Oxyfresh Review: When Did it Stop Being A MLM?

Today, we are going to do an Oxyfresh review…

For many people, I may be bringing back emotional memories. Some may feel anger while others sadness.

I am doing a review of Oxyfresh. It may be a name you are familiar with when it comes to dental care. Yes, it is the same products for the most part, but they are no longer sold using a multilevel marketing business format.

I will explain more, but let’s first look at the history behind Oxyfresh.

The History Behind Oxyfresh

In 1984, a well known name in the world of MLM founded Oxyfresh using the network marketing format.   His name is Richard Bliss Brooke.

Oxyfresh had a portfolio of products that independent representatives could sell that included:

  • Dental and oral care
  • Pet care
  • Weight loss
  • Nutritional items
  • Energy drinks
  • Personal care
  • and more

The headquarters for Oxyfresh were or are I should say, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Up until 2014, people joined the Oxyfresh MLM and built home based MLM businesses that sold the products and recruited new distributors. And as time went by, Richard and his wife Kimmie started another MLM program called LifeShotz (LifeMatters).

Both Oxyfresh and LifeMatters are still operating, but under new systems. I will explain that later.

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What Happened With Oxyfresh

Just before shutting down the Oxyfresh MLM system, Richard sent out a letter as to why he was halting the multilevel marketing system the company used.

Richard blamed himself and I will quote a few of his statements:

Like many decisions I have made, this one was the lessor of evils. And although it was a difficult decision, it was the obvious and only common sense one I could make. From an economic viewpoint, we should have done this five years ago.

The company has its responsibilities and the Sales Leaders have theirs. Neither will be perfect, excellence is even rare. But when both parties play full out to do their part regardless of what the other is doing, we have a good chance to succeed. 100% / 100% is unconditional.

I trust that as time passes, the Oxyfresh leaders and competitors that may choose now to express their anger and blame will remember the good that Oxyfresh, the Network Marketing company, provided in their lives and the role model it attempted to be for our entire profession. Perhaps we inspired a small amount of insight and change.”

When we look at why Oxyfresh failed as a MLM, it is evident that people began to just “lay back.” When you stop acting and just rely on what there is, it will eventually fall apart.

So Now

Oxyfresh still sells the products in a traditional business method. You can get any and all Oxyfresh products at their website: Oxyfresh

As for the Lifeshotz LifeMatters program, Richard partnered with Young Living and those products are being offered by the Young Living home based business owners through multilevel marketing.

As for Richard, he is helping train and lead current and future MLM leaders through consulting and coaching. He works often with Eric Worre.

Richard’s website is full of great information that can help you grow in network marketing. He consistently adds great information.

Richard’s Books

Richard has also authored a variety of books that can help you grow personally, financially and in your business dealings.

Final Thoughts

While this is a shorter post today, I wanted to explain why, and what happened with Oxyfresh being a MLM. Now you know why you are seeing Oxyfresh products on store shelves.

To all the distributors who had built a big Oxyfresh business, I apologize if I brought up bad memories.

We would love to hear from past Oxyfresh business owners. What is your view on this subject? I know you may be angry, but please use a professional approach to voicing your opinion.

I hope this educated some of you about why it is so important to keep working the business. It is also important that the products are sold on top of getting new distributors.

Please leave your comments and questions below and please share this with others on social media.


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