Overcoming MLM Objections: Rebuttals & Best Tips for Success

Today, I want to share some simple and practical advice about overcoming MLM Objections.

Please know upfront that objections are a normal part of any sales transaction. Almost every prospect you talk with will have at least one objection before they sign up or buy from you. This is NORMAL.

Some people will have several objections. As I see it, objections are a good thing. It means the person needs more information before they can make an informed decision. Objections mean they have questions and are looking for answers to those questions.

Unless your prospect flat out says no, you should keep overcoming objections until you get a definite YES or NO decision from them. Do not accept “maybe” or “I have to think about it.” Those are nothing more than stalling tactics.

I’ve found that most people procrastinate when it comes to decision making. They don’t make ANY decision, because they are scared to make the wrong decision. 

Most people need to be led through the entire sales process without pressure, hard-selling, or hype. It’s your job to lead them through that process and COLLECT a decision! Always ask them to buy or join! You will miss 100% of the sales you do not ask for.

As a network marketing professional, you must anticipate these objections and know how to handle them properly. My goal in rest of this post is to teach you how to do that.

What is a Sales Objection?

A sales objection is a concern or hesitation raised by a potential customer during the sales process that prevents them from making a purchase. These objections can come in various forms, such as questions about the product or service, objections related to pricing, concerns about the company’s reputation, or doubts about the value proposition.

Sales professionals need to address these objections effectively to overcome the customer’s hesitations and move closer to closing the sale. This often involves active listening, empathizing with the customer’s concerns, providing relevant information or solutions, and demonstrating the value of the product or service in meeting their needs or solving their problems. Successfully overcoming objections is a crucial skill in sales, as it allows salespeople to build trust, alleviate concerns, and ultimately persuade customers to make a purchase.

most common mlm objections

The Most Common MLM Objections

Thankfully, will only hear the same five objections. The most common objections I’ve experienced in my network marketing career are:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I don’t have the money.
  3. The products are too expensive.
  4. Is this a pyramid?
  5. I have to think about it OR I have to talk to my spouse.

What I’d like to do in the paragraphs that follow is teach you how to overcome each of these objections.

The Feel – Felt – Found Method to Overcoming MLM Objections

I use what I call the Feel – Felt – Found method to overcome MLM Objections. I learned this closing technique during my time in Amway. It’s a very simple, low-key, non-threatening, yet effective way to overcome ANY objection.

Basically, you relate to your prospect by telling them you understand how they feel. Next, you tell them you felt the same way at some point in the past, and finally, you conclude by telling people what you found.

This helps put them at ease. You will see my real-world-examples below using the Feel – Felt – Found method.

# 1: I Don’t Have the Time!

What it Means:

Your prospect sees the business opportunity as an intrusion to their life, something that takes up their free time and adds one more thing to their already busy schedule.

My Response:

I know how you feel, Jim. When I first learned about this business opportunity, I didn’t know how I could fit it into my busy schedule either. Between my job, my family commitments, and all the other things I had going on in my life, I wasn’t sure if I could add one more thing to my plate.

But here’s what I found: “If I kept doing what I was currently doing I would never have the time to do as I please!” Everyone I know is busy, but very few people have a plan to get their life back. Most people are just grinding through life, busy getting nowhere fast. This opportunity can help you get both of those things: more time and more money.

If I could show you how to potentially replace your job income in just two to three years, by working your business part-time, just ten-hours per week, do you think you could find the time to build a business?

# 2: I Don’t Have the Money!

What it Means:

Your prospect doesn’t see the value in the business start-up cost. If they did, they could find the money. If their car broke down tomorrow, they would find a way to get the money. People always have money for things that are important to them.

My Response:

I know you feel. I’ve been through hard times myself. It sucks. The reason I started this business was to make more money. I realized an extra $300 to $1,000 per month, combined with the tax advantages of having a home-based business, would totally improve my financial situation. I also knew that if I didn’t make some changes in my life, my financial situation would never improve. Does that make sense?

# 3: The Products are Too Expensive!

What it Means:

Your prospect does not see the value in the products. They are basing the value simply on price.

My Response:

I know how you feel. When I first saw the product prices, I thought they were expensive. But when I went to some local vitamin stores and did some price comparisons, I found that the products were priced competitively. Plus, they are made right here in the USA and shipped directly to your doorstep. I’ve also learned that cheaper isn’t always better. You get what you pay for. Does that make sense?

# 4: Is This a Pyramid?

What It Means:

This is simply an uneducated, ignorant response people use to try and throw you off track.

My Response:

I know how you feel. When I first learned about network marketing, I was skeptical too. What I have since learned is that EVERY business and ORGANIZATION in the world is shaped like a pyramid. This includes your job, your church, and your favorite charities. The beauty of what we do is EVERYONE starts at the bottom but has an equal playing field to get to the top. There are no politics, kissing butt, or luck involved. You get out what you put in. In addition, the direct sales industry does over $100 BILLION per year in sales and has been around for nearly 60-years now. Does that make sense?

# 5: I Need to Think About It!

What It Means:

This is not an objection. It’s a stalling tactic. Your prospect will not go home and think about it. They are just stalling from a making a buying a decision and trying to waste your time.

