Postcard Recruiting Secrets Course by Daegan Smith and Robert Blackman

Today, I want to educate you about the Postcard Recruiting Secrets Course by Daegan Smith and Robert Blackman.  This is a three-hour “home study video course” for anyone looking to grow their network marketing business via direct mail.

Have you ever wondered how some people built huge network marketing businesses through direct mail?  Have you ever wondered how cheap, ugly little postcards could help you grow your network marketing business every single month?  If so, you’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to build your business rejection free AND have a system that you could use with your own team?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I can offer you a solution.  That solution is the Postcard Recruiting Secrets Course by Robert Blackman and Daegan Smith.

What You Will Learn in the Course

Here’s a brief overview of what you will learn in the course:

  • How to choose highly responsive mailing lists
  • The simplest method to getting your postcards printed and mailed without lifting a finger
  • How to create your own voicemail system
  • How to follow up with your leads properly
  • How to turn your postcard recruiting system into a team system
  • The simple math behind making all your postcard marketing free

You will also get the “Top Secret” Document File, which includes:

  • Sample postcards
  • Case Studies in PDF format
  • Swiped copy of the postcards
  • Access to Robert’s complete postcard marketing Rolodex
  • Access to self service postcard marketing vendors
  • Access to Robert’s Million Dollar list brokers
  • Access to Robert’s automated recruiting voice mailbox service
  • Access to Robert’s personal mail-house
  • And much more!

daegan smithAbout Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith is an amazing internet marketer, one of the best in our industry.  He’s the creator of Maximum Leverage, a training course and program for people trying to build their business online.  He’s built large network marketing teams (in the thousands) and he is the MASTER of online traffic!  He’s helped lots of people build six and seven figure businesses in the internet marketing industry.

robert blackmanAbout Robert Blackman

Robert Blackman is one of my mentors (he might not know that).  I’ve been studying his videos, books and training materials for years.  He is one of the top five people who have mentored me and influenced the way I think about my network marketing business.  He’s the creator of Profit Leads, he’s authored many great books, and his training materials and seminars are amazing. He has earned millions in the industry and he is HIGHLY RESPECTED by the leaders in our industry.

Why I Like Postcards

Let me take a moment and explain why I like postcard marketing. First of all, I have been in the network marketing industry just over 12 years now (at the time of writing this post).  On an average day, I get at least 100 emails from people trying to sell me a MLM Business, an affiliate product, or a Shiny Object.  On a typical day, I get about 10-15 people calling me trying to sell me something.  But in any given YEAR, I only get 1-2 postcards (or letters) from people telling me about their MLM or Home Business. 

Let me say that again so it sinks home.  In any given YEAR, I only get 1-2 postcards or letters from people telling me about their MLM or Home Business. 

I’m sure your situation is similar.  The bottom line is that most people are NOT using direct mail to grow their business, and it isn’t saturated or overly competitive like the internet is!  That’s why I use it and recommend it myself.

Who the Course will Benefit

The course will benefit any network marketer, internet marketer or traditional business owner who is looking for CREATIVE offline ways to grow their business.  The concepts in the course can be used in ANY type of business.

postcard recruiting secretsWhy You Should Buy the Course

You should buy the course to improve your knowledge and learn new marketing strategies! Marketing is the key to success in any business and you can never know too much about marketing.  Even though the internet is gaining in popularity, direct mail is a PROVEN method of marketing, more than 100 years old.  It isn’t going away any time soon. And as more people flock to the internet, you will have even less competition with direct mail. You should also consider buying the course so you can develop a simple system that you can use with your entire team!

What You Should Do Right Now

If you check out the link below and type in your name and email, you can watch a free video about HOW to build your business with postcards.  At the end of the video you will have the opportunity to purchase the Postcard Recruiting Secrets Home Study Course.  You are under no obligation to buy.  At least check out the video to see if it is right for you.  The cost of the course is just $97.  It also comes with a money back guarantee.  LEARN MORE ABOUT POSTCARD RECRUITING SECRETS.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with many of Daegan Smith’s products, including this one, so YES, I do earn an affiliate commission from this product.  I am not ashamed of that.  The cost to you is the same, whether you buy it from me or not.

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13 thoughts on “Postcard Recruiting Secrets Course by Daegan Smith and Robert Blackman”

  1. Post card direct mail marketing is something I’m very interested in trying. I already have the post card done, I just don’t know the mechanics of getting the campaign in the mail. If I should purchase a list or work on building my own list first or do a bit of both. This post was also a good example of how affiliate marketing works as well as product reviews both of which I’ve been told are great additional streams to add to an online marketing business.

  2. I can certainly see the appeal of MLM recruiting via direct mail. It’s a high-touch method, much more of a personalized method than the majority of online tools. It seems to be the case that high-tech = low-touch and low-tech = high-touch, and I’m finding myself drawn more and more toward high-touch recruiting methods. Direct mail has so little competition and is nowhere near as saturated of a platform as the internet. While using the internet does mean you cast out a larger net, you’ll only catch a few good leads in a sea of duds. With direct mail, you may not catch as many leads, but you can rest assured that they will almost all be good ones.

  3. Direct mailings are indeed effective. Personally, I respond to many of them, if they are received at just right the time. I had to stop and think about your comment about how FEW post cards you get each year about other people’s MLM opportunities. You are right! I get countless post cards from cleaning services, lawn care companies, and accountants (around tax season), but I cannot remember getting post cards from an MLM business in the past decade or so. You can bet that if I got a post card with a coupon or free sample offer from the local cosmetics MLM distributor, I would most likely call her (or him).

  4. I have often wondered if the post card direct mailings really were successful, I may have to look into trying this with my business in the future and see how it works for me. Thank you for sharing this information with the rest of us!

    1. Postcards definitely work. But you should always start small and do plenty of testing before you roll out a major campaign. You can use postcards to promote just about any type of business.

  5. In this age of growing technology, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that the only/best methods of reaching out to the public about your business should take place behind the computer. I like that this course focuses on the back to basics idea of the postcard. Many people would benefit from this teaching, and because it is a video course it would be more enticing to some people who aren’t too fond of reading a long book or listening to a recording.

    1. I completely agree. Just like most things – pop culture, fashion, business and goods – marketing follows trends and will fall out of vogue for awhile before becoming useful and popular again. With a bit of tweaking (like adding your website or blog address to the text), postcard recruiting can be extremely effective and will help your business stand apart.

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