Best Passive Lead Generation Strategies for Network Marketers

Today, I want to talk to you about some passive lead generation strategies for network marketers. When it comes to generating your own leads, there are passive and active strategies. Most network marketers have never been taught about this powerful concept before.  I hope to change that.

An active lead generation strategy is something you must continue to do repeatedly to keep generating leads.  This might include having home parties, advertising in the local newspaper, or prospecting strangers.  These lead generation strategies do work well, as long as you keep doing them every day.  The moment you stop doing them you stop getting leads.  And that is the major problem I have with active strategies.

On the other hand, passive lead generation strategies are something that you do ONE TIME and they continue to generate leads for you for many months (or years) to come.  They give you leverage and allow you to work smart.  They let you generate leads 24/7, even while you sleep.

passive lead generationWhat I’m going to do in the paragraphs below is share some of my favorite passive lead generation strategies for network marketers.  If you are truly serious about your network marketing business, I highly suggest you incorporate a few of these strategies into your marketing strategy immediately.  By all means, keep doing your active lead generation strategies.  Just combine some of these methods with it.

# 1 Blogging – I am a HUGE fan of blogging.  I truly believe that having your own blog is one of the best long-term methods to generate a constant flow of leads for your network marketing business.  You can write one good blog post that sends you leads every day, week, and month for many YEARS to come.  The only downsides of blogging is that you will need to frequently publish new content each week.  It also takes nine to eighteen months to build up momentum with a blog.  The upside of blogging is that each piece of content will continue to work for you and help you generate leads.  Learn how to build your business by blogging.

# 2 YouTube Videos – YouTube videos are another great passive lead generation strategy.  You can publish a few quality videos on YouTube that send you new leads for YEARS to come.  There are tons of great videos on YouTube that are six or seven years old and still get tons of traffic every single day.  When done right, this might just be the BEST passive lead generation strategy on this list.

# 3 Write a Kindle Book – Writing a Kindle book is another great passive lead generation strategy.  Inside your book, you can include some information about your products and business opportunity.  Not only will you make money from the royalties by selling the book, but some of your readers will check out the links you provide and potentially become a lead for your network marketing business.  Talk about a win-win situation.  This can also serve as your funded proposal.

# 4 Write an eBook – If you don’t want to go the Kindle book route, you could do your own eBook that you give away for free.  You could write a good quality eBook and upload it to several different internet websites.  You could provide your link in your free eBook to send people to your capture page.  Anyone who visits your capture page and opts in would become a lead.

# 5 Leave Comments on a Blog or Forum – Leaving blog comments or forum comments is a wonderful passive lead generation strategy.  Your key to success is to create a good signature file (for forums) and to provide quality comments.  Don’t be a spammer.  Make sure your comment is relative to the post and provides exceptional value to the readers.  Leave enough comments and you will send a lot of traffic to your own website or capture page.

# 6 Do a Guest Post on Someone’s Blog – Maybe you don’t want to have your own blog.  If you enjoy writing you can always do guest blog posts on other people’s blogs.  Just make sure that they are in the same niche as you, or have the same target market as you.  For example, if you sell weight loss products and you are looking for more customers, one of the best things you can do is find five to ten successful weight loss blogs and see if there is an opportunity for you to do a guest post on their blog.  It also helps if you look for successful, high traffic blogs to guest post on.

These are just a few examples of passive lead generation strategies for network marketers.  Of course, these strategies would work in almost any type of business, not just network marketing.

leads 24/7Tips for Success

My best tips for success are to set up your own capture page and focus on building a list. Provide the link to your capture page in everything that you do.  Promote that link using any of these passive lead generation strategies mentioned above.  Another good success tip is to pick two methods on this list and do them frequently.  That is one of my best tips.  Don’t try to do too many things at once.  FOCUS.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my best passive lead generation strategies for network marketers.  By all means keep doing your active lead generation strategies.  Just make sure that you combine a few passive strategies along with it.  This will let you work smart and leverage yourself, so you can generate leads on auto-pilot.

What are your thoughts?  What are your favorite passive lead generation strategies for network marketers?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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8 thoughts on “Best Passive Lead Generation Strategies for Network Marketers”

  1. You had mentioned commenting in forums and blogs. This is a great passive lead system. By creating a good signature with a link to your blog, or a capture page, and leaving good comments that are educational in nature, people will click the link. The thing is, that post or comment should be there a long time unless it gets deleted by the site owner, so you may get clicks long after you wrote it.

    One suggestion about forums, it is good to keep posting often and gain a good reputation. Just one post does not help much.

    Thanks for sharing this Chuck.

  2. I have just started to get into the practice of leaving comments on other people’s blogs and I have been seeing some people coming over to my blog as a result of what I have shared on other blogs. So it does work. You definitely do have to be providing quality information though via your posts that makes people feel like you know what you are talking about while also remaining relevant to the original post you are commenting under.

  3. Chuck , these are all great ways to generate leads in a passive way. I do want to mention a bit more of an old fashion way. You can make fliers and leave on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundromats and other locations such as that. You can also do the same with just simple business cards. Personally, I think the fliers are better, and they can be low cost to make and print. It can be a great passive lead system.

  4. I like the strategy of giving out FREE staff to generate leads. Question is where do I get or how I make one, especially if I am new in MLM.

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