One Coin Review: The Top 25 Facts

Today, I am going to do a One Coin review…

Originally, I was just going to make this a list article giving you some cool facts about the supposed “Bitcoin Killer” One Coin.

As I researched this multilevel marketing crypto-currency system, I felt a strong urge to change how I would go about writing this post.

First off, I don’t know if the facts I am about to tell you are cool. We will not going to give you my opinion about One Coin; I am just going to supply you with these 25 facts and let you decide for yourself if One Coin is a good opportunity or a scam.

I am interested in gaining every opinion from all of the readers. So please just comment if you believe it is a scam or a good opportunity at the end of this post.

These facts are in no particular order.

One Coin Review

One Coin Fact #1: Onecoin Ltd.

The company behind the crypto-currency One Coin is Onecoin Ltd. With their primary headquarters in Gibraltar. They also have offices are in Bulgaria.

One Coin Fact #2: The Founder And Leader Of One Coin

The “brains” behind One Coin is a Bulgarian by the name of Dr. Ruja Ignatova. According to the biography on her Tumbler site, Dr. Ignatova was born in Bulgaria but moved with her family to Germany when she was 10.

Supposedly, Ruja finished Law School in 2 ½ years and ranked 3rd in the country for her grades. She completed her Doctorate and went on to work for major financial institutions. She is part of the management team of Crypto Real Investment Trust and has written a book entitled Learning For Profit.

One Coin Fact #3: The One Coin Website Claims

When you visit the One Coin website, it seems quite professional. The claims consist of:

  • Global financial empowerment.
  • Transparency in that, One Coin claims to use KYC (Know Your Customer) policies and that they work proactively with governments.
  • Educating the masses on the good of crypto-currencies.
  • That One Coin is easy and safe and ensures compliance on Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

That there are only 120 Billion One Coins and they use the most sophisticated technology to process transactions more quickly than competitors.

But, when I scrolled down to where it says on the website that I could ask Dr. Ruja questions on her blog, when I clicked it. I get a Coming Soon message.

One Coin Fact #4: Only One Exchange

There is only one place you can exchange One Coin. According to the One Coin website, this is because One Coin owners are part of just one network and must use to exchange their coins.

One Coin Fact #5: The One Coin Network

Unlike other cryptocurriencies, One Coin is mined using a multilevel marketing type of business format. It all runs through One Life website and to be able to mine coins, a member must purchase packages that supposedly hold educational materials. These packages start at free and go up to 27,500 Euros.

One Coin Fact #6: Prior Ponzi Allegations

It has been shown that several of the key figures in the One coin operation have been investigated and some even have convictions for running Ponzi schemes.

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One Coin Fact #7: Central Bank of Hungary

The Hungarian Central Bank has issued a warning to all citizens of that country that they believe the One Coin – One Life operation is an illegal pyramid operation.

One Coin Fact #8: Chinese Arrests

In China, multiple One Coin investors and members were arrested in 2016 and the government seized nearly $31,000,000 in assets.

One Coin Fact #9: Italian Authorities

The Italian Antitrust Authority filed an injunction against One Network Services Ltd. Which is the primary company behind One Coin. They did so in 2016 and in February of 2017 they banned all One Coin activity in Italy. They claim it is an illegal pyramid system.

One Coin Fact #10: Bitcoin Shows Mirror

Bitcoin is the largest and most successful crypto-currency in the world. In an effort to make sure that scams do not harm their operations, they provided evidence to the British newspaper Mirror showing extreme evidence that One Coin is a Ponzi scheme. The Mirror agreed and printed the One Coin – One Life is both a cult and a get rich scheme.

One Coin Fact #11: Bulgaria

Bulgaria also issued warnings against One Coin. Dr. Ruja being from Bulgaria, it was shown the company was using banks there. After Bulgaria issued their statement, One Coined stopped its activity in Bulgaria and moved banking operations to foreign countries.

One Coin Fact #12: Croatia

In early March of 2017, the Croatian National Bank issued a warning to its citizens that One Coin is not regulated in any way and that the possibility of financial losses were high.

One Coin Fact #13: Other European Countries

It seems many other countries in Europe are also giving warnings, While they have not deemed One Coin – One Life illegal, they are saying that people should be aware that serious financial consequences could happen if they participate in the One Coin – One Life system. Those countries consist of:

  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • and Sweden

One Coin Fact #14: One Coin Does Not Accept Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was quick to point out that every other cryptocurrency in use will accept another cryptocurrency as payment. But One coin will not accept any. You can only pay using your credit or debit card or by bank wire.

One Coin Fact #15: Commissions For Independent One Coin Associates

Anytime an independent associate signs up a new member, and that member purchases a package, the associate gets commissions totaling 10%. But of that 10%, 6% goes into a cash account which is withdrawable but at a cost that is extremely high. The other 4% is put into a mandatory account that can only be used to buy tokens, coins or upgrade their account.

One Coin Fact #16: The Coin Mining Cat

One man by the name of Ken Labine signed up his cat. Yep, Milo the Cat is a One Coin mining member. So the Know Your Customer policy at One Coin is a complete farce.

One Coin Fact #17: The Invented One Coin Value

No one can actually determine how this figure was determined, but Dr. Ruja and the management team set the value of each One Coin was set at $7.05 before more coins were added. Suddenly, Ruja decides to change the amount of One Coins available to be mined from 2.1 Billion to 120 Billion, but somehow the One Coin value remains the same.

Even a person who failed Economics knows this is an oxymoron. The price per coin should have dropped to 12 cents each.

