Premier Designs Jewelry & Business Review

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes to educate you about Premier Designs Jewelry, the company and the business opportunity. I am in no way affiliated with the company. This information is collected from independent research.

About the Company

Premier Designs has been in existence for over 25 years now. The company was founded in 1985 by Joan Horner and her husband Andy, a World War II veteran in Irving, Texas. This direct sales company has a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary reason for being: it was established “as a way to support ministries here [in the US] and around the globe, as well as provide a home-based business opportunity established on biblical principles, such as integrity and unselfish service.” (Source, Today, their business has spread into other states and Puerto Rico.

The company’s mission and vision statement is clearly stated on their official website, which reads:

“From day one, Joan and Andy’s four reasons for starting Premier were clearly stated:

1. They wanted to offer an opportunity for mothers to be able to stay home more with their children.

2. They wanted to minister to single parents and provide a way in which they could be encouraged, increase their self-esteem, and do something worthwhile while supporting their children.

3. They wanted a company that could provide a way for individuals, especially those in full-time Christian work, to meet their financial needs. At the same time they wanted to provide an opportunity for wives of pastors and church staff members to find a ministry and identity of their own outside the church.

4. They wanted a company that would support ministries around the world and in America.

Premier Designs Jewelry

Premier Designs’ specialty is affordably priced fashion jewelry. The average retail price of a piece of their jewelry is about $34.00. Materials include silver, titanium, crystal and glass. There is a limited guarantee detailed on their official website which does not cover normal wear and tear. Premier Designs boasts over 700 pieces in its catalogue, but unfortunately its website only shows a few of its products.

The Business Model

Premier Designs utilizes the direct sales business model to getting their products to their customer and is a member of the Direct Sales Association. This distribution system relies on the services of independent sales representatives, or “jewelers”, eliminating the need for a retail outlet for the product or services.

Like any direct sales organization, their jewelers are independent contractors responsible for filing their own Federal and State Income Tax forms. These jewelers contact and sell to individuals face-to-face, one-on-one, by telephone, fax or email, but the most popular way (popular with both customers and the representatives I have met) is the “home-show”. In fact, the company’s website indicates that the “Home Show” is the company’s primary method of distribution.

Sales via the Party Plan

The home show can be one of the simplest types of business for a sales representative because the host/hostess invites friends into their home or workplace to meet the Representative and purchase the products. Chances are that over your lifetime, you’ve attended at least one party sales presentation, whether it was for Tupperware, Mary Kay, Arbonne or the like. Premier representatives will take a very low-key approach where jewelry is simply made available to try on, admire, and hopefully purchase.

Sometimes a host/hostess may simply agree to have a “book show” where they pass a catalogue around to their friends, family or co-workers who may be interested in making purchases. In return for hosting a party, the host or hostess receives a gift of free and/or discounted jewelry. At Premier, the actual hostess rewards depend upon the amount of sales generated by the home show as well as the number of guests who agree to host another home show in the future.

Neat Video

Here’s a neat video I found online from one of the most successful distributors.

How to Make Money

Premier Designs’ jewelers earn income in two ways. First, they earn 50% commission from their own personal retail sales. Second, they earn 10% of the wholesale sales made by representatives they have recruited downline to three levels, making recruiting another highly lucrative opportunity. No inventory, sales quotas or sales reports are required. All is transparently outlined on the company’s website.  Your key to success is to get a lot of retail customers and build a team at the same time.

How to Join the Company

To join the company, you will need to sign up through an existing jeweler (or sponsor) to become a new jeweler. There is a $199 Initial Certification Fee to begin a career as a independent representative. The fee includes a start-up kit with sales support and training, as well as a few pieces of jewelry. If a new representative wishes, he or she may purchase additional jewelry at a discount and lower that Initial Certification Fee. The company believes that their best form of advertisement is to simply let their representatives model their products. If you begin this career, put that jewelry on and wear it everywhere. Sales can begin immediately.

Final Thoughts

It is my opinion that the company is a very reputable company that offers a quality product. It has a very attractive, user friendly website to introduce potential customers to the products, the company and to its founders. It has a compelling company mission and background. Local and national training is available, but not mandatory, for its sales force. The company is also highly community-minded. The Horner-Premier Foundation supports global ministries. Additionally, the company offers college scholarships to graduating high school students of its jewelers. It is also high in the esteem of the Direct Selling Association, which awarded the 2009 DSA Hall of Fame Award to Joan and Andy Horner.

If you are currently involved with Premier Designs, we would love to hear your story. Please share a product testimonial or personal success story with the rest of our online community. Just leave a comment to tell us what you think.

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8 thoughts on “Premier Designs Jewelry & Business Review”

  1. Hi Chuck!

    Just wanted to share an EXCITING UPDATE! As of September 1, 2017 our personal jeweler websites are not equipped to allow anyone to place an order and pay right on our website. The jewelers will have to complete that order, which helps us keep the “personal” aspect in our sales as our co-founder’s motto has always been: Keep It Personal! This is an exciting additional. Also, there are now 3 SEPARATE SIGN-UP options which offer SO MUCH MORE to those coming on! Our LUXE LAUNCH options gives you $1500 in jewelry, $200 towards business essentials/jewelry displays and 6 months free for your own personal website, all for just $795! That’s $1789.94 value for $795 and each option can be paid over a 6 month period of time, INTEREST FREE, if you qualify for our Jeweler Rewards Card! These are exciting additions.
    Alot of great things have been added since 2017 but the Horner’s 4 original purposes for starting this company have remained! Chuck, you might want to consider doing an “UPDATE” review on the company! Just a thought! 🙂

  2. Chuck, this is a very comprehensive and mostly accurate piece. The only correction I would make is that our customers can see every piece of jewelry we sell if they go to our personal jeweler website. My customers can go to and go to “view my catalogs” and see all our current catalogs. If someone is coming to Premier’s website without knowing a jeweler then they go to “Find A Jeweler” and the home office will connect that person with a local jeweler. Premier does not allow anyone to “order online” because we offer more than just being able to buy jewelry. We offer an experience of a home show. We want a jeweler to be connected with new customers so they can assure them the most positive experience and customer service.
    We support over 60 different missionaries and charitable ministries all over the world. We also make all our jewelry in the United States and even hire adults with disabilities at Cornerstone Ranch in Texas to help make a percentage of one of our bracelets called Salvation. Check out that wonderful video! I am very proud to be a Premier jeweler! It’s a wonderful company whose sole desire is to serve others.

  3. Premier Designs parties are so much fun! I own a necklace, which is beautiful and sophisticated. I didn’t know about the charitable basis for the company, though. That makes their jewelry even more attractive! If anyone reading this is a Premier Designs “jeweler”, don’t forget to share that information with your customers.

  4. As a woman, I love jewelry!! I love the concept this business started out as a ministry to help others in need. Their business model is excellent because it is based on Christian ethic and principles. Through this business review, I am assured Premier Designs is a reputable company. I may actually support this business in the near future, especially since I am always in the market for some new jewelry.

  5. Interesting piece. As a mom myself, I always enjoy finding out about companies that strive to work on a model that allows people to balance their lives without limiting their career and financial opportunities. It seems like Premier is definitely one of those companies – I love that their direct sales model lets you get out of it whatever you are willing to put in. I will keep an eye out for the next jewelry party!

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