Promote Your Home Based Business For Free: 17 Amazing Ideas

And 9 Great Low Cost Methods

Guest post by Greg Boudonck

No matter what your home based business is, the key to success is marketing and promoting your business.

Large corporations have the advantage of having “deep pockets,” and can afford to promote their businesses on television, radio and billboards.

But small businesses do not have that advantage normally.

Promote Your Home Based Business For Freec

More than likely, you do not have that kind of money to spend on marketing and even if you did, how long before your business would be able to make back what you spent.

It would be neat to see a Chuck Holmes Online MLM Community commercial on this year’s Superbowl lineup,

Just imagine…

Okay, enough dreaming of seeing Chuck’s smiling face on televisions all across the nation…

In today’s post, I am going to share 17 amazing ideas that you can promote your home based business for free.

Yep you heard that right… FREE!

And to add to that, I will share 9 great low cost methods to promote your home based business.

But before reading this and utilizing the methods I am providing, I suggest you have your business prepared to handle all the extra business you are liable to get.

Try these and see.

1: Join forces with a related business

Let’s just say that your home based business is a dog sitting business.

What if you were to network with a local veterinarian?

You agree to promote and refer their business in exchange for the same treatment.

Maybe even have small flyers in each person’s business?

This can be a great way to promote your business and gain a trusted ally.

2: Free classified ads

There are many sources to run free classified ads both online and offline.

Check your local area for sources and online here are a couple of links:

3: Send periodic newsletters

All you need are subscribers.

They can be gotten in various ways, and Chuck shares many ways throughout this website.

While there are many paid newsletter systems, there are also some great free ones too.

I have found Mailchimp to be a wonderful free system to send out newsletters to subscribers.

4: Volunteer at local charity events

This can be an excellent way to promote your home based business.

Where a shirt or cap that shows your business, and normally these event organizers will put your name and business as a donor of time and energy.

People love doing business with those who help the community.

5: Guest speaking

There are many venues where your expertise may come in quite handy as a guest lecturer.

You may want to check with your local Chamber of Commerce or other leaders, schools and such to see if you can offer your services.

6: Case studies

Just using a case study technique can show possible customers and clients how your product or service can benefit them.

Use video or a slideshow to show how your item works in comparison to others.

Before and after pictures help too.

7: Start a related Facebook page

You can start a Facebook page that is directly related to your home based business.

As you share posts, you can also share your business.

Facebook has a huge base of people, so business should fly in through it.

8: Local business listings

There are many free directories that list local businesses.

Make sure and have your business listed in all the local lists.

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9: A Twitter page

There is nothing wrong with having a Twitter page for your home based business.

Share what your doing and how you are doing it every once in awhile.

And then post a link to your blog.

10: A YouTube channel

People love to watch videos.

You can make your own videos or share videos along the same niche as your home based business.

YouTube is another great free way to promote your business, and you can actually make money from it if you monetize your videos.

11: A Google+ page

Similar to the Facebook page, you should also consider having a Google+ page.

It doesn’t have as high amount of viewers as Facebook, but why leave out this free promotion medium?

12: Blogs and forums

You can also promote your home based business just by commenting on related blogs and posting in local or related forums.

Be careful not to “puke” your business on the readers; just share it when it fits into the conversation.

13: Pinterest page

Pinterest is a great place to share images.

You can show photos of your products or services and promote your brand.

14: Craigslist

Craigslist is a great source to advertise and promote your home based business.

You can do so by locality or even nationwide.

15: Local bulletin boards

There are usually bulletin boards in many places where people congregate.

Try putting up fliers or business cards on these bulletin boards.

16: Cold calling

While most people prefer not to use this method, it does work!

You could get leads and call people using your telephone.

It only costs time.

But, be sure and check all the laws regarding telemarketing.

17: Linkedin page

I have found Linkedin to be a great networking place for professionals.

You can easily promote your business there.

Now, here are 9 great low-cost methods to promote your home based business

1: Start a blog

The price is quite reasonable to purchase a domain and hosting.

You can install WordPress and develop your own blog similar to this one or many others.

Build your blog around your niche, and you can promote your home based business while educating readers.

2: PPC ads

PPC stands for pay per click.

You can use Google Adwords and set up a campaign to promote your blog and your business.

There is some cost involved, but it can be quite minimal.

Just having people click to where you can attain their contact information is the best approach.

3: Write and submit a press release

A press release can get many news readers caught in knowing about your home based business.

Written properly, they are known to bring a strong response.

If you are not a writing person, there are many freelancers who write great press releases.

You can then submit it to sites that will post them for a small charge.

4: Run a contest

Having a contest is a great way to get attention to your business.

Maybe have a “treasure hunt,” with the treasure being one of your products the finder can keep for free.

Just use your imagination; you can come up with a great contest.

5: Rolling ads

An ad in your back window or a magnetic ad on the side of your vehicle is another inexpensive way to promote and market your home based business.

There are many network marketers who use this system and do quite well with it.

6: Join professional groups

Networking with other professionals is a wonderful way to promote your business.

The fact is, a member of a group will most likely refer another member’s business before they refer someone else.

7: Have a party

You could throw a party on the 1, 2, 3 year anniversary of your business.

Have your products or services available for purchase at the party.

Many attendees may feel obliged to spend some money since you are giving the cool party.

8: Have business cards

This is just common sense, but some home based business owners do not have business cards.

Be wise and invest in some top-notch business cards.

Hand them out and you may be surprised at how many calls you get.

9: Fliers

Another wonderful way to promote your home based business is to have 500 or more fliers printed.

Go to areas where your target market is and put them on cars, hand them to people and ask if you can put them in storefronts.

Fliers are inexpensive to print, and they do draw business.

I highly suggest you try this method.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have a wide range of business promotion ideas.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to promote your business; you just need to use your imagination and creativity.

Do you have any other free or low cost methods you use to promote your home based business?

Do you have any questions?

Please post all questions, comments and suggestions below.

Thank you.


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About the author

Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and the author of over 50 books. He writes on many different topics, but business subjects are one of his primary areas of writing expertise. See Greg’s biography here.

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6 thoughts on “Promote Your Home Based Business For Free: 17 Amazing Ideas

  1. Hey Chuck-great advice! But, you need to proof read this page. First section talks about a “dig” walking business. If you want me to take you seriously and follow your steps, I need to know YOU proof read what goes out too. 🙂 I’m not a grammar nazi, it just really sticks out like a sore thumb in your first section.

    I am finally seeing why all my MLM’s in the past didn’t work. Thanks!

  2. These are some invaluable tips. However, the home based business owners must know how to make the best of these ideas. For instance ideas like business cards, using social media websites, classified posting, etc. need some basic internet skills.

    • Yes, some of these things require basic internet skills.

  3. I just wanted to add one more way to promote your home based business for free…and not only is it free, but you can actually get paid to do it.

    Write an eBook around the niche of your home based business.

    You can link inside the book to a capture page or an online storefront…actually it is all in your imagination.

    Many people love to read and eBooks are the craze, so it only makes good sense to use it to promote your business.

    • Yes, writing an eBook or free report is a great way to do it.

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