Peter and Helen McKenna Team MAK: Amway Australia Diamonds

Team MAK is a line of sponsorship within the Amway business. It is headed by Australian Amway Diamonds Peter and Helen McKenna. They joined Amway in 1980 and reached Diamond in 1990.

They are dynamic trainers, leaders, and motivators. They’re still going strong, after more than 40-years in the business!

About Team MAK

The Team MAK Organization started in the early 1990s. Since then, the organization has grown rapidly. At the time of this writing, there are approximately 15 Diamonds and thousands of Amway distributors participating in the system.

The purpose of Team MAK is to teach its distributors how to succeed with Amway. They do this by providing training and motivation through books, audio programs, coaching, events, and seminars. These “business tools” are sold to Amway distributors at a profit, providing an extra income stream for the Diamond level distributors.

Some of the successful distributors in Team MAK include James and Wendy Beauchamp, Peter and Beth Grace, and Julie Swaffield. There are several other Diamonds and Emeralds, too.

While the system is definitely helpful, it won’t make you successful with Amway. Ultimately, you must take the knowledge you learn from the system and apply it in your business. In other words, the system will teach you the skills, but you still must take action and do the work.

In my opinion, this is why so many distributors fail with Amway. They “listen” to their upline, and study the business support materials, but they never go out and apply what they learned.

Team Mak

Team MAK Testimonials

What I’d like to do in the paragraphs below is share some testimonials from current and former Amway distributors with Team MAK. These testimonials have been emailed to me through the years. If the person asked me to keep their name confidential, I removed it for privacy reasons.

Testimonial # 1

“I’ve been in Team MAK for a few years and love it. It has helped me build my Amway business and the people that are involved in it are really solid. I have been working personally with Peter and Helen McKenna and have not met a more down to earth and dynamic couple. The way we build our business is the 9-4-2 model of width and depth. Sponsor 15-20 people wide and then help them do the same.” ~ Alex, Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 2

“I am a young 22 year old IBO from Adelaide, I am part of the Team MAK line of sponsorship. I’ve recently joined, so I’m still learning. I couldn’t tell you how Peter and Helen put their business together bit by bit, but I can tell you the Team MAK information, structure, and support system are incredible!” ~ Kate, Independent Distributor

Testimonial # 3

“I have been around the Amway business since I was about 15 & I am currently 29. I really had no understanding until a few years back when I became interested in the business world knowing business is the way to get ahead. I went about my way in life via the traditional methods until that point not really wanting to explore the Amway opportunity.

During my journey in life, I can honestly say that there really is nothing like this out there in life that compares! I keep getting drawn back to everything about it, especially the people. What amazes me most about the individuals involved in Amway is they are a very like minded crew. The core focus is to help other people build better lives.

Even if you are not actively involved in Amway, it is so worth it just for the people you know. I don’t even have friends who I can rely on as much as those in the business. They really are a special crew & I have known some of the people for a really long time. It is one of those things you cant put into words until you have experienced it for yourself.

To begin with it feels a bit strange, but that’s because its rare to experience what you do here. But eventually you adjust & realize its a great place to be. I have seen people succeed & people fail. It really is blood, sweat & tears if you are prepared to have a real go. It is like anything in life.

This is far from an overnight get rich quick scheme. Success doesn’t happen over night. This opportunity will test your character & build it stronger. You will hear negative things out there about the opportunity, but it really is up to you to gather the information & make an informed decision for yourself.

If you have negative opinions on any of the people or the company, all I can say is time will prove the invalidity of your negativity. And speaking from experience, its quite hard to swallow your pride & realize at some point you were wrong all along. Well done to those who have achieved what they have & to those who are doubtful, I really encourage you to block anything you know of the past & focus on what the company is now. It is a fantastic opportunity!” ~ CJ, Independent Distributor

peter and helen mckenna amway

Testimonial # 4

“I recently re-joined the Amway business after a ten year absence. At first, it was a bit daunting, though here I am again. Well, what a fantastic product and group of business oriented people. The products are the best to use and guarantee your success. I have been fortunate to have applied I all learnt whilst previously with another business venture and never did I ever let go of the dream of the five year plan or the ability to move and grow. Today, I have an extremely successful group of businesses that employs many.

