How to Promote My Business On Google: Top 14 Ideas

How to promote my business on Google…

I love pizza! And, I like trying various new pizza joints. How do I find these pizza places?

In the majority of cases, I use Google. But Maggie and I had been ordering delivery from a certain pizza place about 2 miles from our mountain top home here in Puerto Rico and we discovered about 1 month ago that our pizza delivery joint had new owners.

Stopping in to pick up a medium pepperoni pizza and a shrimp calzone (I love them), I began conversing with the couple who had taken over the pizzeria. I discovered they spoke impeccable English and I began to ask if this couple who had come back to the husband’s home land from Maine had a website.

They have 2 locations and when I Google it, I do see the other location in Carolina, but little on the Canovanas, Puerto Rico location.

No, we just have a Facebook page.” 

Because my pizza and calzone were done and there was a customer in line behind me, I just decided I would find another time to explain to this couple why they need to promote their business in more ways than just Facebook.

So, in a way to help my new pizza friends and to help you too, I am going to give you the top 14 ideas on how to promote your business on Google.

Promote My Business on Google #1: Google My Business

I do see that Andy’s Pizza has their first location in Google My Business.

This is a free service with Google and each and every business should take advantage of it.

If a person types in a certain keyword that relates to your business, your business will come up in the list of nearby businesses that offer those products or services.

It is easy to get your free listing; just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Business and click start now.
  2. Add your location information and if you are strictly online, just check the box at the bottom that says you deliver goods or services to customers at their locations.
  3. Confirm and agree to terms.
  4. Verify your business. Google will explain how to do this.
  5. Now complete the listing by adding info—Idea #2 tells more since Google My Business uses your Google account and Idea #2 will tell you how to optimize further.

Promote My Business on Google #2: Google+

As I said, Google My Business is going to use your Google account. So you need a Google+ business page which Google My Business will use to “grab” info and images.

So create a Google+ business page. Share your business pictures and all other deep information about your business.

Promote My Business on Google #3: Other Social Media Sites

It is quite wise to have a page for your business on the various social media sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Etc…

The Google algorithms will see this and it can drive your business higher in search.

Promote My Business on Google #4: You Should Have A Website/Blog

Investing in a domain name and hosting is a wise move for each and every business. I suggest you blog about subjects directly related to your business. By doing so, you will build authority and Google will see that you have that website and it will show them your business has power.

Promote My Business on Google #5: Optimize Your Website For SEO

SEO is a major factor on where your website will appear in search engines when certain keywords are typed in.

SEO is an ever-changing creature, but there are steps you can take to keep up with these changes. I recommend reading SEO books and learning from SEO masters.

If you use WordPress with your website, I highly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin that can help you make your content SEO friendly.

Promote My Business on Google #6: PPC On Google Adwords

While there is some investment with this method, Google advertising can be a great way to draw attention to your business.

You may want to consider running a pay-per-click ad campaign for your business on Google Adwords.

You can target locations, ages, gender and more.

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Promote My Business on Google #7: Answer Questions On Quora

By answering questions on Quora, you show your expert levels and it gives you and your business authority.

You also have the ability to share a link to your business website. Just be sure and provide value and you will gain traffic and ultimately sales.

Promote My Business on Google #8: Images And Video

If done correctly, Google just loves images and videos. As a matter of fact, there are separate tabs for each in Google search.

You can get a huge response in your business by posting images and videos with relevant hashtags # on:

  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • etc…

Promote My Business on Google #9: Linkedin Groups

Joining and sharing in various Linkedin groups that are related to your business niche is a great way to drive your business to the top of Google searches.

Linkedin is a great place to get more attention to your business.

Promote My Business on Google #10: Press Releases

Well written press releases that tell about your business events, new products or promotions can climb high in Google search quickly.

Journalists are always in need of stories and they often look for press releases for these stories.

You just simple have a press release written and submit to sites who ensure journalists see it. Some sites both free and paid you should consider are:

Some have a cost and others are free submissions.

Promote My Business on Google #11: The Power Of Influencers

Use your creativity to approach various influencers who can help drive your business to the top.

You could offer a free product for an unbiased review or exchange ads. There are many methods to have influencers promote you… Even purchasing ad placement on their page.

Find major influencers at:

  • Blogs
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Etc…

Promote My Business on Google #12: Youtube Videos

Google owns Youtube so this video medium takes priority in the Google search engine over others.

You can attain huge attention by creating Youtube videos that help people solve their problems and teach them things related to your business niche.

Promote My Business on Google #13: Webinars

In a similar way to Youtube videos, webinars can also draw heavy attention to your business and your expertise.

Plus, some entrepreneurs even charge entry fees to webinars, so it could possibly become another passive income opportunity.

Promote My Business on Google #14: Regularly contribute on industry-specific forums

By offering your expertise and valuable information on forums and commenting on blogs, people will travel to your link. Plus, you are creating backlinks to your site which is a major factor in Google rankings.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you follow these tips to drive your business to high marks in Google.

Expecting that people will find your business without a Google presence is asking for failure.

I hope this post helps you and I would ask that you please share this with other entrepreneurs and business owners via the social media links below.

Thank you for visiting and please leave your comments and questions below.


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