Top 10 People Skills for Network Marketers to Learn & Master

Today, I want to share my top 10 people skills for network marketers.

Network marketing is the ultimate people skills business. I can’t think of any other business model or industry where someone gets paid solely on their ability to get along with others.

We are one of the only industries I know of where everyone is a VOLUNTEER. People can join or leave whenever they want. This means people don’t have to follow your lead or listen to you. You’re no one’s boss and you can’t make anyone do what you tell them to do.

To recruit people, and retain people, you must be able to build strong relationships with others. You must get others to like, know, and trust you. Without good people skills that will never happen. To sum it up, without a solid ability to get along with others, you won’t survive long in network marketing.

people skills in network marketing

Top 10 People Skills for Network Marketers

What I want to do in the rest of this post is share some of my best tips for improving your people skills. I learned many of these concepts in the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Other lessons I learned through trial and error during my past 20+ years in this industry. Enjoy.

# 1: Think from the Other Person’s Perspective

Don’t be too quick to judge other people. Before you judge someone or come to a conclusion about them, take a moment and put yourself in their shoes! Think about their background, beliefs, values and experiences. I’m not saying you have to agree with others, but you do need to stay off your high horse and be able to relate to many different types of people.

There are as many different viewpoints as there are people in the world. If you only think about yourself, people will know it. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

# 2: Listen More Than You Speak

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion. If you are doing all the talking, all the time, you are really missing the boat. You should be listening at least twice as much as you talk.

When you listen, give the person your undivided attention. Don’t just focus on how you will respond to what they say. Look them in the eyes, eliminate distractions, and make them feel important. Be an active listener. When you are a good listener you will be welcomed wherever you go. Besides, you learn a lot more by listening than you do by talking.

# 3: Get Good At Asking Questions

One of my best tips to improve your people skills is to get good at asking questions. Get the other person to talk about themselves.

Asking questions is one of the easiest ways to get people to like you. Remember, people love to talk about themselves. No one wants to hear everything you have to say, but they do love to hear themselves talk! Never forget that. If you want to win people over and be welcome everywhere you go, get the other person talking about themselves.

# 4: Keep a Positive Attitude

Keep a close check on your attitude. No one likes a sourpuss or someone with a bad attitude. If you’re having a bad day, keep it yourself. If you’re feeling blue, keep it to yourself. Don’t dump your problems on someone else.

You want people to be happy when you enter the room, not when you leave the room. Everyone loves the charismatic person with the great attitude. Look for the positive in things and keep a close check on your attitude.

Associate with other positive minded people and get rid of the whiners and complainers in your life. Remember, problems go up to your upline. Never, ever talk about your problems with your own team.

# 5: Look for the Best in Others

No one is perfect. I’m not perfect. Neither are you.

Look for the best in people. Everyone has traits, talents, and qualities that are worth admiring. Sometimes, you must look below the surface to find these things, but they are there! Focus on the qualities you admire and like about the other person, not the things you don’t like.

Look at the potential in others and do what you can to cultivate it.

# 6: Smile

Show those pearly whites! Put a smile on your face. When you are talking to someone on the phone or in person, smile. It makes a big difference.

It’s hard to be upset, nervous, or sad when you are smiling. When you smile it normally influences the other person to smile back at you. When you are out and about tomorrow, make it a point to smile at ten random people and watch the reactions you get. I’d bet that at least 7 of the 10 people smile back at you!

# 7: Treat People the Way They Want to be Treated

The Golden Rule says to treat people the way you want to be treated. The Platinum Rule (I don’t know if that really exists or not) says that you should treat people the way that THEY want to be treated. I think this is sage advice.

If nothing else, treat everyone you meet as well as you would treat your own best friend. Don’t forget to do the little things either. The little things matter!

like know and trust

# 8: Have Manners

Saying please and thank you goes a long way. If you are a man, standing up when a lady enters the room is the right thing to do.

Being nice to people and having basic manners works well. Chew with your mouth closed, check your breath, and treat women with respect. Always say please and thank you. Most people are in such a rush today that they forget to do this.

# 9: Show Appreciation

One of the biggest human needs is the basic need for appreciation. People will move heaven and earth to feel appreciated.

Most people don’t feel appreciated at home or at work. Let people know you appreciate them. Send handwritten notes. Do the little things. Tell people you appreciate them. Show people you appreciate them. Make people feel special and important. It makes a difference.

# 10: Remember People’s Names

This is something I have struggled with for years. Remembering people’s names is important. To most people, their name is the most important word in their vocabulary.

When you meet someone for the first time, repeat their name at least ten times when you are talking to them. Match their name with a picture, rhyme, or image in your head that will help you remember it. Whenever you talk to someone, address them by name. We all like other people who can remember our name.

Bonus Tip: Watch Your Body Language

Your body language communicates your message more than the words that you speak. Keep a close eye on your body language and make sure it matches the message you want to deliver.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my best people skills for network marketers. The bottom line is that you must improve your people skills if you want to succeed in network marketing.

You must master your people skills. You must be able to get along with all different types of people. You must get people to know you, like, and trust you. If you can’t do that you will struggle in the business.

What do you think are the best people skills for network marketers? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 People Skills for Network Marketers to Learn & Master”

  1. I think that remembering peoples names, hard as it may be sometimes, is very important! People are impressed when you remember their name. And I, personally, am impressed when someone listens to me and answers any questions I might have, instead of just trying to push business or product on me. Those are good points as well.

  2. You installed some great tips in this post Chuck. They are ones that I fail at at times, but when I do, I pick myself up and attempt to always learn from the mistake.

    I especially like your system of remembering people’s names. This is one of my weak points. I just hate it when I know I should remember a person’s name, but I don’t. It makes sense to say it ten or more times when you first meet them. By doing that, you will commit it to your mind and it will be much easier to remember.

    Thanks again for these great tips Charles.

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