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What is an opt in MLM lead? I define it as someone who willingly provided their name, email or contact information into a web-form to learn more about a home-based business opportunity. Here’s how it works. When someone visits a “work-from-home” themed website, there is normally an opt-in form on the website. Visitors can type in their name, email and phone number to request more information or to get something for free.

After they enter their contact information, the website’s auto-responder automatically sends a confirmation email to that person’s email account. Once they receive the confirmation email, they “confirm” their desire to receive additional information by sending a response email or visiting a confirmation link. In most cases, this process is completely automated. After this process is complete, the person becomes a verified opt in MLM lead and starts receiving messages from the website publisher.

Since the passing of the CAN-SPAM Act, internet marketers have stricter guidelines about sending unsolicited emails to people they don’t know. In other words, I cannot send random emails to people I do not know without getting their permission first. If I do this, I could be fined or even sent to jail. Therefore, savvy internet marketers use an “opt-in” form and confirmation message to verify all email subscribers. That way, they have physical proof that the other person gave them permission to email them.

Buying Opt In MLM Leads

When it comes to an opt in MLM lead, you have two options. First and foremost, you can purchase an opt in MLM lead list from a MLM lead company. The lead company will sell you opt in MLM leads for $1 to $2 each. If you buy a larger amount, you might get a better deal. The company will provide the name, email, telephone number, IP address, and the date/time verification for each lead.

Next, your job is to manually upload these leads into your own auto-responder. Most auto-responders require you to send out your own confirmation email to each one of these leads, before you start sending messages. When your leads respond to your confirmation email, you now have permission to send them messages.

However, please keep in mind that most opt in MLM leads won’t respond to your confirmation email. After all, most of the leads don’t know you. If you are lucky, maybe five to ten percent of your opt in MLM lead email accounts will give you their permission to email them. That means you will lose most of your leads and money. That’s why I recommend finding an auto-responder service that doesn’t require you to send a confirmation message to your leads before sending them emails.

Generate Your Own Leads

Your second option is to generate your own opt in leads. You can do this by setting up your own website, web-form and auto-responder. It’s really not that hard to do. When people type in their name and email into your web form, their information is automatically uploaded into your auto-responder. You can program your auto-responder so that your opt in MLM lead does not need to confirm their subscription request. In this situation, your opt in MLM lead automatically starts receiving your emails.

The only downfall of using this technique is that you might get accused of spamming people. Sometimes people visit a website and input someone else’s information into the web form. And sometimes people type in their own person information and forget that they did it. Therefore, I recommend using a confirmation email to all recipients, so that you don’t get accused of spam.

Although some of this information might be confusing over overwhelming, don’t fret. It’s easy to learn and implement. In fact, it’s a must for any MLM business owner. In case you don’t already know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It gives the average person the opportunity to compete with more established, larger businesses. It’s cheap, easy to do and very effective.

In my opinion, list building is the number one skill of top internet and network marketers. The people with the biggest subscriber lists make the most amount of money online. They focus all their efforts on building a list, building a relationship with the list, and monetizing the list. You should follow that advice.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you should consider different opt in lead sources. They are a cost effective way to start building your downline fast. The best way to get started is to generate your own leads. If you don’t already have your own personal website or blog, get one. Next, get an auto-responder and then focus all your time, money and energy on building large subscriber list.  You will be glad that you did.

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5 thoughts on “Opt In MLM Lead”

  1. Purchasing opt in MLM leads sounds like a lot of hassle for little return, to me. I just really like the idea of generating your own leads. I’m fairly new to this site, but I’ve learned so much so far. I’m anxious to learn more about email marketing and will be checking out the above link next.

  2. I like this simple explanation of what an opt in lead is and the 2 different ways to obtain them. From reading the article, I do agree the best way to generate leads through the website publisher with the potential customer’s knowledge. In my opinion, this is the best way to prevent spam on their end. Also, it is an excellent way to build a strong clientele.

  3. I have found that a lot of people prefer being emailed to being called. It feels less invasive, and gives the customer more of a feeling of control. I had a customer stay on my email list for 2 years, and then she placed a large order when the deal of the month suited her. I guarantee I would have gotten tired of calling her every month for 2 years without a sale! On that point, however, there is a company called PhoneVite that automatically calls your contact list at a given time with your recorded message.

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