My Response:

I know how you feel. When I first saw the opportunity, I wanted to think it over, too. But after doing a little research online, I realized there really wasn’t much to think about. The products are great and come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk. The company is free to join. The earnings potential is great. We have awesome training and support. The people are great. Tell me, which part do you need to think about?

feel felt found method for objections

Additional Tips for Overcoming MLM Objections

Here are some additional tips for overcoming MLM Objections.

# 1: Most People Won’t Buy or Sign-Up the First Time You Talk with Them

Whether you sell houses, cars, perfume, insurance, or vitamins, most people you talk to today are not in the market for what you are offering them today. There will always be some low hanging fruit (people who are in the market at this exact moment in time for what you have), but most people will not buy until the timing is right for them.

Your job is to work the numbers and sift and sort through people until you find the people who are in the market for what you are offering. You must also be patient and take the long-term view in your business.

# 2: Most Prospects Need Minimum 7 to 20 Follow-Ups

This tip goes hand-in-hand with number one. Just because someone isn’t in the market today doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. This is why the follow-up process is so important. The fortune is in the follow-up.

Most people I recruit as customers or distributors take me at least seven to twenty follow-ups over a period of several months, before they buy or join.

Keep track of every prospect you ever talk to and stay in touch with them at least once every 90 days until they buy or die. Remember, every prospect is a prospect for life!

# 3: Objections are Natural & Normal

I’ve sold many different products and services in my lifetime. Nearly 9 out of 10 people will have some type of initial objection when you first talk with them. It’s natural and normal. You should expect objections and be prepared for them. In fact, people who don’t have any objections scare me.

# 4: Objections Don’t Mean the Person is Not Interested

To elaborate on # 3, objections are actually a buying signal. It typically means the person is interested but needs more information and/or exposures before they are ready to buy. Don’t let objections scare you off.

# 5: Never Hard-Sell, Use Pressure, or Use Hype

This is where many people mess things up. Many distributors in our industry think it’s their job to pressure or convince someone to buy, when they get objections. Or worse, they tuck their tail between their legs and run away when their prospect has an objection.

My rule of thumb is that I try to overcome up to three objections when I am talking to someone. If they have more objections than that, I simply add them to my database (to follow-up with them at a future date) and move on to the next person.

# 6: Don’t Get Angry

Whatever you do, don’t get angry when you get objections. Stay calm, cool, and collected. Being rude or angry repels people and will lead to a lost sale.

overcoming mlm objections

More Ideas for Overcoming MLM Objections

If you must convince someone to buy or join, you must convince them to stay, reorder, and get to work. Your real job is to work the numbers and sift and sort through people, until you find the right people who are interested. Why do I tell you these things? For two reasons.

First off, most distributors are scared of rejection and objections because they don’t know what to say or they don’t want to be pushy. We don’t want to come across as amateurish, unprofessional, desperate, or high pressure. As soon as someone says “I’m not interested” or “it costs too much” most distributors tuck their tail between their legs and move on to the next person (or quit). I think that’s a big mistake.

When someone says something costs too much it’s because they don’t understand the value the item provides. When someone says “I’m not interested” I like to ask them, “why?”

Two of the best questions you can ask anyone who gives you objections are “WHY?” and “in addition to that?” This will help you get to the real reason why people object.

Remember, people will typically not tell you the REAL reason they object. Instead, they will tell you something they think sounds good. For example, when someone tells me something is too expensive, I ask them “why do you think that, Mary?” Once I ask them the question, I pause and wait until they answer. Their answer will typically be their real reason.

Or, if Mary says the item is too expensive, I might say “in addition to that Mary, is there anything else holding you back from making a purchase today?”

These two questions work like hotcakes. I suggest you use them whenever possible.

The second reason I tell you this is because this business is a numbers game. If you work the numbers and talk with enough people you will find people who are interested in what you have. It’s inevitable.

I believe you could stand on a street corner for a day with a sign that says “work from home, ask me how!” and you could recruit people. What you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers.

When someone starts giving you objections, the best thing to do is ASK QUESTIONS and LISTEN. Stop talking and listen to what the prospect is saying.

Here are a few questions you can ask your prospect when you get objections:

  • In addition to that, what’s holding you back?
  • Why?
  • What do you like most about the product?
  • Based off everything we’ve talked about today, what are you most excited about?
  • What information do you need from me that would make you interested?

Another great question to ask is this: “Mary, I know you aren’t interested in buying my products today, but would it be okay if I stayed in touch with you in the future, in case your situation changes?” This question works well.

Assuming you have been low-key, polite, and nice, most people will tell you it’s okay if you stay in touch with them. Remember, the fortune is in the follow up.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. Overcoming MLM Objections is vital if you want to succeed in the business. Expect objections, they are normal. Be prepared for objections. Know the answers to the most common objections, so you know how to respond properly. Next, always ask for the sale. It’s vital that you do this. If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t make many sales.

Finally, always be a network marketing professional. Never use hype or pressure, but make sure you walk your prospect through the complete selling process so they can make an informed decision. I hope that helps.

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