solo Ads

Solo ads are a SIMPLE way to promote your capture page. This is when you find someone with an email list and they send out your email message to their list for you. You typically pay so much per click, such as 40 cents per click. Solo ads are fast and fairly cheap. They work. I’ve been buying solo ads for almost 10-years now.

It might be worthwhile to think of them as “list jacking”. To put it simply, solo ads are advertisements that are sent directly to an already existing email list…

Solo ads are an excellent strategy to get started in the world of online marketing because they eliminate so much of the guesswork and let you focus solely on customer acquisition…

Source: Revolist

Generate a Ton of Leads

# 14: Safelists

A safelist is a membership site where members agree to send and receive offers to each other. Depending on the safelist, you might be able to email 10k to 20k people every few days. I like to use Top Surfer and Herculist. They are a great source of leads.

Safelist marketing is a perfect way for beginners to promote their opportunities online for four main reasons: 1. You are marketing directly to “opportunity seekers”. 2. They are real human beings, as they have confirmed their email. 3. It is absolutely free. 4. Most Safelists will give you free credits to email your opportunity when you join!

Source: SuccessHowTo

# 15: Joint Ventures

Find ANYONE in your niche who has a following and see if you can work out a deal with them where you both benefit. Offer them something in exchange for them sharing your URL with their audience.

Properly chosen and implemented, joint ventures can be a way for your small business to get in on opportunities (and profits) that otherwise you would miss out on. They’re like diamonds on the beach. You see the diamonds lying on the sand but try as you might, you can’t pick them up – until you team with someone else who knows the trick of scooping them up.

Source: thebalancesmb

# 16: Pay per Click

This is one of the oldest and best ways to promote your capture page. You can set up PPC ads on Bing, Facebook, Google, etc. Basically, you write a short ad, pick the keywords you want your ads to appear on and set a bid for how much you will pay per click. Once it is set up, your budget will control how many clicks you get per day. This is one of my top top two favorite ways to get traffic.

Though when using PPC traffic, you can’t just throw up a landing page and expect everything to work out for the best.

Rather, you need to ensure that you’re optimizing your landing page for conversions. If you don’t do this, your landing page will never reach its highest potential.

Source: The Daily Egg

# 17: Social Media Influencers

Find people on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube with a large social media following and offer to pay them to promote your capture page for you for a set period of time.

Influencer marketing works because it uses tactics like word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, which are now critical aspects of any successful marketing strategy. Customers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than the companies selling the products and services they buy and use.

Source: Hubspot

A landing page not only let visitors know theyre in the right place

# 18: Postcards

Postcards are a cheap and affordable way to promote your capture page. You can mail out 1,000 postcards for about $425, even when you include the postage, printing and lead label. That comes out to about 42.5 cents per exposure, which is really good.

To translate this to a postcard setting, consider including a QR code that leads receivers to learn more about your services online, directs them to your social media sites or provides a value-add, such as a coupon or discount on services. By adding an element of technological savvy, you won’t just be perceived as a leader in your field of expertise— you’ll also be viewed as being relevant to ever-evolving digital industry standards.

Source: Zestee

# 19: Newspaper or Magazine Ads

If your capture page is promoting a mass market item, you could put a classified ad in the local newspaper, if it is more specialized, you could find magazines or journals geared for that niche. You could write an article for that publication or place an ad.

A few weeks ago I encountered a front page ad from a local Sacramento bank.  Take a look at this “banner ad” appearing across the bottom of the front page of the August 16 edition of the Sacramento Business Journal…

Two subsequent editions carried different messages – again positioning the bank against its largest competitors.

Note the bank provides a website URL at the bottom of each banner ad.  Using the URL takes you to a special landing page dedicated to the bank’s ongoing positioning campaign.

Source: Deluxe

# 20: Billboards

Depending on your budget and what you are offering, a billboard might be a great way to promote your capture page. Before you say it’s too expensive, do your research and find out how much it will actually cost you. There are deals to be had.

Billboard ads have been used as the backbone of advertising campaigns for decades. What an ad like this one does, is use its own environment to create something that will stop you in your tracks, begs you to look at it for a moment (most billboards get less than 1 second of our attention) and feel something.

Source: Quora

# 21: Radio Ads

Local radio ads are actually quite affordable. Call 2-3 radio stations with viewers in your target market and see what their rates are. Let them know you would be interested in purchasing remnant space. Sometimes, you can save 50 to 80 percent of the actual advertising cost, by filling in last minute vacant ad spots. Or, you could just negotiate a good deal with them.

