One Business Tool Every Network Marketer Needs

There are a lot of different business tools you can use to build your network marketing business.  Of all the tools there are to choose from in the marketplace, there is one tool that you cannot live without.   That tool is an auto-responder.

An auto-responder is a software program that manages your leads, helps you build a list, and sends out emails for you automatically, at a frequency you pick.  It’s really a business tool that does all of your follow-up for you, automatically.

Whether you are building your network marketing business face to face or online, having an auto-responder is non-negotiable as I see it.  Here are a few reasons why you should use an auto-responder.

# 1 Build a List

The money is in the list.  That is a true statement.  No, I am not talking about making a list of everyone you know. You can do that too.  You should do that.  Your list is your prospect list.  It’s a list of people who have requested more information about what you do.  This is a list of everyone you have ever talked to about your products or business opportunity.  Think about how big your list would be if you would have kept track of everyone you ever talked to about the business (or products), and had all the information in one place?

# 2 Build a Relationship with Your List

People like to buy things from people they know, like and trust.  Quite perhaps the most important job of an auto-responder is to build relationships with your prospects.  The more emails people get from you, assuming you offer value, the more people will start to trust you, and look forward to getting your emails.  People will start to feel like they know you and will begin to like you.  This is exactly what you want to happen.

# 3 Automate the Follow Up Process with All of Your Leads

Auto-responders let you work smart.  Think about how hard it would be to manually follow up with people if you had 200 leads in your pipeline!  Your auto-responder automates this process for you so you don’t even have to think about it.  It saves you a ton of time.

# 4 Sift and Sort Through Your Prospects

Your auto-responder will automatically sift and sort through your prospects.  It will weed out the tire kickers.  Some people will unsubscribe.  Some people will buy right away.  Others will take months or years to convert into a customer or distributors.  In either case, it’s fine, because your auto-responder is doing all the work for you.  You’re just waiting for people to call you or email you when they are ready to get started.  Some people will even go and sign up on their own.

# 5 Create Multiple Streams of Income

An auto-responder lets you create multiple streams of income.  Even with an auto-responder most of your leads are not going to join the business opportunity or buy your products.  You can promote a variety of products and services with your auto-responder so you have different income streams.

Why Do You Need an Auto-Responder?

You need an auto-responder to strategically build relationships with your prospects and follow up with them on complete auto-pilot.  A good auto-responder sifts and sorts through your prospects, gets people to like, know and trust you, and helps you convert prospects into customers and distributors on complete auto-pilot.  It is my # 1 business tool.

Best Ways to Use Your Auto-Responder

The best way to use your auto-responder is to provide value.  Your goal is to educate others about what you do and about how your products or business opportunity can benefit them. You shouldn’t send out a bombardment of sales messages.  Instead, you want to send out educational emails that teach others about what you do, and how what you have to offer can help them.  Ideally, you want 50-100 emails that can be delivered to your prospects over a period of months.  I suggest sending out at least two emails per week.

Different Auto-Responder Services to Choose From

There are tons of different auto-responder services to choose from such as Mail Chimp, Get Response, iContact, Constant Contact and InfusionSoft.  Most services cost somewhere around $20 per month to get started.  Check out this link to see the only auto-responder I use and recommend myself.

Getting Started

Here are the steps to getting started with an auto-responder.

1.  Buy your auto-responder service

2.  Create your list and list settings

3.  Write your emails and set the frequency

4.  Start building your list

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that an auto-responder is the most important tool you can use in your network marketing business.  Whether you are building your business the old school way, or doing it online, you need a way to build a list and manage it (on auto-pilot).  The only auto-responder I use and recommend myself is Aweber.  They offer the best service in the marketplace as I see it.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Aweber, but I have also been a customer with them for about six years now.

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8 thoughts on “One Business Tool Every Network Marketer Needs”

  1. The first item on the list is where most people fail. Right from the beginning, they aren’t doing it right. If you are not building a list, everything else is pointless.

    I’m also a fan of #5. You must have multiple streams of income. It’s like the stock market. You should diversify and not put all your eggs in one basket.

    Weren’t we just talking about these very topics the other day?

  2. I have been using Mailchimp which isn’t too bad, but there have been some issues. As I do receive automated mail from you, I know that the system you use is very good. I do agree that an auto-responder is a very important tool. Building a list is the key to a successful business of any kind.

    I am going to look into the Aweber auto responder. My only concern is transferring my list and the time involved in doing so. Maybe I should hire a freelancer to do all that for me.

    Is there any tips you can give for completing something like this? Thanks beforehand!

  3. The value and significance of relationship building is one thing I can say I learned in college that has proven to be incredibly valuable to me. When you take the time to build relationships, you are really making an investment into your company. A person that knows you and trusts you is more likely to stick with you and refer you, which means steady income from them and new business as well.

  4. Yes, Not build a list is probably the #1 mistake most beginners make.

    These days, with too much competition and information overload, it’s not as easy as it used to be to generate website traffic, especially when you’re a beginner.

    But if you build a list from the get go, you can get an endless supply of repeat traffic. You don’t have to build links, seo-this, seo-that, etc… and wait ages for the traffic to come. Building a high quality list and nurturing relationships with your subscribers makes your life much easier.

    I also agree on Aweber being one of the best auto-responder services. They’re the most popular among the online marketing community and their service is well-suited for promoting network marketing offers to your list.

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