One Coin Fact #18: The One Physical One Life Product

One Life does have a touchable product you can purchase. It is a tablet that has a retail value of 550 Euro, but straight from Dr. Ruja herself, you can but that tablet for 7,236 Euro in One Coin. So she is saying that One Coin isn’t worth squat.

One Coin Fact #19: Sebastian Greenwood With One Coin

Another person who has had involvement in the operations of One Coin – One Life is Sebastian Greenwood. Greenwood was involved in a known pyramid scheme in Pakistan called Unaico.

One Coin Fact #20: Nigel Allan

Nigel was the one time President of One Coin, but he had a falling out with Dr. Ruja. Nigel was involved in 2 other similar operations that people lost a lot of money in:

  1. Crypto888
  2. Brilliant Carbon

One Coin Fact #21: Questioning The One World Foundation

The foundation created under the One Life guise states that they are giving laptops to children and helping to teach children about today’s economy. Dr. Ruja has not shown any evidence whatsoever that any of this is true.

One Coin Fact #22: Will Not Allow United States Citizens To Participate

Since day one, the United States is considered a restricted country for participation in the One Coin – One Life MLM system. Most experts agree that this is to keep clear of the U.S. SEC.

One Coin Fact #23: No Listing On CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap keeps a listing of all viable cryptocurrencies. You will not find One Coin listed anywhere at CoinMarketCap.

One Coin Fact #24: Websites Listed As Private

In dealing with any investment type of system such as One Coin, transparency is important. An investor should know who is handling their money.

Both the One Coin and One Life websites are registered as private domains. Ownership is nearly impossible to determine.

One Coin Fact #25: A Backdoor Into The United States Market

It seems that One Coin and One Life has discovered a backdoor into the United States market. By using iPro Network and CEO Armando Contreras who is integrating the One Coin concept into his MLM system.


What People Are Saying About One Coin – One Life

While I am keeping my opinion of One Coin to myself, I do want to share some of the statements by other people.

“Be extremely careful with new cryptocurrencies. The majority are worthless/scammy.” Joel Hubert

“The thing I like most about onecoin is that it involves a cryptocurrency. It is different and exciting. I am a lawyer by trade and a skeptic by nature, and wanted to tear down everything that the guy told me about it, but I looked closely at it, and while there are still some unanswered questions with regard to the true value of the coin itself, I see immense potential with many ways to earn.” Shawn Qui

“Not everyone involved in Onecoin are scammers, of course. But I have personally spoken with MANY IA’s and Team Leaders who have ADMITTED that they are completely aware of it being a fraud ….but they don’t care “as long as we’re making money!” Tim Tashun

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is better than currency

Thanks for reading my One Coin Review.

At this point, it is completely your choice on if you will jump into the One Coin or One Life system. But, I want to just give you one piece of advice… Use common sense. Is the opportunity really right for you?

I really cannot say for sure if One Coin is a scam or a good, unique opportunity.

But, I would love to hear any, and all opinions. Just please keep them clean of name calling and derogatory words.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them below.

I will also ask that you please use the share buttons and help all other people see this to give them information before they make any rash decisions. Thank you.


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6 thoughts on “One Coin Review: The Top 25 Facts”

  1. Good information,keep us informed,a friend asked to buy 5000 onecoins for $5000 Australian,it’s the last package left….I think it’s better to buy ripple or something which are atleast in the market.

  2. I am also from Uganda. a very reliable friend told me about the one coin investment, and she linked me up with one of their associates who organized a presentation to me. I have since been meditating, thinking and praying about it, let alone reading reviews online. My entire gut feeling and intuition believes that this is a scam, and a huge financial risk. What has made me more skeptical is that this friend of mine told me contravecial things without realizing. I was curious to know if since she enrolled in December 2016 she had already been able to put to use her coins/tokens either by way of transforming it to cash, or using them to purchase goods/services eventually. In the first instance, she told me you she accessed some money through a another one coin member who had a ‘visa card’ since she did not have one. Apparently, you have to apply for a certain kind of visa card from One coin in order to get that card, so she had not yet applied. A few weeks later, I asked her the same question in different manner. She told me it is not yet possible to access cash or use the coins till June 2018 when it will be made public. I was confused, but got more skeptical. By the time I had spoken to her, last month (September 2017), she said she had accumulated coins worth $400,000 since joining in December 2016! She only invested $6000…Wow, wow!!! She is even planning to buy more coins before they run out! I really hope this is true, and I will surely be very happy for her.
    I really want to succeed, even financially, but my gut feeling has not completely agreed with this one coin investment! Something tells me it is not right. I have come across several reviews that indicate that the company has faced legal suit, even expulsion in some countries, especially top economies, like China, UK, etc. I really think by the time a serious investment and economic development-oriented country decides to expel a company that would otherwise make every citizen a billionaire of sorts, they could have done all their research and due deligience checks at high level, which also involves cross checking with other high intelligience info from sister countries of the same rank….but then again, may be they are wrong!

    If one one else has really some great positive evidence about One Coin, I am happy to hear more.
    Thank you

  3. Honestly I’m totally confused on what to say, j first herd this obecoin in Arab countries and my Arab guy approached me and I didn’t give a try because I wasn’t interested but when I went back to Uganda I found the system started there and I’m passionately wanting to enter but I’m not sure if it’s a trustworthy business so please try to share more information about it thanks.

  4. Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for sharing useful info. I am planning to jump into it. So, I am doing deep research. Many views I found on One coin is its ponzy scheme, its fraudulent and so and so…

    I am from India.

    What other members whom I approached here locally are saying is, they are going to list in open market by July 2018.

    Please share more updates you may have.

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