I enjoy financial freedom, trips, sponsoring charities, micro-loans for women’s businesses, children’s positive enrichment programs and more. I have the toys, cars and travel. I feel blessed. So why did I rejoin the company after a 10-year or more absence? I really want to help others start their own business, to learn about the Amway products, and to help others have the life they deserve.

If you doubt yourself; stop it. Instead, jump on the train to financial freedom, add the strong carriages behind you and financial freedom will be yours to secure. I did mine the hard way, but now I am back and I have made the best business decision in many years. Enjoy your success. Don’t work for the rest of your life. Let others jump on your train to freedom and help you succeed!” ~ Anonymous

Testimonial # 5

“I was one of the people who did training for 10-years and didn’t apply what I learned and didn’t have much monetary success. However, because of the training my husband and I did reach our financial goals through other ways because of the training and now at 36 own our own home and our two children attend one of the best private schools in the country. We set that goal when our first child was only one month old and attribute our successes totally to the training we did while with Amway. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to better themselves and their lives.” ~ Anonymous

amway australia diamonds

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, Peter and Helen Mckenna are the ultimate success story in Amway Australia. Their team, Team MAK has literally helped thousands of people earn a nice income with Amway. If you live in Australia and are thinking about joining Amway, this is the couple you should seek out as your sponsors. 

I’m trying to find out more information about Team MAK. I’d love to find out “how they build their Amway business?” What type of tools do they have? What are the seminars like? If you are (or were) affiliated with Team MAK, I would love to hear your personal Amway story.

Please tell us about your Amway and Team MAK experience. Let us know when you were involved, what level of success you achieved, and how long you were in Amway. Just leave a comment to this post to share your story.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Both Amway and Team MAK are registered trademarks. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. 

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24 thoughts on “Peter and Helen McKenna Team MAK: Amway Australia Diamonds”

  1. Team Mak is great!! Unlike other companies ( who just leave you by yourself ), this one is actually worth it. I’ve felt more welcome here than in other groups. With more discipline and some hard work, thing’s become a lot better.


  2. 5 conversations 3 video meetings and attended 1 event, and I still had to go on line after the event to discover its Amway. Its packaged in such a way that its about mentorship, oh and by some products from many companies we leverage. No, its Amway and they leverage the other companies. I was never told up front that its Amway. I feel thats dishonest, misleading and inauthentic. Even though I like the mentorship idea. I couldnt create a downstream team using such a misleading method. I get that they have had to re package the brand, because everyone rolls their eyes when you say “Amway” Even so, Still thinking about wether to take it on or not because the inauthenticity has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. I am an IBO in the McKenna organisation and can confidently say that it has been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I am 2 years into my personal development journey and have a really good business structure happening as a result of the mentorship I receive from Dom and Karina McKenna. Most importantly though, the person I’ve grown into, the adversity I have overcome and the people I’ve been able to impact so far with helping them do the same has been by far the most rewarding aspect.

    There are so many things out there, so many ways to create income, but nothing compares to this mentorship and leadership development program with the added bonus of partnering with the Amway corporation to build an ongoing cash-flow that can create financial independence, IF you put in the work. I’ve had many people say to me “It’s just not for me” after they’ve not seen results in the first few months.. Nothing in life that has a long term gain can be established in just a few short months .

    I agree 100% with the comments above when it was mentioned that this is not a get rich quick type scheme and it is 90% focused on helping people reach their full potential, be the best version of themselves so that they can help others do the same. I am so excited for the future and what is to come.

