Personally Sponsoring 50 MLM Distributors: My Results and Stats

What I want to do in today’s post is share some of my personal stats in my network marketing business with my results from sponsoring my first batch of 50 people.  I should tell you right up-front that I am a numbers guy and I keep detailed numbers for many aspects of my business, so I can see what is working and what isn’t working.

I have a tracking sheet that I update every month and it covers a wide variety of key metrics in my network marketing business.  To protect my team’s privacy I won’t mention anyone’s name.

I’m writing this post on October 17, 2015.  I intentionally waited 90 days after I sponsored my 50th person to write this post, so these numbers will be relevant and accurate.  Here are the stats.  Enjoy.

# 1 I joined my current company in April 2014 as a customer and started building a business (as a distributor) on May 8th, 2014.

# 2 My sponsoring was done 100% online and almost everyone I sponsored contacted me first.

# 3 Only one person was local, but he found me online.  He is the only person I have ever met with face-to-face to sign up.

# 4 It took me just shy of 14 months in the business to sponsor my first 50 people.

# 5 I sponsored my first person on May 8, 2014 and my fiftieth person on July 4, 2015.

# 6 I averaged 3.6 new personally sponsored reps per month during this time.

# 7 On average I sponsored one new person every 8.44 days (422 days / 50 reps).

# 8 Out of the 50 people 34 are men and 16 are women.

# 9 Out of the 50 people, 6 were people I knew before I joined the business and 44 were strangers.

# 10 Out of the first 50 people, 12 are still active in the business, 3 are inactive (they order about once every 90 days) and 35 people quit.

# 11 Of the 50 people, 35 people never even sponsored one person.

# 12 Of the 50 people, 15 reps personally sponsored one or more people.

# 13 Ten of those 50 reps sponsored 1-4 people, three of the reps sponsored 5-9 people and two of out the 50 reps sponsored 10 or more people.  No one sponsored more than 13 people.

# 14 Out of the 35 people who quit 27 of them quit in 90 days or less.  None of the remaining 8 made it past the 9 month mark before they quit.

# 15 Out of remaining active people that I have personally sponsored I would suggest that TWO of them are very committed to building a long-term business with me.

Looking at the statistics, you might find this a little bit depressing.  I don’t think so.  It actually fascinates me.

Also, keep in mind that this does NOT include the stats of the people they brought in the business.  The person with the biggest team in my group was not personally sponsored by me.

Once you understand this is a numbers game, it’s easier to accept.  My goal is to sponsor 260 people in my first five years in the business (one per week) in hopes of finding five people who are even more serious than I am.

If you look at most top earners in our industry, you will quickly discover that they have personally sponsored 100-200 or more people and they make MOST of their income from five or fewer people.  Based off those numbers I am well on my way!

What do you think about these statistics?  Any thoughts or insights?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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8 thoughts on “Personally Sponsoring 50 MLM Distributors: My Results and Stats

  1. This is fascinating. As you, I also love numbers and statistics. This can be a great lesson for other network marketers, because it shows a large percentage will quit. It is a natural phenomenon, because many people are quitters. But, it is ok. It is something we always should expect, just like when we talk with people, we should expect many more nos than yes’s.

    Another fascinating part of this is gaining those numbers completely online and without your initiating. This should set some naysayers straight that claim you cannot build a solid network marketing business online. I know that the key is you great educative techniques.

    Thanks for sharing these numbers Chuck. They are impressive.

    • Thanks. I have a feeling my second batch of 50 will be even better.

  2. To me, your results are impressive, especially considering you’re doing it part time and are doing all your prospecting online.

    These results are proof that not everyone you sponsor is going to stick with your company, some will quit and some will become inactive. Only a small percentage of them will actually bring real results. If you focus your energy on training and working with those people, you’ll achieve success more easily.

    Also consistency pays off. If you’re consistent with your prospecting, sponsoring, and training, you’ll be able to gradually build a successful business.

    • Consistency is very important. That’s where most people come up short.

    • I have to agree that those results are impressive. I’m not sure many people can say they sponsored 50 people. Let alone sponsoring 50 people having met only one of them in person. It’s neat to see how things have progressed for you with your current company. Kind of gives people an idea of what this process could look like (though everyone is different).

      • Exactly. I am close to 100 people personally sponsored now. Once I do that, I will wait six months and then do a similar post.

  3. Thanks for the post. My question is 2 fold; When you say ‘everyone contacted you”, does that mean you did no prospecting? In other words did you just put out your blog and wait to be contacted? If you did prospect, how many people did you talk to or contact, call, etc., before you got your 50?

    • I sponsor 100% of people through my blog. People ask me to sign up or join on their own. I don’t initiate conversations with anyone.

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