Top 10 Power Lead System Success Tips

In today’s post, I would like to share my top 10 Power Lead System success tips.

In case you aren’t familiar with Power Lead System, it is an online marketing system you can use to promote any business, affiliate program, network marketing business, website, or offer. It comes with capture pages, auto-responders, an awesome community and tons of training.  I think of it as a business in a box.

I’ve used many different online marketing systems during the past eight years, but this one is hands down my favorite.  I believe it’s the easiest to use, the best value, and comes with the best tools, training and resources.

While it’s a great way to promote your current business, or even do it as a standalone business, many people who join Lead Lightning and Power Lead System struggle to generate leads and make money with it.  I hope to fix that. I do very well with it and have generated approximately 100 sales and 4,000 leads with it in my first three months alone.

Top 10 Power Lead System Success Tips

With that being said, here are my top 10 Power Lead System success tips.  Keep in mind these tips are listed in no particular order.

Step # 1: Complete the Training

First off, go through the getting started training in the back office, so you have a basic understanding of how Power Lead System works.  Attend the weekly webinars, watch some helpful YouTube videos, and read information about PLS.  Don’t give yourself information overload, but take the time to truly understand what you have your hands on and how it works.  This might take you 10-20 hours.  In addition, take plenty of time and navigate the back office.

Step # 2:  Join the Company’s Facebook Group

Join the PLS Facebook group.  There are approximately 40,000 members providing tons of training and ideas to help you grow your PLS business. If you have a question, there is someone in the group who can help you.  PLS has a great, supportive community.  Visit the group once a day.  Ask questions and by all means, share things you’ve learned along the way that might benefit other members as well.

Step # 3: Develop Your Marketing Plan

Come up with TWO marketing strategies that make sense to you and focus on those exclusively.  Take massive action using those two strategies.  There are literally thousands of ways to generate leads online.  One method isn’t any better than any other method.  You have to pick TWO methods that make sense to you (ideally 1 paid and 1 free method) and then take massive action with those methods.  Put on your blinders and don’t try any other marketing strategies. Be willing to make mistakes.  Study the methods that you choose and learn everything you can about it.

Step # 4: Understand Your Role

Realize that Power Lead System does not give you free leads.  You don’t just login and have access to thousands of leads.  Instead, it is an ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM.  Your job is to advertise and promote your Power Lead System capture page, so you can generate leads, which receive automated emails about Power Lead System and your primary business opportunity for you. In essence, our only job is to promote, marketing and advertise our Power Lead System capture pages.  Everything else is done for us.

Step # 5: Establish a Marketing Budget

Establish a 12-month marketing budget for your Power Lead System business. Come up with a monthly marketing and advertising budget and stick to it for at least 12-months.  It doesn’t have to be a big number.  What matters most is that you pick a number and stick with it.  If money is tight, find a way to cut another expense and be willing to invest in your business.  This is a real business.  If you aren’t willing to invest in your business, you will not succeed.

Step # 6: Establish a Daily Mode of Operations

Create a daily checklist of 3-4 things you will do each and every single day to promote your PLS business.  This is known as your daily mode of operations.  If you don’t know exactly what you are going to do each day to move your business forward, you will end up confused and stuck in analysis by paralysis.  As a result, you will do nothing.  We are all creatures of habit.  Change your habits.  Realize that we get paid to generate leads.  That’s it.  That’s our only responsibility.  Spend 90% or more of your “work hours” and “business budget” on marketing, promoting and advertising your link, and you will be fine.  Don’t confuse busy work with being productive.

Step # 7: Go All In

Upgrade and go all in as a Platinum member.  You are leaving a lot of money on the table by just being a Silver or Gold member.  Do not nickel and dime your business.  Going all in is about $750.  That might be a lot of money to some people, but it is an incredibly small amount of money to start a real business. The more money you have invested in a business, the more likely you are to actually treat it like a business.  When you only have $50 invested, it’s easy to do nothing, make excuses, or quit.

Step # 8: Act As If

Act as if you invested $100,000 to get started with Power Lead System.  Imagine you invested your life savings to do this.  If you did that, you would do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in your will power to make it a success.  Think about a restaurant owner who spent $200,000 to start a restaurant.  Do you think he would show up every day and do everything is his will power to make his restaurant succeed?  Of course he would.  Adopt that same mindset with your PLS business and watch it grow.

Step # 9: Take 100% Responsibility

Take responsibility for your results and actions.  Instead of complaining that you can’t make it work, or blaming someone else or something else on your poor results, take responsibility for your own PLS business.  Realize that your success or failure is totally in your hands.  It’s your business.  No one cares about your business and your future as much as you do. Look for the positive in things, learn from each experience and “man up” or “woman up.”  You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both!  People will help you (IF YOU ASK THEM TO), but realize it’s no one else’s job to make you successful.

Step # 10: Take the Long Term View

Give yourself at least 12-months of being persistent and consistent with your PLS business before you decide if it is or isn’t for you.  You wouldn’t start a restaurant and close it in three weeks because you weren’t making money yet. Treat this like a real business.  It takes time to build a successful business of any kind.  Most businesses take a year or longer just to make their first dollar of profit.  I’m not telling you it will take you that long to make money, but it might!  If you have the mindset that you will “dabble” with it or “just try it out and see how it goes” I can 100% predict you will not succeed with Power Lead System.  Take the long term view, but work hard today!

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my top 10 Power Lead System success tips.  If you haven’t used Power Lead System before, you can learn more about it right here.  While individual results will always vary, my best advice is to treat this like a real business.  Work hard,  Work smart.  Keep learning.  Take the long term view.  Never quit.

What are your thoughts?  What are your best Power Lead System success tips?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Power Lead System Success Tips”

  1. Think long term I agree. This is a major component of this field. That said it takes time so for newbies I say DO NOT LEAVE your jobs and do not dive head first. Sure you can make this a living but it is a grind and not fast money.

  2. Hey Chuck, in your opinion how does PLS compare with Elite Marketing Pro as I know you’ve been involved with both. Many Thanks

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