    Building a legacy and impacting as many people as I possibly can is what brings me so much joy. If you are thinking about doing something in your spare time that could potentially give you a lot more options in life this is where you need to be.

    Good luck with your future endeavors and I hope to see you one day, having made the choice to put your future in your own hands and do something great for yourself and your current/future families 🙂

  4. All of the resources and information in the world won’t help someone who is not motivated on their own to put in the footwork in order to grow their business. I have people in my business who I referred to as information junkies. They wanted all of the knowledge but then they did not want to apply what they had been given and they usually ended up just quitting,

    1. I agree. I think the Amway Team MAK training system is fine. I just realize that you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work. Just plugging in won’t get the job done.

  5. Hi there,

    I am a highly motivated individual which good sense of business acumen and intense drive. I have heard about Amway for a while now and would like to learn more. I know it’s not easy money but I am keen to work hard on it full-time to grow and make money. Could someone high up in the team contact me so we can discuss partnership opportunities?



  6. It is an honor to be part of Peter & Helen’s team. We are about to reach 7500 and the journey we have had couldn’t be done without the training, guidance and association that TeamMak provides! Peter and Helen through their leadership have lead us in the right direction and have allowed us to create another income outside of our jobs and learn a ton of stuff in the process.

  7. The McKenna’s might be “legends” in the Amway business, but they have literally scammed tens of thousands of people out of money with their tools business. Like it or not, that is a fact.

    1. Ahh that is opinion Karen not fact and I don’t agree with you. The “tools” business is an optional education program for Independent Business Owners. There is no scam in it. I have been on it for the last 2 years and the personal growth I have had which has resulted in us now almost reaching 7500pv (21%) is amazing. If you sold some product while you were in Amway, you would have made retail profit. Some of that profit can pay for ALL of your “tools”. 3 months of our retail proifits pays for 12months of ALL of our Tools inc functions costs. We worked out the total cost of business expenses ie; tools etc if you don’t miss anything ever (not likely) is about 2.5k a year. Not a bad overhead running cost huh. You could go start a cafe or a traditional business and your “tools” and “staff” cost wouldn’t be that hence why 95% of small business fails in year one. Just my opinion on the topic. The McKenna’s have done amazingly well and have duplicated that through thousands of IBO’s who have been in their Amway team.

      1. No, it’s fact and opinion. And you not agreeing with him/hear does not make you right either. There are people who have good attitude and who are hard workers, but they have not done well. Or not done well yet.

  8. What a classy couple. They’ve worked hard with their Amway business and deserve all the success they’ve achieved. I’m proud to be part of Team MAK and I hope to replicate the success of Peter and Helen McKenna.

    1. George,

      I agree with you that Peter and Helen McKenna are a classy couple. It takes a big vision and tons of hard work to build a large Amway business.

      Thanks for your comment.


  9. I’ve spent seven years on Team MAK and I am a Platinum in the Amway business. I credit most of my success to the training and business lessons I have learned from the system. Of course, I have worked hard too. Amway is a great business. Who you partner up with in the business is probably your most important decision.

    1. Mike,

      I’m glad to hear you have achieved success with Team MAK and Amway. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work. And thanks for the comment.


  10. Chuck, Peter and Helen McKenna both had parents who were self-employed. Peter started out as an air traffic controller, and Helen was a teacher. They both traveled often, which is actually how they met. They married, and began researching business opportunities. They settled on Amway, which had just kicked off in Australia at the time. I gather, from other reading, that their parents were excellent resources, and I am sure mentored them well. In addition, I watched a video on YouTube in which Peter Bowman talked about the McKenna’s keen focus. They set priorities and made a plan, staying the course, and implementing the Amway business model with fidelity.

    1. They’ve been with the company more than 30 years. That speaks volumes about their vision, perseverance and commitment. They have a huge Amway Organization and are great leaders. The only controversy is the system and the tools money. That’s what most people have a problem with.

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