Radio advertising might be seen as old-fashioned especially with the rise of the internet and other types of media and that their audience has decreased. This is not the case, however. Commercial radio has a reach of more than 16 million Australians every week. 17 hours of the week are spent listening to the radio with the majority of it at home (49%) and in the car (32%).

Source: BizCommunity

# 22: Car Magnet

Consider putting a car sticker or car magnet on your vehicle. Put your capture page URL on it along with a good headline that captures people’s attention.

With a fixed cost upfront, little to no maintenance, and constant exposure while on the road, car advertising is an excellent method to attract new customers. The more you are on the road or parked near areas where your ideal customers are, the better your ROI will be.

Source: BrennanFlentge

Your capture pages need to have the right balance of ask and reward

# 23: Podcasts

Whether you have your own podcast, or you appear on someone else’s podcast, this is a great way to get some added exposure and promote your capture page. Just make sure the “podcast” is relevant to whatever it is you are promoting.

Even though a podcast is a one-sided medium, it helps in building effective relationships with the listeners. It gives the feeling that the listeners know the person speaking on the podcast. People listen to podcasts because they have something in common with the speaker and the brand the speaker is representing. Such a good relationship helps in building trust. This encourages listeners to be associated with the brand.

Source: Small Business Trends

# 24: Kindle Book

You could publish a viral Kindle book or eBook that you give away for free and you could promote your capture page in that book.

My personal goal was to hit 3,000 subscribers before I published my book. My main strategy for reaching that number was publishing articles on Medium, each with a link back to my landing page.

Source: SmartBlogger

# 25: Craigslist

In some cases, you could advertise your capture page on Craigslist. Just read their terms of service first, so you don’t violate any of their rules. In most cases, it would have to be a PAID ad.

Airbnb built its business partly by sending automated emails to people who placed rental listings on Craigslist, according to entrepreneur Dave Gooden, who works in the vacation rental industry.

Source: Business Insider

# 26: Clothing

Put your URL on your shirt, hat, sweat shirt, etc. Whenever you see someone looking at it, talk to them about what your website is all about and tell them why they should check it out.

Custom t-shirts are no less than a walking advertisement offering greater visibility for your business. When someone wears your t-shirt design, your company’s brand is out there, on the street, effortlessly traveling through the community wherever the wearer happens to go. It’s an extremely easy way to stimulate conversations about what you’re offering as well as providing a visual link between you and your customers and prospects.

Source: Exceltees

# 27: Banner Ads

You could pay for banner ads on different websites. Find a few websites in your niche and see what their advertising rates are. There are some good deals out there.

Designing a banner ad is just not enough to have a great display ad campaign. You also need to build a great landing page. In fact, if you want a great ROI, building the right landing page for your banner ad campaign is crucial.

Source: bannersnack blog

How to Promote Your Capture Page

# 28: Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to promote your capture page. As long as you have an announcement that is press release worthy, this is something I would strongly consider.

Whatever the case, consider issuing a press release to announce your offer in all its glory — and reach a much wider audience.

Craft a press release that highlights what makes this offer stand out from others in the industry. How will it help your audience to reach their goals? Bottom line: What’s in it for them?

Within your press release, include a call to action that will lead prospects to a lead generation landing page where they can download your offer.

Source: MarXCommunications

# 29: Television Advertising

Depending on the “theme” of your niche, television advertising might just be the way to go. Local television advertising is very affordable. Contact your local cable company and see what their rates are.

Lead generation has become a large segment of many DRTV campaigns. Typically these campaigns collect leads and close the sale at a later date via direct mail, email, or phone specialists. Other uses of DRTV include branding via hybrid campaigns, whereas you create awareness of the product and drive retail sales with no firm response goal. This is sometimes called Brand Response TV, (BRTV).

Source: Wikipedia

# 30: Face-to-Face

Word of mouth, face-to-face conversations are a great way to promote your capture page. Whenever you have a conversation with someone, let them know about your website, especially if they are in your target market. Hand them a business card or drop card.

Face-to-face marketing matters because it’s a completely different experience from online marketing. You can meet prospective customers who never would’ve found your business online, and you can address pain points and objections in person to increase the chances of making a sale.

Source: Kajabi

What Now?

If you’re wondering where to get started, I would check out these traffic sources first. They’ve worked well for me:

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are 30 ways to promote your capture page. While this might look overwhelming at first, I encourage you to pick just 1-2 of these strategies that make sense to you and focus on those first. As you learn and progress, you can eventually diversify and try other strategies. Focus is key.

What are your thoughts? What are your best strategies to promote your capture page? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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