PartyLite: A Review of Their Top 20 Products

Have you heard of PartyLite?

This multi-level marketing company deals in home decor, fragrances, and their primary product is candles.

PartyLite has its roots from the early 1900’s when a woman by the name of Mabel Baker began crafting candles from the wild bayberries that grew near her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

She used them as gifts, but then she realized she could sell them to help her financial situation.

Mabel’s business grew and grew.

Many people loved her candles, and Mabel stuck with it until her death at 95 years old.

But, the business didn’t pass away with Mabel.

The candles continued to sell, and in 1973, the management behind Mabel’s business venture realized that a multi-level marketing approach may be a wise move, so they started the subsidiary with the name PartyLite Gifts, Inc.

It all started in 1973 with 3 people and has grown to a network of independent sales representatives world wide.

Mabel actually created a system where people can make profits from the candle making business she developed with wild bayberries.

In today’s post, I am going to share what I see as the top 20 products of PartyLite.

I am using a variety of sources to determine this which includes sales statistics, online reviews along with family and friends opinions.

I am not affiliated in any way with PartyLite other than buying a few candles in the past and enjoying the fragrance from them.

So, scroll down and find out what the PartyLite top 20 products are.

I am starting with #20 and moving to #1.

PartyLite Top 20

#20: Warm Hearts Tealight Holder

This holder is shaped like a heart and glistens when the tealight that is sold separately is lit within it.

It has an antique appearance and gives a resemblance of mercury glass.

This makes a wonderful gift for that special someone.

#19: Iced Snowberries Triple Scented Jar Candle Glolites

These beautiful candles put off an amazing glow and even better, the fragrance they spread is delicious.

Each candle will burn from 20 to 30 hours.

#18: Forbidden Trio

These glass votive or tealight holders are elegant and create that “forbidden” thought pattern.

The black stems set off the romantic feel of these 3 holders that come in stair step sizes.

#17: Fresh Lavender Sandalwood Fresh Home Linen and Room Spray

This spray for the home is simply wonderful.

Many claim it is as if you had a lavender bush growing within your house.

It takes very little of this spray to give your entire home its fresh scent.

#16: Ivory Light Illusions LED Pillar Trio With Remote Control

When you want that candle light without the burning, these LED pillars are perfect.

This set puts off a somber glow, and you can control it all with the handy remote that comes with the set.

#15: Lotus Flower Votive Holders

These glass sculpted creations have a glimmering effect from the candle light.

They come in a pair, and are a great addition to a fireplace mantle or as decorative pieces on your kitchen table.

#14: Time To Enjoy 18 Piece Tealight Sampler

This is a highly sold set.

It gives customers an opportunity to sample the various fragrances.

The variety consists of:

  • pink grapefruit

  • lemon melon mint

  • driftwood

  • wild strawberry

  • blue agave

  • french vanilla

  • peony and bamboo breeze

  • mulberry

  • and many more

#13: Butterfly Friends Votive Centerpiece

This colorful centerpiece brings the calling of summer to your table’s center.

The butterfly centerpiece has 3 glass votive cups to hold your favorite PartyLite votive candles.

#12: Fig Fatale Forbidden Fruits Jar Candle

The decorative glass jar in this presents a wonderful addition to your candle collection, and the scent is a wonderful choice.

I know that many just love this fragrance filling their living areas.

#11: Bamboo Breeze Glolite Pillar Candle

These pillar candles put off a magnificent glow, and add that to the fragrance of a bamboo forest with a slight addition of lotus flower, this is a wonderfully crafted product from PartyLite.

#10: Lotus Sconce

Metal lotus blossoms are in a cluster with tealight holders for a great wall decoration.

The reviews are all high on this piece. It seems that when people have purchased it to give as a gift, they end up keeping it for their own wall.

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#9: Gosmart Mobile Fragrance Holder

Instead of buying those disposable fragrances that seem to get weak quickly,PartyLite has this great idea that you can take with you no matter where you go.

It is a great way to have the PartyLite fragrance you love in the car, the office or a public restroom.

#8: Cinnamon Sparkle Escential Jar Scented Candle

Ah, the love of cinnamon!

The fragrance will fill your home with that delightful spice, and you will have to be careful…The neighbors may want to all come over and taste those delicious cinnamon pastries you must be baking.

How will you explain that it is just this candle?

If you are a distributor, you will probably sell many.

#7: Pink Grapefruit Escential Jar Scented Candle

This unique fragrance is similar to #8 with it being the smell of delicious pink grapefruit.

The odor this candle emits is a wonderful change in the normal candles so many other people use.

#6: Smartscents White Sandstone Holder

With just a simple design, this white sandstone piece holds the wonderful PartyLite fragrance of your choice.

Just place the sticks and allow them to fill your room with a wonderful smell.

#5: LadyBug Scentglow Warmer

The design just melts hearts and scented wax.

This is a red ladybug with black dots that creates a feeling of warmth and affection in the room it is in.

#4: Lemon Melon Mint 3 Wick Scented Jar Candle

The 3 wick jar candles have been one of the best selling PartyLite products.

This scent is a favorite with the lemon, melon and a dash of mint filling the air with wonderful smells.

#3: Fresh Aloe Eucalyptus Layered 3 Wick Jar Candle

As I said, the 3 wick candles are favored over all, and this one has layers of aloe, eucalyptus and fresh home that will change as the candle burns lower.

Customers rave about this candle.

#2: Mulberry 3 Wick Jar Candle

Out of all the 3 wick jar candles sold by PartyLite, the mulberry seems to be a hands-down favorite.

With a strong, but pleasing fragrance, the amount of sales of this candle are high.

Are there enough mulberries to go around?

#1: Lattice Mirrored Lantern Set

These mirrored lanterns put off a glow that will fill your visitors with peace and comfort.

The mirrored interior just enhances the extreme glow the votive inside emits.

Use them indoors or out, there are multiple ways you can show off the top PartyLite product.

Final Thoughts

So, do you agree with my thoughts of the top 20 PartyLite products?

PartyLite also has many products that have been discontinued and are now collectors items.

You can find many of these on eBay. I will put a link in the reference section.

If you would like to have any of these products, or possibly become a PartyLite distributor, you can visit their website that is also in the reference section.

Tell us your favorite PartyLite products.

Which candle fragrance is the best in your opinion?

Just post it in the comments section below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way or form with PartyLite. This is not a paid review. It is written strictly for your information. PartyLite is a registered trademark.


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3 thoughts on “PartyLite: A Review of Their Top 20 Products”

  1. I have several friends who sold the PartyLite products. I have never personally tried them because I am not much of a candle type of duded. That being said, all three of my friends who sell the products have done quit well with the company.

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